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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Michel Maillou & Jeanne Mercier

3866. Michel Maillou & 3867. Jeanne Mercier

12/15/1641, Michel baptized in Brie-sous-Matha, France; s/o 7168. Jacques Maillou & 7169. Jeanne Suzanne Arnaud.

3/18/1640, Jeanne born in Brie-sous-Matha, France.

2/9/1659 in the parish of St Pierre, Brie, Michel married Jeanne.

~1669, Michel and Jeanne travelled to New France.

4/8/1670, Michel confirmed at Quebec.

1/18/1681, in Quebec, at the marriage contract of daughter Barthelemie, Michel and Jeanne promised a dowery of 40 livres in clothes. Michel signed the contract.

1681 census of St Michel de Bellechasse [La Durantaye]; Michel 40, Jeanne 45, children: Jeanne 7, Marie 5, Henriette 3, Francoise 14 months.

7/18/1683, Michel and Antoine Lacasse sold a boat they owned to Francois Frichet for 129 livres.

7/26/1684, Michel and Jeanne got a receipt from son-in-law Joseph Lacroix for Barthelemy’s dowery.

11/7/1689, Michel Mailloux and son-in-law Joseph Lacroix contracted with Jean langlois and Guillaume leVitre for a boat similar to the one they built for Jean Guay, “navigator living at la pointe de Levy”, with 2 oars, masts and yards. The cost was 440 livres. Michel and Joseph to provide “at their expense the wood and all the scrap iron.”

Aft. 11/16/1699, Jeanne, died in La Durantaye.

11/8/1700, Michel and Jeanne offered 1996. Pierre Courteau a concession of 6 arpents frontage by 40 deep, located between Gabriel Filteau and Pierre Duroy. The land had a main building, bakehouse, barn and stable, with 100 new planks. Michel asked 1,780 livres for the property. Gunsmith Jean Soulard made an initial payment in the name of Pierre of 173 livres 13 sols 10 deniers in golden louises, piastres and escues blancs, and what remained of a 300 livre payment in other forms.

9/3/1702 in LePailleur, Michel, age 61, married Madeleine Groleau, age 50.

11/4/1704, notary Chambalon approved a cancellation of the sale of property from Michel Mailloux to Pierre Courteau. Pierre received no refund on any payments made.

7/2/1728, Michel, age 87, died in St Vallier.

Children of Michel and Jeanne: [8 daughters]

i. Marie Barthelemie Mailloux (1933), born 1667 in Brie-sous-Matha, Charente Maritime, France.

ii. Anne Mailloux, born 1671 in Canada.
11/8/1694 in Beaumont, Anne married Nicolas Coulombe, s/o 2020. Louis Coulombe & 2021. Jeanne Boucault.
5/1/1696 in Beaumont, Anne married Rene Adam, s/o Jean.
5/16/1718 in St Etienne, Anne married Jean Francois Lemoine, s/o Francois.
3/2/1736, Anne, age 65, died in St Etienne de Beaumont.

iii. Jeanne Mailloux, born 1674 in Canada.
11/16/1699 in Beaumont, Jeanne married Jean Baptiste Balan, s/o 2016. Pierre Balan dit Lacombe & 2017. Renee Biret.
6/14/1715, Jeanne, age 31, died in La Durantaye.

iv. Francoise Mailloux, born 6/18/1679 in St Etienne de Beaumont, Canada.
7/19/1700 in Beaumont, Francoise married Nicolas Filteau, s/o Pierre.
1/25/1756, Francoise, age 77, died in St Michel de Bellechasse.

v. Marie Anne Mailloux, born 5/9/1682 in Lauzon, Canada.
11/3/1699 in St Etienne de Beaumont, Marie married Pierre Dubois, s/o Jacques.
12/18/1735, Marie, age 53, died in St Nicolas.

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