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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

G23: 4997458

4997458. Sir Thomas Fitz Otes & 4997459. Beatrice de Beauchamp

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1231, Thomas born in England, s/o 9994916. Otes Fitz William.

~1235, Betrice born in England, 4th d/o 9994918. Sir William de Beauchamp & 9994919. Ida Longespee.

1256, Thomas’ uncle Otto died, leaving the hereditary coiner of the Mint in the Tower of London to his son William, who died without issue. (S) Transactions – Bristol and Gloucestershire Arch. Soc., V11.

6/24/1261, Thomas, age 30, heir to his cousin William Fitz Otes receiving 1 knights’s fee in the honor of Boulogne, 2 hamlets held of the earl of Gloucester by 1 kinght’s fee, and land held of the heir of Ralph de Hodeng. (S) Calendar of IsPM, 1904, P136.

Thomas married Beatrice. (S) Magna Britannia, V1, part 1, 1813, P46.

1265, Thomas petitioned the Court of Exchequer for the broken dies of the mint.

1266-7, Beatrice coheir to her neice Joan, d/o Sir Simon de Beauchamp, inheriting a third of Bedford.

12/5/1266, Remission to Robert de Ver, earl of Oxford, of the king’s indignation … on the mainprise of Guy de Brione of the county of Devon and Thomas son of Otto of the county of Essex for his future good behavior … (S) CPRs.

1267, Thomas Fitz “Otto”, hereditary coiner of the Mint in the Tower of London, claimed the scrap iron from the broken coining dies; a family heritage to the time of King Henry I.

1274, Park Hall held by Thomas fitz Otto, of the earl of Gloucester, as two carucates in Gestingthorp and Gosfield, by the service of one knight's fee. [Previously held by his uncle William in 1260, and his father in 1256.] (S) The History and Topography of the County of Essex, Bk2, Ch5.

Bef. 3/23/1274, Thomas, knt. of Mendlesham, Suffolk, Belchamp Otton, Essex, and Hamerton, Huntingdonshire; and city of Canterbury died. (S) Calendar of IsPM, V2, 1906.

1274, Beatrice given the advowson of Mendlesham and Beauchamp Parva, co. Essex, as part of her dower.

Beatrice married 2nd Sir William de Munchensy, holding Hamerton manor in dower.

6/26/1278, Writ from the King … assigned … to Roger de Munbray [Mowbray], John de Steyngryve and Ida his wife, …, and William de Mountchensy (de Monte Caniso) of Edwardeston and Beatrix his wife, heir of William Beauchamp (de Bello Campo) of Bedford, their reasonable shares which fell to them fro the inheritance … which Amicia, William Beauchamp’s widow, lately deceased, held in dower. (S) Yorkshire Inquisitions of the Reignes of Henry III and Edward I, 1902, P10. [This William, brother of Beatrix de Beauchamp, died 8/1262, leaving as his heir his brother Simon, William’s wife Amicia holding dower. Simon left a daughter Joan that died 1266-7. Joan having no heir, the estates were distributed under the Dictum of Kenilworth.]

Bef. 7/12/1281, Beatrice died: Grant to High son of Otto of the custody, during the minority of Otto the son and heir, of the manors of Hamerton, co. Huntingdon, … which Beatrix, deceased, late the wife of Thomas son of Otto, held in dower. (S) CPRs.

(S) Plantagenet Ancestry, P135. (S) The Numismatic Circular, V16, 4/1908.

Children of Thomas and Beatrice: [1 son, 3 daughters]

i. Joan Fitz Thomas, born ? in England. [Eldest daughter]
Joan married Guy Ferre, Lord of Benhale.

ii. Maud Fitz Thomas (2498729), born 1270 in England.