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Monday, August 9, 2010

Antoine Brassard & Francoise Mery

4086. Antoine Brassard & 4087. Francoise Mery

1609, Antoine born in Normandie, France.

1613-21, Francoise born in Tourouvre, Orne, France.

6/11/1636, Antoine, age 27, arrived in Trois Rivieres, Quebec in a flotilla of ships.

1636, Francoise living in her own house on the Grande-Allee in Quebec. [Which indicates she was likely born earlier in the range of dates.]

1/14/1637 in Chapelle Notre Dame de la Recouvrance, Quebec, Antoine, age 28 and a mason, married Francoise, age 16. Attending: Francois Derre, Nicolas Pivert.

1639, Antoine and Francoise returned to France [where 2 children were born – the son dying young.]

6/1641, Antoine, Francoise and daughter Jeanne, age 3 months, arrived back in Trois Rivieres, Quebec.

10/4/1642 at Fort St Louis, Antoine and Francoise contracted to work for Guillaume Coulliard, husband of Guillemette Hebert, under a 1-year contract. They received board and 144 livres in wages.

2/14/1647, Antoine received a concession from the Governor of 40 acres on the Grand-Allee, which linked Quebec and Cap-Rouge.

Antoine and Francoise lived in their house in the Grande Allee [today St Louis], in Quebec City.

6/19/1650, Antoine leased 4 arpents to Louis Houde for 6 years.

1655, Antoine qualified as a master mason.

10/29/1656, Antoine and Francoise residents of Quebec. (S) Wedding of daughter Marie Madeleine.

3/4/1658, Antoine and Francoise lived “De Ce Pays”. (S) Wedding of daughter Marguerite.

1659, Antoine lived in the upper part of the old town near the convent of the Ursulines.

1662, Guillaume Fournier bought an arpent frontage between the Grand Allee and the river, between the lands of Antoine Brassard and Denys Duquet.

10/19/1663, Antoine divided 18 arpents equally among his 3 sons-in-laws.

12/10/1665, Antoine acquired 30 arpents in “terres des Sauvages” [Sillery].

1666 Census, Antoine, 57 and mason habitant, and Francoise 45, in Uppertown Quebec; Guillaume 18, Antoine 16, Jean Baptiste 14, Louis 12, Dorothee 9.

12/8/1666, Antoine acquired land in “terres des Sauvages” [Sillery].

1667 Census, Antoine 58, and Francoise 54, in Sillery; Guillaume 20, Antoine 18, Jean Baptiste 16, Louis 14, Dorothee 12; 27 arpents of cleared land, 3 cattle.

12/12/1667, Antoine appearing before the West Indies Company had lost his concession document but declared to have an official survey; he owned a lot in the Upper town with a house with a heated room, cellar, and attic.

4/5/1668 at the house of widow Lalime in Quebec, Antoine sold his Hauteville property [Uppertown lot and house] for 250 livres to Robert Mossion dit Lamouche; to be delivered upon completion of payments over multiple years.

9/20/1668, Antoine and Francoise divided part of their land “located at the place called grand allee” among their 3 sons-in-law, Louis Fontaine, Jacques Hedouin, and Jean Lemelin.

12/30/1668, Antoine acquired land in “terres des Sauvages” [Sillery].

2/5/1669, Antoine received a 86 pound and 10 sols payment on the sale of his Upper town lot.

Bef. 5/26/1669, Antoine, age 60, died in St Joseph de Sillery, Quebec.

7/9/1669, Antoine’s estate inventoried: 3 bulls, a cow, a calf, 10 chickens, a rooster, a plow, 15 pounds in cash, furniture, 12 pounds of wheat.

7/21/1669, Antoine’s possessions auctioned. [A 2nd auction a few days later.] Total receipts of 945 pounds.

9/6/1669, Antoine’s estate sale finalized with a total of 1773 livres, 19 sols, 6 deniers.

4/11/1670, Jacques Hedouin, acting for the minor children and Francoise, received the final payment from Robert Mossion on the lot and house. [He apparently arranged to rent Francoise the house in which she still lived.]

7/11/1671, Francoise, age 50, died “a sudden death” in the house on Grande-Allee, Quebec; buried the next day.

(S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XVII.

Family notes:
• The “Mery” families are well document as living in Tourouvre. There are several baptisms of the name of Francoise, any of which could be this person.

Children of Antoine and Francoise:

i. Jeanne Brassard, born 3/1641 in La Rochelle, France.
2/7/1656 in Quebec, Jean married Jacques Hedouin, s/o Romain, an edge-tool maker.
12/20/1709, Jeanne, age 68, died in Quebec.

ii. Marie Madeleine Brassard (3887), born 6/1/1642 in Quebec, Canada.

iii. Alexandre Brassard, born 1644 in Quebec, Canada. [Died age 44.]

iv. Marie Marguerite Brassard (2043), born 1/23/1646 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

v. Guillaume Brassard, born 12/14/1647 in Quebec, Canada.
2/15/1672 in Quebec, Guillaume married Catherine, d/o Abraham Louvet & Marie David.
Bef. 2/8/1715, Guillaume, age 68, died.

vi. Antoine Brassard, born 10/13/1649 in Quebec, Canada.
Antoine, and interpreter of the Iroquois language.
Aft. 9/1/1683, Antoine died in Quebec. [La Salle wrote to him from Chicago.]

vii. Jean Baptiste Brassard, born 9/18/1651 in Quebec, Canada.
4/26/1672 in Quebec, Jean married Jeanne, d/o Jean Quelve & Marie Camus.
2/21/1715, Jean died in Quebec.

viii. Louis Brassard, born 8/3/1653 in Quebec, Canada.
1/28/1680 in Ancienne Lorette, Louis married Simone, d/o Pierre Maufay & Marie Duval.
Bef. 1707, Louis, age 54, died.

ix. Dorothee Brassard, born 7/30/1656 in Quebec, Canada.
10/5/1671 in Quebec, Dorothee married Pierre Richer dit Lafleche.
11/7/1738, Dorothee, age 82, died in St Augustin.