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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baron Fulk le Strange & Lady Eleanor Giffard

5910052. Baron Fulk le Strange & 5910053. Lady Eleanor Giffard

1268, Fulk Lestrange born in Longnor, Shropshire, England, 2nd s/o 11820104. Robert Le Straung & 11820105. Alianore de Blancminster.

8/19/1274 at Westminster abbey, Edward I crowned king of England.

1275, Eleanor born in Brimsfield, Gloucestershire, England, d/o 11820106. John Giffard & 11820107. Maud de Clifford.

1276, Fulk’s father died, his older brother John the heir.

9/13/1276, Writ (of certiorari), on the complaint of Fulk son of the said Robert le Estraunge that the escheator had taken the manor of Sutton Madok, whereof the said Robert had enfeoffed him. (S) CIsPM.

6/18/1289, Fulk, age 21 or 22, succeeded his old brother John [who died at 23] of “a very considerable inheritance”. The manor was held in service to Earl Warren. (S) The Battle Abbey Roll, 1889, P4.

7/16/1289, Order to the escheator on this side Trent to dehver to Fulk le Strange, brother and heir of John le Strange, tenant in chief, the lands late of his said brother, he having done fealty. (S) CFRs.

10/2/1289, Fulk received seisin of Sutton Manor, which his father had given him before going on crusade.

1/12/1291, Order to cause enrolment to be made pursuant to the king's grant to Fulk le Strange that of the £66 wherein he is held to the king of arrears of the farm of the manor of Wrokworthyn, he pay 60s at Easter and Michaelmas next and 100s at Easter and Michaelmas following and so from year to year. (S) CFRs.

1294, Fulk licensed to cut down £40 of timber in Chawton forest.

1294, The Gascon War began between England and France, lasting 9 years.

7/14/1294, Licence for Fulk le Strange, going on the king’s service to to Gascony, to sell, cut down … wood … out of his wood of Chalghton … forest of Porcestre ….(S) CPRs. [King Edward was involved in a long war to protect lands in Gascony from Philip IV of France.]

1299, Eleanor, age 24, coheir of her mother’s lands held by her father, received the castle of Corfham and the manor of Culmington in Wales.

4/1/1300, … ordered … to cause all and singular of … knights, esquires or others having £40 yearly of land … to provide themselves with horses and arms … be with the king at Carlisle at Midsummer next, ready to set out with him at his wages against the Scots … Chester, with Hugh de Aldithelegh and Fulk le Estrange. (S) CCRs.

1300, Siege of Caerlaverock castle in Scotland.

2/10/1301, Fulco le Estraunge, Dominus de Corsham, signed the letter to the Pope.

11/11/1302 at Shrewsbury, Debtor: Fulk Le Strange, knight, [held Whitchurch, Longnor, etc. in Brimstree and Bradford Hundreds, Salop] and Roger, the son of Thomas Corbet, knight. Amount: £31 11s. (S) UKNA.

[––Fulk & Eleanor––]

By 1305, Fulk married Eleanor.

Bef. 6/1306, Fulk heir to the estates and Lord of Whitchurch upon his mother’s death.

6/12/1306, Fulco le Estraunge and his wife Alianore deforciants of Robert de Bracy.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

1/13/1309, Fulk summoned to Parliament as 1st Baron Blackmere [the name comes from a lake adjoining Whitchurch.]

5/28/1309, Fulk attended the tournament at Stepney at which John le Strange, his cousin attended; both in the retinue of the Earl of Lancaster.

12/18/1309, Fulk le Strange (Extraneus), justice co. Salop. (S) CPRs.

6/18/1310, Fulk summoned to muster at Berwick. [Fulk did not attend. He was summoned again on August 2nd, and again did not attend].

9/19/1310, Fulk sent 2 knights for his proffered service.

5/28/1311, Fulk summoned to Berwick with as many followers as he could raise.

8/8/1311, Fulk summoned to parliament in London [and again November 11th.]

2/13/1312, Fulk summoned to parliament at Westminster.

6/19/1312, Piers Gaveston, sometime Earl of Cornwall, King Edward’s favorite, was executed at Blacklow Hill, Warwickshire, by the earls of Lancaster, Hereford and Arundel. [Piers, apparently a good soldier and administrator, would be replaced by “favorites” who were vicious and power seekers – the law of unintended consequences. 7 Earls would be executed in a short 18 year span  – the last English earl having been executed 236 years before.]

12/21/1312, Fulk an adherent of Earl Thomas of Lancaster; an order was given to sieze his  lands.

10/16/1313, Fulk one of the 472 persons receiving pardons at the parliament for being an adherent of the Earl of Lancaster.

