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Monday, October 11, 2010

Baron Maurice Fitz Gerald & Maud de Prendergast

4997414. Baron Maurice Fitz Gerald & 4997415. Maud de Prendergast

~1238, Maurice born in Ireland, s/o 9994828. Gerald FitzMaurice FitzGerald.

~1240, Maud born in Ireland, coheir & d/o §Gerard de Prendergast, of Beauvoir [or Carrigaline] and Ballacha in Orrey, co. Cork, Ieland. [Maud’s mother may be an unknown daughter of 243380824. Viceroy Richard de Burgh & 243380825. Lady Egidia de Lacy. This is possible by adjustments to the given timeline – Egidia’s birth would need to be moved earlier.]


Maud 1st married to David Fitz Maurice.

1249, David Fitz Maurice died.                           

Maud married 2nd Maurice de Rochford.

7/14/1253, Commission to John son of Geoffrey, justicary of Ireland, Maurice son of Gerald, … to audit the account of Hugh, bishop of Ossory … (S) CPRs.

5/3/1254, Writ to Maurice son of Gerald to make IPM of Adam de Adudno in Ireland. (S) CIsPM.

2/25/1256, Notification … pope Alexander letters … directed to the bishop … of Kilfenora, that Maruice son of Gerald, Walter de Burgo, … knights, … in Ireland cease from entertaining ecclesiastical questions in their courts … (S) CPRs.

12/1257, Lord Edward, the King's son, and Margaret, Countess of Lincoln, the death of Maurice FitzGerald, second baron of Offaly, Margaret claimed the custody of the castles and lands of Offaly during the minority of the heir [son of the deceased baron’s eldest son Gerald.]

1258, Maurice de Rochford died.

[––Maurice & Maud––]

~1259, Maurice 1st married Maud.

11/7/1259, Maurice, 3rd Baron Offaly, granted Athlone castle and the shrievalty of Connaught.

1260, Maurice lost a battle against Conor O’Brian at Coill-Berrain in Munster. Failghech Breathnach and Thomas Barrett were killed.

1262, Maurice summoned to England as a chief magnate in Ireland.

9/24/1264, Maurice ordered to secure Irish lands for the Earl of Gloucester, and imprison the heir of the Earl of Ulster. (S) CPRs.

1264, Maurice, due to a feud, took Justiciar Theobald Butler and John Cogan prisoners. Maurice imprisoned Theobald at his castle of Leigh.

6/10/1265, Whereas … liberation of Edward the king’s son [hostage after the battle of Lewes] … the king commands all persons of Ireland to be indendant to H. bishop of Meath … to Walter de Burgo … the discords between him and Maurice son of Gerald have been appeased, … (S) CPRs.

4/1266, Maurice given letters of protection to travel to England.

By 1266, Maud died.


1266, Maurice married 2nd Agnes de Valence, d/o William de Valence (11820102), king’s kinswoman.

8/3/1266, Grant of John de Verdon to Sir Maurice son of Gerald and lady Agnes de Valencia his wife, in free marriage of the latter, all his lands … which he had of the gift of the said Sir Maurice in Munster, … if the said Maurice predecease his wife having no heir by her, she is to keep the same for life, … Witnesses: Sir Edward and Sir Edmund, sons of Henry [III]; …; Maurice son of Maurice; … (S) CPRs, 11/1/1299.

1268, Maurice died while crossing the channel to Ireland.

[––Post Mortem––]

8/23/1273, Maurice son of Gerald (4997414), deceased, … held the barony of Offaly of Roger de Mortuo Mari and Matilda (4997433) his wife, William de Cantilupo and Eva (5000487) his wife, Humphrey de Bohun and Eleanor (23639793) his wife, daughters of Eva de Breus (47279587), fifth heir of Walter and Anselm, the Marshals, by service of 12 knight’s fees.. (S) CPRs.

1274, The king commanded the Justiciary of Ireland to see that Agnes de Valence, the king’s cousin, the widow of Maurice FitzGerald, should get what was due to her out of her late husband’s lands.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P34. (S) DNB, Stephen, 1908, P139. (S) The Earls of Kildare, Marquis of Kildare, 1858. (S) The History of the County of Mayo, Knox, 1908.

Children of Maurice and Maud:

i. Juliane Fitz Maurice (2498707), born ~1263 in Ireland.

ii. Gerald FitzMaurice, born ~1265 in Ireland.

12/16/1283, Geoffrey de Genevill (4997436) and Matilda, his wife, and Peter (2498718), their eldest son, acknowledged that they owe to William de Valencia (11820102) £1200 for the commission of lands that belonged to Maurice son of Gerald in Ireland tenant in chief, deceased, and for the marriage of Gerald, son and heir of the said Maurice, a minor in William's wardship by the demise of Thomas de Clare, to whom the king granted the wardship and marriage. (S) CCRs.

8/29/1287, Gerald died in the battle of Thomond, a civil war in Ireland.

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