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G23: 5908564

5908564. Hugh de Atherton & 5908565. Joan ?

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1302, Hugh de Atherton claimed reasonable estovers in Ashton, with heybote, housebote, &c., against Alan son of Peter de Burnhull, William de Atherton [brother of Hugh], and Jordan the Woodward.

2/9/1307, Alexander Atherton, plaintiff, and Hugh de Atherton, and Joan, his wife, deforciants … Oldham and Glodwick. Hugh and Joan acknowledged the tenement to be the right of Alexander, and rendered it to him, to hold to him and his heirs in perpetuity, of the chief lords of the fee, by the services thereto belonging. For this acknowledgment he gave them one hundred pounds sterling. (S) Lancashire Fines: 31-35 Edward I, Final Concords for Lancashire, 1899.

1313, Alan de Burnhull claimed William and Hugh de Atherton, … as suitors at his mill.

1323, Hugh de Athyrton holds 2 oxgangs of land in Glodyke, Wapentake of Slafordshire, by the service of 3s 2d yearly. (S) Record Society, V54, 1907, P105.

9/1325, Hugh de Atherton and John de Accres make a fine for Robert de Irlond [charged with being at Burton bridge with Thomas earl of Lancaster.] (S) South Lancashire in the Reign of Edward II, P80.

1332, Hugh de Atherton recorded in the Lay Subsidy of Rylands in co. Lancashire.

(S) Ashton, A History of the County of Lancaster, V4, 1911.

Child of Hugh and Joan:

i. Henry de Atherton (2954282), born ~1285 in England.

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