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Monday, August 9, 2010

Jacques Bidet & Marie Francoise Desfosses

3894. Jacques Bidet & 3895. Marie Francoise Desfosses

1645, Jacques born in Chepniers, Charente-Maritime, Poitou Charentes, France; s/o §Pierre Bidet & §Marie Allaire.

1649, Francoise born in St-Jacques-du-Haut-Pas, Paris, France; d/o §Georges Desfosses & §Marie Ledoux.

1665, Jacques Bidet dit Roussels arrived in New France as a Carignan soldier.

8/24/1665, Jacques confirmed by Bishop Laval in Quebec City.

1668, Jacques settled in New France after the Carignan regiment returned to France.

10/2/1669, Jacques contracted to marry Francoise, a “fille du roi”.

10/18/1669 in Ste Famille, I.O., Jacques married Francoise. Both origins given. All parents named. Francoise’s father deceased. Attending: Jean Roger, Gabriel Roger.

9/6/1672 in Ste Famille, Ile d’Orleans, Quebec, Francoise Desfosses, wife of Jacques Bidet godmother of [1944] Jean Brochu.

4/17/1673, Jacques in a dispute with his neighbor Gabriel Roger, who had attended his wedding. [The dispute must have ended peacefully because Gabriel was the godfather of Jacques daughter Jeanne, baptized 1/24/1676.]

1681 census of Ste Famille, I.O., Jacques 35, Frances 32, children: Francoise 11, Marie 8, Jeanne 6, Catherine 3, Jacques 1.

10/17/1684, [3888] Jean Brochu and Jacques sign a lease for 5 years with Gabriel Roger to farm his land.

11/19/1691, Jacques and Marie residents of St Jean. (S) Wedding of daughter Marie.

2/12/1692 in St Jean, I.O., Jacques attended the wedding of 1950. Jean Fradet & 1951. Jeanne Helie.

11/18/1711, Francoise, age 62, died in Ile de Orleans.

1712, Jacques, age 67, died in St Jean, I.O.

Children of Jacques and Francoise:

i. Francoise Bidet (2047), born 9/6/1670 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.

ii. Marie Bidet (1947), born 5/26/1673 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.

iii. Jeanne Bidet, born 1/7/1676 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada
10/20/1700 in St Jean, I.O., Jeanne married Mathurin Dupas, s/o Guillaume.
12/17/1729, Jeanne, age 53, died in St Jean, I.O.

iv. Catherine Bidet, born 7/17/1678 in Ste Famille, I.O., Canada.
4/20/1700 in St Jean, I.O., Catherine married Louis Therrien, s/o Pierre.
6/11/1708 in St Jean, Catherine married Alexandre Allaire, s/o 3892. Charles Allaire & 3893. Catherine Fiebvre.
10/9/1747, Catherine, age 69, died in Ste Famille, I.O.

v. Jacques Bidet, born 1682 in Quebec, Canada.
6/13/1701 in St Francois, Jacques married Francoise, d/o 3892. Charles Allaire & 3893. Catherine Fiebvre.
6/23/1739, Jacques, age 57, died in St Jean, I.O.

vi. Madeleine Bidet, born 5/17/1683 in St Jean, I.O., Canada.
3/10/1706 in St Francois, Madeleine married Joseph Allaire, s/o 3892. Charles Allaire & 3893. Catherine Fiebvre.

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