11/6/1313, King Edward II declared a general amnesty for all antagonists in the Powys war, including Fulk le Strange, Guffud de la Pole, who had besieged John de Cherleton at Pool castle. [This escalated attacks between both sides.]

12/23/1313, Fulk summoned and then participated in Edward II’s campaigns in Scotland against Robert the Bruce.

6/30/1314, Fulk summoned to muster at Newcastle and to attend the August parliament at York.

11/12/1315, Commission of oyer and terminer to Thomas, earl of Lancaster, Edmund, earl of Arundel, Fulk le Estraunge and William de Acre, … that Adam Banastre, and many others … commit homicides … county of Lancaster. (S) CPRs.

3/28/1316, Commission to Fulk Lestraunge, William Trussel the elder and William Stafford, to deliver the gaol of Stafford … prisoners … (S) CPRs.

1316, Fulk, Lord of Album Monasterium [Whitchurch], held of Earl Warrenne.

1317, Fulk summoned 3 times to service; each time the army was not fielded.

6/8/1318, Fulk summoned to parliament at Lincoln as a “Majores Barones”.

10/22/1318, Pardon to adherents of the earl of Lancaster … Fulk Lestrante (Extraneo), knight, … (S) CPRs.

12/1318, Fulk was at Haughmond for Christmas where he attested a grant of Edmund, Earl of Arundel.

1319-20, Fulk summoned to parliaments at York.

4/7/1320, Confirmation of a grant by Fulk le Estraunge to Richard le Knyght of Hethe. (S) CPRs.

1/19/1321, Fulk with the Archbishop of York and others to treat for peace with Robert the Bruce. (S) CPRs.

2/6/1322, Fulk by writ to raise men-at-arms and foot soldiers against the Earl of Lancaster. [Then ordered to be at Coventry on 2/28.]

3/10/1322, Fulk with King Edward at the defeat of the forces of Earl Thomas of Lancaster at the river Trent.

3/16/1322, Fulk with the King at the Battle of Boroughbridge in Yorkshire. Thomas, Earl of Lancaster and the Marcher Lords, against King Edward II and the Dispensers. The rebel forces of about 700 knights and men-at-arms, against about 4,000 in in the royal forces. An effective use of longbow against calvary. [Rebeling barons lost and retreated to Tutbury castle.]

4/11/1322, Fulk appointed Seneschal of Gascony at a salary of £500 and reasonable expenses.

5/6/1322, Fulk le Straunge, going beyond the seas on the king’s service, has letters nominating … (S) CPRs.

7/14/1322, Fulk obtained a license to crenellate his manor of Whitchurch, Shropshire.

Bef. 1/23/1323 Eleanor died. [Likely at Whitchurch.]


1323, After Eleanor’s death, Fulk held a third part of Thorney manor by the courtesy of England. (S) Hist. of Nottinghamshire, V1, 1790, Thorney.

4/4/1323, King Edward II sent “Fulconi l’Estraunge senescallo suo Vasconie” letters in Gascony on how he was to handle complaints of the French King about events occuring.

9/13/1323, Pope John XXII sent a letter to Fulk, whom he called Seneschal of the duchy of Aquitaine.

1324, Fulk died [possibly in Gascony].

1/23/1324, Writ for IPM of Fulk Lestraunge alias Extraneus, le Straung. Southampton: Chalghton. The manor … John his son, aged 18, is his next heir … Salop: Wrocworthyn. The manor … Sutton. The manor … Corfham. The castle and Culmynton member thereof held for life by the courtesy of England of the inheritance of Eleanor sometime his wife … Whitchurch (de Albo Monasterio). The manor … Nottingham: Thornhagh. A third part of the manor … held by the courtesy of England of the right of Eleanor sometime his wife … John, son of the said Fulk and Eleanor, aged 18 and more, is their next heir … (S) CIsPM.

2/23/1325, Order to escheator in the counties of Hereford, Fulham. Gloucester, Worcester, Salop and Stafford, to take into the king's hand the lands late of Fulk Lestraunge, deceased, tenant in chief. (S) CFRs.

(S) Antiquities of Shropshire, Eyton, 1860, P25. (S) A Chronicle of the Early Le Stranges, Le Strange, 1916.

Children of Fulk and Eleanor: [3 sons, 1 daughter]

i. John le Strange (2955026), born 1/3/1306 in England. [Heir]

ii. Elizabeth le Strange, born ? in England.

Elizabeth married Robert Corbet of Morton.

iii. Hamo le Strange, born ? in England.

11/28/1330, Order to deliver to Hamo son of Fulk Lestraunge the manor of Chesewordyn, which was taken into the king's hands by reason of the death of John Lestraunge of Chesewordyn, and to restore the issues thereof, as the king learns by inquisition that John held the manor for life of Fulk's grant. (S) CFRs.

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