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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sir Stephen de Segrave & Alice de Arundel

5910164. Sir Stephen de Segrave & 5910165. Alice de Arundel

~1281, Stephen born in England, s/o 4997378. Sir John de Seagrave & 4997379. Christian de Plesey.

~1290, Alice born in England, d/o 11819888. Earl Richard Fitzalan & 11819889. Alice Saluce.

By 1304, Stephen knighted.

8/1304 at Weymuster, John de Segrave lord of Segrave, and John de Mohun, lord of Dunsterre, agreed that John de Mohun, eldest son of the latter is to marry Christiana, daughter of the former, … Witnesses: Payn Tibetoft, … Nicholas de Segrave, … Stephen de Segrave, knights, … (S) CPRs.

3/31/1305, John de Segrave, the elder, Stephen, his son, … acknowledge they owe John de Mohun of Dunsteere £400 … John de Mohun of Dunsterre acknowledges that he owes John de Segrave, the elder, £10,000 … (S) CCRs. [This exchanged of debts is usually associated with a marriage contract.]

[-–Stephen & Alice––]

1305, Stephen married Alice.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

3/10/1308, Remission at the instance of Thomas, earl of Lancaster, to Stephen de Segrave of payment of a fine of 100 marks, … county of Huntingdon, for diverse trespasses and felonies. (S) CPRs.

5/20/1314, Joan widow of Sir Peter de Grisebe, knight, and Sir Stephen de Segrave, knight, son and heir of Sir John de Segrave. Joan has quitclaimed to Stephen a rent of 4 marks from a meadow in Drakelowe called le Neumede. (S) UKNA.

1316, Stephen held lands in Derby.

4/14/1318 at Leicester, Nicholas Kiriel (5910500), knight, to his very dear lady, his lady Margery Kiriel. Whereas Nicholas has granted to Sir Stephen de Segrave (5910164) his manor of Croxtone Kiriel, Margery (11820499) must attorn to Stephen for her services for one third of the manor. Nicholas has received from Stephen 200 marks for the manor of Croxtone Kiriel. Nicholas has granted to Stephen 2/3rds of the manor of Croxtone Kiriel (Leics.), with the advowson of Croxton Abbey, except a rent of £6 from the said 2/3rds, and the services of Lady Margery Kiriel for the one third which she holds in dower, with the reversion of the said third, and the services of Roger de Hurst for the rent of £6 which he holds for life, with the reversion of the rent after his death; to hold of Nicholas and his issue at a rent of a rose a year for Stephen's life and for 1 year after his death, and thereafter 100 marks a year. Witnesses: Sir Robert de Holande, Sir Nicholas de Segrave, Sir Ralph de Secchevill, Sir Ralph de Folevill, Sir William Marmioun, Sir John de Neville, knights … (S) UKNA.

10/22/1318, Pardon to ... Nicholas de Segrave, Robert de Holand, Stephen de Segrave, William le Latimer, Fulk Lestrange, William Tuchet, … knights, of all felonies and trespasses committed before 7 August last, adherents of Thomas, earl of Lancaster. (S) CPRs.

5/12/1319, Grant by Thomas, earl of Lancaster and Leycestre, steward of England, to Roger Beler, for his good service, … witnesses:- Robert de Holand, … Stephen de Segrave, … (S) CPRs, 5/25/1319.

2/23/1321, Association of John de Brytannia, earl of Rychemund, … in the commission to … Aymer de Valencia, earl of Pembroke, and Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford and Essex, Bartholomew de Badelesmere, steward of the Household, … Fulk Lestraunge, Stephen de Segrave, … to treat of peace with Robert de Brus. (S) CPRs.

3/22/1322, King Edward executed Earl Thomas of Lancaster for treason at his castle of Pontefract [one of the barons responsible for the death of Piers Gaveston. Protection for 1 year to Stephen de Segrave in his lands which he holds for life of the demise of Thomas, sometime earl of Lancaster. (S) CPRs.

1322, Stephen and his father John mentioned in a petition of Ralph Stanlowe. “Stanlowe requests restitution of his lands, goods and chattels in Leicestershire seized into the king's hand by the sheriff, as he was not against the king, and on the contrary served in the garrison of Nottingham castle with John Segrave, and joined the king at Caldwell in the retinue of Stephen Segrave.” (S) UKNA.

8/1/1323, Stephen was the constable of the Tower of London on the night Roger Mortimer [lover of Queen Isabella] escaped. Stephen and his guards were drugged. (S) Weir, P156.

