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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rene Cloutier & Marie Elisabeth Leblanc

3740. Rene Cloutier & 3741. Marie Elisabeth Leblanc

2/19/1651, Rene baptized in Quebec, Canada; s/o 7480. Zacharie Cloutier & 7481. Marie Madeleine Emard.

1/15/1658, Elisabeth born in Quebec, Canada; d/o 3594. Leonard Leblanc & 3595. Marie Marguerite Riton.

4/11/1662, Rene, age 11, confirmed in Chateau Richer by Monseigneur Rev. Evesque.

1666 census of Comte de Montmorency; Rene, age 15, living with his parents.

1666 Census in Beauport; Marie, age 7, living with her parents.

1667 Census in Beauport; Marie, age 10, living with her parents.

11/13/1672 in Beauport, Rene, resident of Chateau Richer, contracted to marry Elisabeth, resident of Bourg Fargy, Beauport. All parents listed. Attending: only notary Paul Vachon listed.

1681 census of Berthier en Bas; Rene 30, Marie 27, daughter Louise 5, sons Louis 3, Jean 1.

5/25/1693, Rene and Elisabeth residents of Cap St Ignace. (S) Wedding of daughter Louise.

Bef. 10/1713, Rene, age 62, died in L’Islet sur Mer.

2/15/1727, Elisabeth, age 69, died in L’Islet.

Children of Rene and Elisabeth:

i. Marie Madeleine Cloutier, born 1674 in Beauport, Canada.
11/15/1694 in Chateau Richer, Madeleine married Richard Marette, s/o Jacques.
4/24/1731, Madeleine, age 57, died in Ste Genevieve de Berthier.

ii. Louise Cloutier (1871), born 8/1/1676 in Chateau Richer, Canada.

iii. Louis Cloutier, born 9/4/1678 in Quebec, Canada.
12/1/1703 in Cap St Ignace, Louis married Marie Anne, d/o 1814. Francois Thibault & 1815. Elisabeth Agnes Lefebvre.

iv. Jean Baptiste Cloutier, born 2/5/1681 in L’Islet, Canada.
4/26/1706 in Cap St Ignace, Jean married Marie Anne, d/o Jacques Gerbert & Marie Pelletier.
9/5/1756, Jean, age 75, died in L’Islet.

v. Guillaume Cloutier, born 12/31/1682 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.
11/6/1713 in Riviere Ouelle, Guillaume married Marie Anne, d/o Jean Pelletier & Marie Anne Huot.
5/25/1731, Guillaume, age 49, died in L’Islet.

vi. Marie Catherine Cloutier, born 5/17/1686 in L’Islet, Canada.
4/24/1702 in L’Islet, Catherine married Alexis, d/o Louis Gagne & Louise Picard.
10/2/1746, Catherine, age 60, died in Cap St Ignace.

vii. Joseph Cloutier, born 2/4/1689 in Cap St Ignace, Canada.
8/3/1719 in L’Islet, Joseph married Therese, d/o Jen Compairon & Marie Galbrun.
11/16/1737, Joseph, age 48, died in L’Islet sur Mer.

viii. Genevieve Cloutier, born 5/17/1686 in L’Islet, Canada.
11/16/1711 in L’Islet, Genevieve married Francois Belanger, s/o Louis Belanger s/o 3624. Francois Belanger & 3625. Marie Guyon.

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