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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sir William de Fenys & Elizabeth Batisford

3802848. Sir William de Fenys & 3802849. Elizabeth Batisford

8/1/1357, William de Fiennes born in Herstmonceaux, Sussex, England, s/o 7605696. William de Fiennes & 7605697. Joan de Say.

1359, William’s father died.

~1365, Elizabeth born in England, d/o 7605698. William Batisford & 7605699. Margery Peplesham.

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, son of the Black Prince, succeeded Edward III as King of England.

3/24/1378, William heir to his brother John, inheriting Herstmonceux, worth £40 a year.

6/29/1378, William’s mother died.

9/22/1378, IPM of John, son and heir of William de Fienles, knight. Oxford: Joan late the wife of Stephen de Vaylaunce held the under-mentioned manors for life … The said John died on 24 March, 49 Edward III. The aforesaid William, his brother, aged 21 years and more, is his heir. … (S) CIsPM.

11/26/1378, Writ for proof of age of William, brother and heir of John de Fienles the son and heir of William de Fienles, knight. Sussex: Thomas Peplesham, aged 48 years and more, says that the said William is of full age, to wit, 21 years old, [having been born] at Hurstmounceux and baptized in the church of All Saints there on the feast of St. Peter’s Chains, 31 Edward III. Richard le Hurst and William de Megeham were his godfathers, and Agnes Hengeshull his godmother. This the witness knows because the birth is written in the missal of the said parish church under the said day and year. (S) CIsPM.

12/11/1378, Order to cause William brother and heir of John de Fienles son and heir of William de Fienles knight to have seisin of his father's lands; as he has proved his age before the escheator, and the king has taken his homage and fealty. (S) CCRs.

1378-79, William received the right from the king to marry at his choosing of the king’s fealty.

1382, William de Fienles (Fiennes) … requests that he may be granted full seisin of all the lands which properly belonged to his late brother and father, … His father died during the reign of the king's grandfather, having leased certain property to his wife, Joan, late the wife of Stephen de Valoignes. His brother also died under-age, and he has since come into possession on his mother's death and his own majority. (S) UKNA.

10/20/1382, Pardon to William brother and heir of John de Fienles, knight, for entering without due livery of his lands … William de Fienles, knight, tenant in chief, his father, … (S) CPRs.

[––William & Elizabeth––]

By 1383, William married Elizabeth.

9/1384, Stephen Snelgere, put up a building to extend the stables at Herstmonceux for the horses of William. Robert Mostarde, robbed the nets of William Fienles in the marsh there and took about 60 large eels. William Taylor, tailor, of Maresfield, sent to Herstmonceux with a gown and dress for Elizabeth for the churching after the birth of son Roger. (S) Proof of age of son Roger.

12/16/1384, William Fenes,' chivaler,' a collector of tax in Sussex. (S) CFRs.

4/23/1385, William de Batelesforde, … to put Sir William de Fienles, kt, and his wife Elizabeth in seisin of the manor of Oldcourt [in Wartling] at Herstmonceux. (S) UKNA.

4/4/1396, William Fyenys, Sheriff of Surrey, London and Essex. (S) UKNA.

1388, William leased the manor of Compton Monceux for 7 years to John Trenchesvile for 22 marks. (S) UKNA.

By 1391, William knighted.

1391, William Fienles, kt., named deputy for John Devereux, Constable of Dover castle and Warden of the Cinque Ports.

7/14/1391, William, knight, named to a “commission de wallis, fossatis …”. (S) CPRs.

12/1/1396, Commitment of the counties of Surrey and Sussex toWilliam Fyenys, 'chivaler' during the king's pleasure, provided that he answer at the Exchequer as sheriff. (S) CFRs.

10/10/1397, William Fyenys sherrif of Surrey. (S) UKNA.

2/3/1398, William Fenys, knight, nobleman, and Elizabeth his wife, noble woman, of the diocese of Salisbury received a papal indult for the confessor of their choice may grant them, being penitent, plenary remission in the hour of death. (S) Cal. of Papal Reg’s, V5, 1904, Regesta 58.

11/17/1398, Commitment of the counties of Surrey and Sussex toWilliam Fyenys, 'chivaler' during the king's pleasure, provided that he answer at the Exchequer as sheriff. (S) CFRs.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England. [Richard II died a prisoner in the Tower.]

9/30/1399, Commitment to William Fienys, 'chivaler', during pleasure, of the counties of Surrey and Sussex, so that he answer at the Exchequer as sheriff. (S) CFRs.

1399, William de Fienles, Sheriff of Sussex, and others appointed by the king to besiege Bodiham castle.

1401-2, William involved in creating the ordinances for Pevensey Marsh.

11/20/1401, Commission to Thomas Erpyngham, … William Fenys … to examine ordinances … co. Sussex … (S) CPRs.

1/13/1402, William Fienles, knight, to Robert Oxebregge, … his estate in all lands, tenements, rents and services in Sussex, within and without the Lowey of Pevensey, which he holds for the life of Margery, sometime wife of William Batlesforde, by her grant. … at Herstmonceux. (S) UKNA.

1/18/1402, William, knight: Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, and Sussex, died; buried at Herstmonceux, Sussex. [A brass at the church: “William Fienles, knight, who died on the 18th day of January, the year of the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ, one thousand 4 hundred and two, lies here.”]

1/22/1402, Writ for IPM of William Fienles, knight; in the counties of Oxford and Berks; Southampton; Essex and Sussex. (S) CFRs.

1/28/1402, IPM of William Fienles, knight. Oxford: He died on 19 Jan. Roger his son and heir is aged 16 years and more. Berfksire: a bailiwick in the forest of Windsor called ‘le Twychene’ by a rent of 10s. to the castle of Windsor … (S) CIsPM.


1/13/1405, Elizabeth died.                                                                  

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P730. (S) Hist. of Count Berkshire, V3, 1923, White Waltham.

Family notes:

·         10/1/1406, Writ for IPM of Margery widow of William Batesford. Sussex: … she held for life with remainder to Elizabeth widow of William Fienles, knight, and her heirs, … Wartling, Dallington, Warbleton, and Herstmonceux, … She died on 21 Jan. last. Roger Fienles, son of William Fienles, knight, is kinsman and heir, being the son and heir of Elizabeth, daughter of Margery, aged 21 years and more. (S) CIsPM.

Children of William and Elizabeth:

i. Roger Fenys (1901424), baptized 9/14/1384 in Sussex, England.

ii. James Fiennes, born ? in England.

James married Emeline Cromer.

7/14/1427, James Fienles esquire, brother of Roger Fienles knight, to John Feryby esquire, Thomas Lewkenore knight, … Quitclaim with warranty of the manor of Lynham co. Oxford with rents, (S) CCRs.

1439-40, Sir James, sheriff of Kent, and esquire to the king [receiving £100 yearly], got his brother Roger elected to parliament for Sussex, and accompanied him representing Kent. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993.

2/1447, James took the place of the duke of Gloucester (suspected of complicity in his death) as constable of Dover and warden of the Cinque Ports.

9/1449, James appointed Treasurer of the Exchequer.

7/4/1450, James, 1st Lord of Say and Sele, executed.

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