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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lord John Lovel & Eleanor la Zouche

3802794. Lord John Lovel & 3802795. Eleanor la Zouche

1372, John born in England, 7605588. Lord John Lovel & 7605589. Maud Holand.

~1373, Eleanor born in England, d/o 7605590. Lord William la Zouche & 7605591. Agnes Greene.

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, son of the Black Prince, succeeded Edward III as King of England.

11/22/1386, Appointment of John Wadham to seize to the king’s use the body of Elizabeth, one of the daugher and heirs of John Mautravers, knight, tenant in chief, who is a minor, and not to marry her to John Lovel … (S) CPRs.

1394-5/1395, King Richard II invaded Ireland with a force of 8000 and subjugated multiple Irish chieftans.

5/2/1396, ‘Alienor Lovell’ mentioned in the will of her father.

4/6/1399, Appointment of the king’s serjeant at arms John Lovel to receive … (S) CPRs.

11/20/1402, Commission to John de Lovel, William Sturmy, … pertaining to the hospital of St. Thomas, … co. Wilts … (S) CPRs.

9/10/1408, John’s father John Lovel, knight, died.

1/4/1409, John granted Chilson, the manor with 3 messuages … co. Oxford to to Thomas Bekyngham for life … (S) IPM of John.

2/16/1409, Writ for IPM of John Lovel, knight. Rutland: the manor of Great Hambleton for life … He died on 10 Sept. last. John Lovell, knight, is his son and next heir, aged 30 years and more … London: … Stafford: In right of Maud his wife, daughter and heir of Robert Holand, knight, he held the manor of Yoxall in fee tail … Maud survives him … He died at Wardour on 10 Sept. last … Northampton: … the manor of Hinton in the Hedges by Brackley jointly with William la Zouche of Haringworth, knight, John Lovell, junior, knight, … (S) CIsPM.

10/8/1409, John given livery of his father’s lands. (S) See 12/5/1411.

12/5/1411 To the escheator in Wiltesir. Order, upon petition of John son of John Lovell knight, if the manor and church of Hywysh and Hewysshe be one and the same … that John Lovell knight died seised of the manor and advowson of Hywysh, held in chief, … and that John his son, then aged 30 years and more, was his next heir, and the king respited the homage of John the son until a day now past, and on 18 October following commanded livery to be given him of his father's lands … (S) CCRs.

1412, John Lovel, Lord Lovel, conveyed the manor of Poulshot to William Stourton. (S) Hist. of Wiltshire, V7, 1953, Poulshot.

3/22/1413, Writs issued for a parliament to meet at Westminster on Monday 15 May. Lords spiritual … Lords temporal: The earls of Devon, Arundel, Westmorland, Salisbury, and Warwick, and the earl marshal; … John Lovell of Tichmarsh, Richard Grey of Codnor, Reginald Grey of Ruthin, … [47 ‘spiritual’, 38 ‘temporal’, 73 knights, 178 burgesses.] (S) Parliament Rolls, Henry V, May 1413.

4/18/1414, IPM of Elizabeth wife of Richard Stucle and widow of John Bonevyle. Leicester: Jointly with Richard Stucle her husband, who survives her, she held the manor of Magna Glen … held of John Lovell, knight, … (S) CIsPM.

10/19/1414, John died. (S) Gentleman’s Magazine, V95, 1825, P27.

11/6/1414, Writ ‘diem clausit extremem” on the death of John Lovell, knight. (S) Rpt. of the Dep. Keeper, V37, 1876, P477.


11/6/1414, Alianora late the wife of John Lovell, Kt., livery of dower to. (S) Rpt. of the Dep. Keeper, V37, 1876, P477.

1/24/1415, Writ for IPM of John Lovell, knight. London: With the consent of Maud his mother, widow of John Lovell, knight, he used, when he came to London, a house in Paternoster Lane. It is her right and inheritance and he held nothing in London. Norfolk: He held nothing in Norfolk. He died on 19 Oct. last. William his son and heir is aged 17 years and more. Buckingham: Broughton, the manor, … Aylesbury, 2 carucates, … Wiltshire: … Mannington, a 3rd part of the manor … Elcombe, the reversion of the manor, which Maud widow of John Lovell, knight, his father, holds for life … Northampton: … Titchmarsh, the advowson with the manor called ‘Lovelles’, … 2 parts of another manor and park there, formerly held by Henry Tychemerssh, … Brackly and Halse, the manors, … King’s Sutton, the manor, … Oxford: King’s Sutton, the manor, … Minster Lovell, the reversion of the manor after the death of Maud, widow of John Lovell, knight, his father. She is still living … (S) CIsPM.

1430, Eleanor living.

3/1434, Eleanor died.

4/12/1434, Eleanor who was the wife of John Lovel, Kt., “writ of calusit extremum” on the death of. (S) Rpt. of the Dep. Keeper, V37, 1876, P477.

[––Post Mortem––]

6/12/1434, William Lovell, wirt of liver setting forth inquisition finding that Eleanor who was the wife of John Lovell, Kt., held in dower on the day she died, 30 acres of land and 10 acres of meadow, and 38s. 3d. rent, in Wich-Malbank and Copenha,; that the reversion of the same pertained to William son and heir of the aforesaid John and Eleanor ; … 40 acres of land … the said Eleanor died on Monday next after the Feast of St. Gregory the Pope “last past” and that the said William was next heir. (S) Rpt. of the Dep. Keeper, V37, 1876, P477.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P525.

Children of John and Eleanor:

i. Philippe Lovel (1901397), born ~1390 in England.

ii. William Lovel (950708), born 1397 in England.

[2 sons named William.]

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