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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lord William le Boteler & Joan de Sudeley

3803028. Lord William le Boteler & 3803029. Joan de Sudeley

9/8/1298, William le Botiller born in Wemme, Shropshire, England, heir & s/o 7606056. William le Boteler & 7606057. Beatrice ?.

Bef. 11/22/1306, William’s mother died, his father remarried.

2/26/1317, Commission to … William Trussel the elder … on representation of William le Butiller of Wemme, son and heir of William le Butiller of Wemme, that his father and his ancestors held the manor of Dodynton, co. Salop, … according to English law and not Welsh … (S) CPRs.

1/24/1327, Edward III, age 14, succeeded Edward II as King of England.

1/1334, William attended the tournament at Dunstable.

9/14/1334, William’s father died.

~1335, Joan born in England, d/o 7606058. John de Sudeley & 7606059. Eleanor de Scales.

1339, A moiety [half] of the manor of Willey, Warwick held by William son of William le Boteler and the right heirs of his mother Ela.

[––William & Margaret––]

William married 1st Margaret, d/o Earl Richard Fitzalan & Alice Saluce.

1340, William served in Flanders under Reginald de Cobham [who was generally in charge of fleets of ships.]

6/24/1340, Battle of Sluys, France. A sea battle – one of the opening conflicts of the Hundred Years' War. During the battle the French navy was devasted, giving the English fleet mastery over the channel. In a 9-hour battle the English attacked 166 French ships at their moorings.

7/5/1343, Licence for William le Botiller of Wemme to enfeoff William de Stoke … of the manor of Wemme which Ela late the wife of William le Botiller holds in dower … (S) CPRs.

7/5/1343, Licence for William le Botiller of Wemme to enfeoff William son of William le Botiller and Elizabeth, his wife, in tail male, of the manor of Lopyngton, … (S) CPRs.

4/18/1344, Exemption, at the request of William de Clynton, earl of Huntingdon, and because he is incapable of bearing arms, as the king has learned on trustworth testimony, of William le Botiller of Wemme from knight-hood for life. (S) CPRs.

10/1/1340, Deed, made at Sherborne, by Richard le Guldene … Witd.: … William le Boteler, … (S) UKNA.

10/16/1348, at the manor of Red castle. James de Audeleye … Witnesses: William le Boteler, Laurence de Lodelowe, knights, … (S) UKNA.

6/1349, The Plague reached Dorset, and had spread across England by the end of 1349.

1351, William had to change his weekly market day from Sunday to Thursday when the Archbishop of Canterbury forbid going to market on Sundays. (S) The History of Wem, Garbet.

[––William & Joan––]

~1354, William married 2nd Joan. [Sudeley had been held in the family since Ethelred granted Sudeley to Goda, sister of Edward the Confessor.]

1356, William, baron of Wem, issued a charter witnessed by Sir Richard Pestral.

1/28/1357, IPM of Alan, son of Alan de Cherleton. Salop: … the moiety of the manor of Withiford … of William le Boteler of Wemme by knight’s service … (S) CIsPM.

7/6/1358, … by inquisition … Alan son of Alan de Cherleton … held Withyford, co. Salop, of William le Botiller of Wemme by knight service … (S) CPRs.

10/1/1358, William sent his servant, William Swaynes, to fetch the godfathers for his son Thomas’ baptism. (S) Proof of age of Thomas.

12/22/1361, William 2nd Lord Boteler of Wem, Shropshire, died.

1/1/1361, Writ for IPM of William Botiller of Wemme . Warwick: Overesley. The manor … William Botyller, his son, aged 3[2] years and more, is his heir. Leicester: Norwode. The manor … William Botiller, his son, aged 32 years and more, is his heir. Stafford: Tyrley. The manor … Salop: Wemme. The manor … Hynstoke. The manor … (S) CIsPM.


Bef. 8/11/1367, Joan died. (S) King and Country, England and Wales, Griffiths, 1991, P180.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P794.

Child of William and Margaret:

i. William le Boteler, born by 1340 in England.

1/31/1362, Order to escheator in the counties of Salop and Stafford, to deliver to William, son and heir of William le Boteler of Wemme, the lands which his father held in tail … (S) CFRs.

William, 3rd Lord Boteler of Wem.

11/19/1362, Commission of oyer and terminer to William le Butyler of Wemme, … (S) CPRs.

12/6/1367, Commitment to William le Botiller of Wemme of the wardship of a moiety of all the lands in the counties of Warwick, Gloucester and Worcester late of John de Sudleye, knight, who held in chief, to hold the same, with the issues since John's death, until the lawful age of Thomas, son of Joan late the wife of William le Botiller, and kinsman and one of the heirs of John, rendering £100 Yearly. (S) CFRs.

8/14/1369, William died.

8/20/1369, IPM of William Botiller of Wemme, knight. Leicester: Northburgh. The manor … Elizabeth his daughter, aged 24 years, is his heir. … Warwick: … lands &c. late of the said William, who held of the king in chief, were entailed in the time of one of his ancestors on him and the heirs male of his body … Stafford: … He died on 14 August last. … Salop: … Wemme. The manor … to him and Elizabeth late his wife and the heirs male of their bodies with reversion in fee to William le Botiller, his father … (S) CIsPM.

Child of William and Joan:

i. Thomas le Boteler (1901514), born 10/1/1358 in England.

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