6/1/1324, Pardon to Stephen de Segrave in consideration of a payment to be made by the said Stephen and John de Segrave, his father, of the escape of Roger de Morturo Mari of Wygemor, a rebel, from the Tower of London, when the said Stephen was keeper thereof, of which escape the said Stephen was indicted before the king. (S) CPRs.

9/12/1324, Protection with clause volumus, for 1 year, for Stephen de Segrave,  going with John de Segrave to the duchy of Aquitaine on the king’s service. [Stephen’s brother John was also given protection – both going with their father.]

9/14/1325, Protection with clause volumus for 1 year for Stephen de Segrave, staying in the duchy of Aquitiane with John de Segrave [others also named staying with the said John.] (S) CPRs.

1325, Stephen died in Gascony, before his father, who died the same year.

10/4/1325, IPM of John de Segrave, the elder. Oxford: Henton … Buckingham: La Penne. The manor … Northampton: Chaucumbe. The manor … John son of Stephen de Segrave, his kinsman, aged 9 and more, is his next heir. Salop: Stottesdon. The manor … Huntingdon: … Nottingham: … Derby: … [many properties in varous counties] (S) CIsPM.


12/12/1325, IPM of Stephen de Segrave. Surrey: Suthewerk. Six cottages and a garden … held jointly with Alesia his wife … John his son, aged 10, is his next heir. Worcester: Northpidele. The manor … held jointly … [cultiple counties, many properties] … Stephen, who died before he had sued his right before the king as heir of John de Segrave, and are in the king’s hand … Derby: … Ashebourne, … which Henry de Segrave sometime held for life of the inheritance of the said John, held jointly with Alesia his wife, who survives, by the gift of John de Segrave, the elder … Warwick: … Langeleye by knight’s service, whereof 28s. 10.25d. are assigned to Christiana, late the wife of John de Segrave the elder, in dower. … Leicester: Segrave. The manor … (S) CIsPM.

12/15/1325, Writ of dedimus potestatem to Ralph Beler to receive the attorneys for the dower of Alice late the wife of the said Stephen. (S) CIsPM.

3/6/1326, … rent in Thurlaston, and to restore the issues thereof to Alesia, late the wife of Stephen de Segrave, … (S) CCRs.

1326, “Christiana de Segrave, widow of John de Segrave … requests that a writ be sent to the justices of the Bench to proceed in the process so that she is not delayed in her dower, as she brought a writ of dower against Alice de Segrave to vouch to warranty, but John son of Stephen is a minor and his lands and body are in the king's hand.” (S) UKNA.

10/16/1327, Whereas Christinia, late the wife of John de Segrave, lately … demanded against Alesia, late the wife of Stephen de Segrave, a third of the manor of Dalbychaucombe, … as her dower … that Alesia should hold in peace the tenements demanded … Christiana should have … out of the heir’s land in the king’s wardship … (S) CCRs.

1327-30, “Alice, widow of Stephen de Segrave, states that the king has seized into his hand the lands which were held by Stephen because of the minority of John de Segrave his heir, both those held in fee farm and by socage and those held by knight's service, namely the manor of Kineton, held in fee farm and the hundred of Goscote held in socage, the manor of Rosliston with the rent of Coton in the Elms and Linton, a sheepfold called Beggerhowe near Ashbourne, and 7 cottages in Southwark, which ought to be in the wardship of the closest relative of the child to whom the inheritance cannot descend. As John's mother, she claims this wardship, and requests delivery of the lands.” (S) UKNA.

9/30/1330, Lady Alice de Segrave; and John Bilknap (3803024) of West Hatch and Robert Writhelok of the same. Alice has demised at farm to John and Robert, for her life, her manor of Westhach (Wilts.); rent £20 a year to be paid at her manor of Northpidele. (S) BCM/D/5/92/6.

11/6/1334 at West Hatch, John Bilknap of West Hatch and John de Swaleweclyve. John Bilknap has granted to John de Swaleweclyve, his heirs and assigns the manor of Westhache with the appurtenances, for the term of the life of Lady Alice de Segrave; rent to Alice £20 a year at her manor of Northpudele. (S) BCM/D/5/92/7.

1340, Alice died.

(S) The Hist. & Antiq’s of Harwich and Dovercourt, Taylor & Dale, P148.

Child of Stephen and Alice:

i. John de Seagrave (2955082), born 1315 England.