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Sunday, August 15, 2010

M: 7346

7346. Jean Cauchon & 7347. Marguerite Cointerel

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1591, Jean born in St Jacques, Dieppe, Normandie, France.

1592, Marguerite born in St Jacques, Dieppe, Normandie, France.

Jean received an advanced education [later able to sign his name and act in official capacities, including those requiring accounting.]

1619 in St Jacques, Dieppe, Jean married Marguerite.

1/10/1633, Marguerite, age 41, died in St Jacques; due to complications in the childbirth of son Nicolas.

4/2/1633 in St Jacques, Dieppe, Jean contracted to marry Jeanne Abraham. [They married 2 days later.]

1636–38, Jean and family immigrated to New France.

1638, Jean living in Canada.

9/22/1643, “Jehan Cochon living presently in the said New France and Jehanne Abraham his wife” sold 5 arpents of land in Beaupre to Jacques De Launay for 200 livres for the land, and 200 for the house, grain and furnishings. [Jean signed the document, Jeanne declared she could not sign.]

7/6/1652, Jean and his son Jean Cochon “le Jeune” obtained concessions in Beaupre. Jean received his from Jean de Lauson.

1652, Jean named the procurator-fiscal of Chateau Richer. [Which position he held until 1662.]

11/10/1652 at Quebec, Jean signed the wedding contract of his son Jean at the home of Pierre Miville.

9/9/1657, Jean acknowledged owing Robert Pare of Beaupre 126 livres and 4 sols, to be paid in silver or beaver skins.

1658, Construction started on the local church to become the parish of Chateau Richer.

11/10/1659 in Chateau Richer, Jean godfather to Jean, s/o 3646. Louis Jobidon & 3647. Marie Deligny.

6/1661, Jean agreed to housing his friend and neighbor Oliver le Tardiff, and his young sons. Oliver was severly ill.

2/20/1662, Jean a church warden for Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle du Chasteau Richer.

4/19/1662, Jean requested payment for the expenses of housing Oliver le Tardiff and his family while Oliver was ill. [Jean’s son Jacques would soon wed Oliver’s daughter Delphine.]

4/25/1662, Jean requested Toussaint Toupin represent him in the request for compensation.

7/30/1662, Jean and the other church wardens leased land of the church to Jacques Vauquelin for 40 livres.

By 1664, Jean received 600-700 livres in compensation for housing Oliver le Tardif and his children.

1666 census of Comte de Montmorency; Jean “pere” 75, Jeanne 63, son Pierre Cochon laFontaine, 33 [identified as son of Jean, but not of Jeanne].

1667 census of Comte de Montmorency: Jean 76, Jeanne 60, Pierre 34, Jacques 33 [with his family]; 20 arpents of cleared land, 6 cattle. Oliver le Tardif’s sons Charles and Guillaume identified as servants [Oliver had died in 1665.]

1667-73, Jeanne Abraham died in Chateau Richer.

7/11/1673, Jean, age 82, widower died in Chateau Richer; buried the next day in the cemetery of Notre Dame de la Visitation.

(S) Our French-Canadian Ancestors, T.J. Laforest, V-XVII.

Family notes:
• Dieppe overlooks the English channel on the mouth of the Arques river.
• 5/30/1431, Pierre Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais, presided at the ecclesiastical tribunal in Rouen of Joan of Arc.

Children of Jean and Marguerite:

i. Marguerite Cochon (3673), born 1620 in St Jacques, Dieppe, Normandy, France.

ii. Guillaume Cauchon, baptized 1/1624 at St Remy de Dieppe, Normand, France.

iii. Jean Cauchon, born 1628 in St Jacques, Dieppe, Normandy, France.
7/3/1640, Jean Cauchon “le jeune” identified as living in future Chateau Richer [Beaupre] in a deed of his neighbor Pierre Gagnon.
11/20/1652 in Quebec, New France, Jean married Madeleine, d/o Pierre Miville & Charlotte Mauger.
9/2/1693, Jean, age 65, died in Chateau Richer; Madeleine surviving.

iv. Pierre Cauchon la Fontaine, baptized 7/17/1631 in St Jacques, Dieppe, Normandy, France.
Pierre, a servant of the Jesuits, spent several years with the Huron Indians.

v. Nicolas Cauchon, born 1/9/1633 in St Jacques, Dieppe, Normandy, France. [Died an infant.]

Children of Jean and Jeanne:

i. Francoise Cauchon, born 1633-4 in St Jacques, Dieppe, Normandy, France.

ii. Jacques Cauchon dit Lamothe, baptized 2/6/1635 in St Jacques, Dieppe, Normandy, France.
11/23/1661 in Chateau Richer, Jacques married Delphine, d/o Olivier le Tardiff & Barbe Emard.
1/4/1685, Jacques died in Chateau Richer.