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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zacharie Cloutier & Sainte Dupont

3620. Zacharie Cloutier & 3621. Sainte Dupont

12/1590, Zacharie born in St Jean Baptiste de Mortagne [Perche], France; s/o 7240. Denis Cloutier & 7241. Renee Briere.

1596, Xainte born in St Jean Baptiste de Mortagne, France; d/o §Paul Michel Dupont & §Perrine de Mortagne.

Sainte 1st married Michel Lermusier.

7/13/1616 in St Jean Baptiste de Mortagne, Zacharie married widow Sainte.

7/7/1619, Zacharie and his father Denis, as temporary laborers, arrived at Tadoussac in the ship “St. Etienne” to assist Samuel de Champlain in inhabiting, clearing, cultivating, and planting New France.

After a brief stay [probably a year] the family returned to France.

3/12/1633 in Mortagne, France, “... Zacharie Cloutier, carpenter, resident of Mortagne, Midsummer's Day parish, and Jacques Cloutier, his brother, rope-maker. ... Zacharie Cloutier being eldest son of Denis Cloutier ... promises that the proceedings will be more pleasant and he will help to ratify for the heirs of Renee Briere, their mother, claims against Jeanne Gaultier, his (Denis’) wife in second marriage ...”.

3/14/1634 in Mortagne, France, Zacharie, age 44 and a carpenter, recruited by Robert Giffard, to travel New France. Zacharie and his son Zacharie were to receive cleard land and be provided with food and shelter for their families. They were also each promised 2 cows and a dwelling. They were to receive 1000 arpents in the fief “La Clousterie”. They were also given the right to trade with the native Indians.

6/4/1634, Zacharie arrived with his family [not usually the case] in New France, settling in Beauport. [About 100 persons lived in the colony when Zacharie arrived.] Near the Dubuisson River, Zacharie Cloutier and Jean Guyon laid out their first foundation, that of a community house.

By 7/22/1634, Zacharie and Jean Guyon du Boisson built Giffard’s manor house at Beauport. [Zacharie and Jean Guyon both resisted paying fielty and homage to Giffard until forced by the governor.]

7/1635, Zacharie lived in the seigneurie of Robert Giffard making and selling bricks. [3674] Robert Drouin was living with him and in his employ.

12/18/1636, Robert Giffard obtained a judgement against Zacharie and Jean Guyon concerning work still owed by the men.

2/3/1637, Zacharie took possession of the fief of land, 693 arpents, in what is now Chateau Richer, as promised by Robert Giffard, the Seigneur. [Although Zacharie was a master carpenter, not a farmer.] The contract for “Buisson” and “Cloutierie” referred to the two men a “Sieur Du Buisson” and “Sieur De La Coutiere.”

5/4/1642, Governor Montmagny settled the long contract dispute between Giffard, and Zacharie and Jean Guyon, awarding Zacharie and Jean each a total of 1000 arpents.

5/29/1644, Notary Guillaume Tronquet recorded that “Giffard, Sieur de Beauport, visited the Buisson river in company with Jean Guyon, Zacharie Cloutier, Adrien du Chesne, Jean Bourdon and Abraham Martin” and that, he gave them the land “from this river up to the first point, running along the length of the Saint Lawrence river”. Zacharie took possession of additional lands, totaling 1000 arpents.

1646–1647, Jean and Zacharie worked on construction of the parish church of Quebec and Govenor’s residence.

7/2/1646, Giffard again sued Zacharie and Jean Guyon for refusing to render “faith and homage”. [The Governor ordered the men to comply.]

7/1646, Zacharie and Jean Guyon refused to submit inventories to Robert Giffard. [Again they were reprimanded by the Governor.]

1647, Zacharie marched with garlanded torches through Quebec during the Fete-Dieu celebration.

1/21/1648, Zacharie and Sainte residents of Quebec. (S) Wedding of son Jean.

4/18/1648, account detail of construction projects: “For the cart which he needed to haul the stone, wood, sand, lime, planks, etc ... and all the carriages made by the sieurs Hubou, Jean Guyon and Zacharie Cloutier.”

11/18/1649 in Quebec, Zacharie “le pere” [as did his son Zacharie] attended the wedding of Guillaume Couture & Anne Emard.

1650, Zacharie took custody of his 2 granddaughters of deceased daughter Marie Anne when their remarried father moved to Trois-rivieres.

Aft. 1652, Zacharie sought and received permanent custody of his 2 Drouin granddaughters.

1658, Zacharie and others built the 1st cathedral in Chateau Richer.

1667 census: Zacharei age 77, Xainte, age 71, 2 cattle.

1/19/1668, Zacharie & Xainte met with notary Filion to start estate settlement papers.

1669, Zacharie & Xainte placed their affairs in the hands of their eldest son Zacharie.

12/20/1670, Zacharie sold his land to Nicolas Dupont for 400 livres Tournois, and 600 liveres to his children, and moved to Chateau Richer, where Governor Jean de Lauzon had granted him land. [Zacharie’s signature “mark” was an axe.]

11/8/1676, at the home of Zacharie Cloutier and Xainte Dupont, Nicolas Gamache contracted to marry Elisabeth Ursule Cloutier [granddaughter of Zacharie and Xainte, d/o Charles.]

9/17/1677, Zacharie, age 87, died in Chateau Richer.

7/14/1680, Xainte, age 85, died in Chateau Richer.

Family notes:
• According to the PRDH database, Zacharie and Sainte had the most number of married descendants before 1800 of all settlers: 10,850.

Children of Zacharie and Sainte:

i. Pierre Zacharie Cloutier (7480), born 8/16/1617 in Mortagne au Perche, France.

ii. Jean Cloutier (3626), born 5/13/1620 in Mortagne au Perche, France.

iii. Sainte Cloutier, born 11/1/1622 in Mortagne au Perche, France. [Died a child.]

iv. Marie Anne Cloutier, baptized 1/19/1626 in Montagne au Perche, Orne, France.
7/12/1636 in Quebec, Anne contracted to marry 3674. Robert Drouin.
1640, Anne married Robert, part of the 1st double marriage of New France.
2/4/1648, Anne, age 22, died in Quebec.

v. Charles Cloutier (1810), born 5/3/1629 in Mortagne au Perche, France.

vi. Marie Louise Cloutier, born 3/18/1632 in Mortagne au Perche, France.
10/26/1645 in Quebec, Louise married Francois Marguerie, s/o Francois.
11/10/1648 in Quebec, Louise married Jean Marie Miigneault dit Chatillon.
2/3/1684 in Chateau Richer, Louise married Jean Mataut.
1/22/1699, Louise, age 67, died in Chateau Richer.

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