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Monday, August 9, 2010

M: 4076

4076. Antoine Baucher & 4077. Marguerite Guilbert

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7/1/1625 in St Martin, France, Antoine married Marguerite.

1658, Antoine died in Montmorency, Val d’Ouse, France.

5/4/1661, Marguerite died.

Children of Antoine and Marguerite:

i. Guillaume Baucher (2038), baptized 10/3/1630 in St Martin, Montmorency, Paris, Val d’Oise, France.

ii. Rene Baucher dit Sansoucy, baptized 1645 in St Martin, Montmorency, Paris, Val d’Oise, France.
Rene traveled to New France.
1/8/1666 in I.O., Rene, age 21, married Adrienne Grandjean, age 20.
2/23/1688 in Ste Famille, Rene, age 43, married Anne, age 24, d/o 3746. Claude Charland & 3747. Jeanne Pelletier.
1695 in Montmorency, Rene, age 50, married Marie Madeleine Trumel, age 31.

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