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Sunday, August 15, 2010

M: 7322

7322. Mery Paquet & 7323. Vincente Beaumont

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3/18/1614, Mery “Emery” baptized in St John’s parish, Poitiers, France; s/o §Annet Pasquier & §Margaret Genet.

10/25/1637 in St John’s parish, Emery married Vincente.

11/20/1658, Vincinte died in Poitiers.

7/29/1659, before notary Berthonneau, Emery contracted to marry Renee Guillocheau, widow of Jacques Forget. [His son Maurice contracted at the same time to marry Renee’s daughter Francoise.]

1667, Emery, his 2nd wife, daughter Marguerite, son Maurice, daughter-in-law , son Rene, and stepdaughter left France for New France.

11/23/1670 in Quebec, Emery, widower of Vincente, and Renee attened the contract of marriage of daughter Marguerite.

1679, Renee Guillocheau died.

Children of Emery and Vincente:

i. Maurice Paquet, born 12/20/1641 in St Paul parish, Poitiers, France.
7/29/1659 in Berthonneau Poitiers, Poitou, Vienne, France, Maurice married Francoise Forget, daughter of his father’s 2nd wife.
1/27/1715, Maurice, age 74, died in Quebec.

ii. Marguerite Pacquet (3661), born 1/7/1645 in St Paul parish, Poitiers, France.

iii. Rene Paquet, born 1650 in St Paul parish, Poitiers, France.
10/16/1679 in Quebec, Rene married Helene Lemieux, d/o Gabriel.
5/7/1699, Rene, age 49, died in Quebec.

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