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G23: 5909930

5909930. Sir Adam Banastre & 5909931. Margaret Holand

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[Adam likely s/o Thomas the younger.]

~1285, Margaret born in England, d/o 11819862. Robert de Holand & 11819863. Elizabeth de Samlesbury.

2/25/1301, “… Witn. Robert de Lathum, William de Dacre, knights, …, Adam Banastre, …” (S) UKNA.

1307-8, Sir Adam Banastre gave Sir William Banastre, his brother, a rent of £16 11s. 6½d. from his manors, &c., of Broughton, Salefield, Heath Charnock, Adlington, Duxbury and Shevington. (S) Bretherton, A History of the County of Lancaster, V6, 1911.

5/28/1310, “Quitclaim: Roger of Shutilesworth … -- homage due to Adam Banastre, lord of the fee, for his properties in Shevynton -- Given at Wigan.” (S) UKNA.

10/8/1315, The supporters of Sir Adam Banastre met at Wingates, Westhoughton, and took an oath to live and die together. Their first objective was to capture Adam Radcliffe and his brothers; but the party sent on this particular mission murdered Sir Henry de Bury in the process.

10/22/1315, Adam’s followers assembled again at Charnock Richard and set off for Wigan, calling at Standish Church on the way to pick up additional supporters. The group spent that night in Wigan commandeering food for their use. A raiding party was despatched to Clitheroe where they captured the castle and 40 lances. Meanwhile the main force set off for Liverpool, via Knowsley.

10/25/1315, Adam’s followers attacked Liverpool castle without success.

10/27/1315, Adam’s followers attacked Halton Castle situated near the River Mersey by lighting fires at the gates; and a further 50 haketons with 100 lances and 100 basinets were captured.

10/31/1315, Sir Adams forces had reached Manchester where they claimed that what they were doing was in the King’s name.

11/4/1315, Adam’s army reached Preston where they quickly overcame a small force sent to halt them; killing Sir Walter le Vavasour in the exchange. Reinforcements arrived, a large contingent of about 300 men, acting for the Earl of Lancaster. The forces were led by Sir Edmund de Nevill of Middleton, Sir William Dacre, and Sir John and Sir Nicholas de Harrington. After a short battle lasting less than one hour Sir Adam’s troops were completely overrun and put to flight.

11/12/1315, Commission of oyer and terminer to Thomas, earl of Lancaster, Edmund, earl of Arundel, Fulk le Estraunge … on information that Adam Banastre and many others of the county of Lancaster, … commit homicides, arsons, larcenies and other crimes daily … (S) CPRs.

11/1315, Adam, captured at Charnock Richard, beheaded at Leyland Moor for treason by Thomas, Earl of Lancaster and his favourite Sir Robert Holland. [Brother of Margaret.]

Margaret 2nd married Sir John Blackburn. [3 daughters.]

1324, Margaret died.

(S) Ancestry of John Barber White and His Descendants, White, 1913, P109.

Child of Adam and Margaret:

i. Katherine Banastre (2954965), born by 1315 in England.

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