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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

G23: 4990600 FitzRoland

4990600. Sir Alan Fitz Roland

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~1230, Alan born in Aston, England, s/o §Roland Fitz Alan.

1247, Alan the heir when his father died.

Alan 1st married a d/o Richard de Crevequor.

1256, Alan Fitz Roland, or Rohant, of Dodbroke, knight [co. Devon]. (S) The Note-book of Tristram Risdon, 1897, P157.

1257, Alan granted free warren in all his demesne lands.

1279, Alan held Aston manor and the hamlets of Stokenchurch and Copcourt for half a knight’s fee.

1294, Sir Alan Fitz Roland involved in the chaining of persons that fled to the church for sanctuary [Alan was execommunicated for his part in the incident, but was later absolved of the crime.]

1295, Alan also had estates in Leicestershire.

Bef. 1300 Alan died; his son Roland heir.

(S) Aston Rowant, A History of the County of Oxford: V8: 1964. (S) History of the County of Buckingham, V3, 1925.

Family notes:
• §Roland’s father Alan inherited Aston from his uncle Alan FitzAmfrey, brother of Alan’s father named Roland.
• 1212, John Marshall had custody of his ½-fee and of Alan’s son and heir, §Roland Fitz Alan.
• 1219, Roland, still a minor, in custody of Henry Foliot of Fritwell.
• 1228, Roland in possession of his family lands.

Children of Alan and ?:

i. Roland Fitz Alan, born ? in Aston, England.
Bef. 1300, Roland died, leaving his brothers John and Henry as heirs.

ii. John Fitz Alan, born ? in Aston, England.
By 1316, John died, leaving his brother Henry as heir.

iii. Henry Fitz Alan (2495300), born ~1275 in Aston, England.