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Monday, September 20, 2010

Sir Edward D’Annay of Cornwall

4990064. Sir Edward D’Annay

~1250, Edward born in England, s/o §John Dawnay & Jane le Cave.

Edward obtained a charter for a weekly Wednesday and Friday market, and a yearly fair, at his manor of Shannock [Sheviock in Crafthole], county Cornwall. [Edward also held diverse lands in the counties of Devon and Somerset.]

8/1270, Edward left on the 8th crusade with Prince Edward.

11/10/1270, Edward arrived in Tunis with the crusaders to find the French forces had been devasted by disease. The French fleet returned, but Prince Edward moved his forces towards Acre.

1272, Edward summoned to New-castle-upon-Tyne, with horse and arms to march against Robert de Brus. [He did not attend as he was on crusade.]

11/16/1272, while on crusade, Edward witnessed Prince Edward become King Edward, the day Henry III died.

8/1274, Edward and the English crusaders returned to England.

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Family notes:
·         Edward brought back a medal from the crusades that was still in the family’s possession in 1789.
·         Effigies of Edward Dawnay and his Lady were in Sheviock church.
·         John Dawnay held the manor of Shannock, co. Cornwall, as well as lands in Devon and Somerset.
·         Jane le Cave 3rd d/o Peter le Cave & Jane Bromflete; d/o Thomas Bromflete.

Child of Edward and ?:

i. Nicholas Dawney (2495032), born ~1280 in England.

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