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G23: 5910376

5910376. Sir Ralph de Crophull & 5910377. Maud ?

Ralph born in England, s/o §Ralph de Crophull.

~1285, Ralph born in Bonnington, Nottinghamshire, England.

1304, Maud born in Nottinghamshire, England.

Bef. 11/22/1306, Ralph’s father killed.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

3/28/1310, Protection for one year for Ralph de Crophulle, going to Ireland with the archbishop elect of Dublin. (S) CPRs.

8/18/1311, Grant … to Ralph de Crophulle, sheriff of Nottingham, that he shall not be removed from his office so long as he conducts himself properly … (S) CPRs.

10/24/1314, Commission touching allegations against sheriffs and others … Walter de Gouxhill, John Chaynel, … touching Ralph de Crophulle, late sheriff … Nottingham and Derby … (S) CPRs.

9/1/1315, Commission to … supervisors of the array of the arms in the county … Ralph de Crophulle, } co. Nottingham. (S) CPRs.

9/1/1316, Ralph had the custody of the castles and counties of Salop and Stafford, and castles of Salop and Bridgenorth. (S) Collections for a History of Staffordshire, 1888, P124.

8/3/1317, Commission to … Richard de Wylughby, and Ralph de Crophille on complaint … tenants of Wyleford … keepers of the king’s castle of Nottingham have made trenches and dykes … caused the water of the Trent to be diverted … (S) CPRs.

9/3/1318, Licence, … Notyngham, for Ralph de Crophull to enclose a path leading from the church of Sutton to the church of Bonyton on the western side of that town for the enlargement of his dwelling place, provided he makes another path on the east side thereof. (S) CPRs.

11/12/1318, William son of Roger de Morteyn, knight, acknowledged he owed Ralph de Crophull, knight, £600. (S) CCRs.

11/1318-1/1320, Ralph escheator north of the Trent. (S) UKNA, (S) CPRs.

8/1/1321, Richard Calf …, merchant, states that last Lammas Ralph de Crophull came to Hemington and Sutton Bonington, and took from him four sacks of good wool, worth 44 pounds, … He also broke the doors and the locks of the chambers … He requests a remedy, as Ralph's power in his country is such that no-one can have recovery against him at the common law … Bonyngton (Sutton Bonington), [Nottinghamshire]. (S) UKNA.

8/6/1324, Ralph de Crophill and Maud his wife to retain the manor of Treswell acquired from Alan de Hothum to themselves for life, with remainder to Ralph their son and the heirs of his body, remainder to the heirs of Ralph de Crophull. Notts. (S) UKNA, (S) CPRs.

1/25/1325, Roger de Morteyn, knight, to Ralph de Crophull, knight, release of his right in the park of Dunnesley and 4 messuages, … in Dunnesby, all of which Ralph had by charter of Roger’s demise. (S) CCRs.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

3/8/1327, Commission of the peace … to Richard de Grey and Ralph de Crophull for the county of Nottingham. (S) CPRs.

11/10/1327 at Notingham, Commission of oyer … on complaint of Ralph de Crophill that .. and others felled trees in his wood at Dunnesby by Repynghale, co. Lincoln. (S) CPRs.

1327-8, Ralph de Crophull and Maud his wife to have view of frank-pledge and appurtenances, viz. assize of bread and ale, hue raised with horn and voice and shedding of blood against the peace in their manors of Bonington and Sutton. Notts. (S) UKNA.

3/8/1327, Commission of the peace for the county of Nottingham to Richard de Grey, Richard de Wylughby and Ralph de Crophull, oursuant to the statute of Winchester. (S) CPRs.

2/12/1328, Ralph de Crophull, knight, acknowledges he owes John de Hothum, bishop of Ely, 100£, … co. Nottingham. (S) CCRs.

7/23/1329, Commission of oyer … on complaint by Ralph de Crophull, knight, that William de Kyrkeby, … and others broke his close at Dunnesby by Repynghale, took away six cows and a hundred sheep, value 20 marks, felled his trees … (S) CPRs.

5/22/1330, Ralph de Crophull, knight, witnessed a deed John de Hothum, bishop of Ely. (S) CPRs, 10/4/1331.

1337–1340, Ralph died.

(S) The Dormant and Extince Baronage, Banks, 1837, P180. (S) Baronia Anglica Concentrata, Banks, 1843, P70.

Family notes:
·         7/30/1297, Appointments … to purchase specified quantities of wool … Ralph de Crophill … in the counties of Nottingham and Derby … 64£. 2s. 7d. for 12 sacks 17 stone. (S) CPRs.
·         11/22/1306, Pardon to Nicholas son of Hugh de Stowe of Lunderthorp … in the county of Lincoln, when indicted of the death of Ralph de Crophull. (S) CPRs.
·         From the Calendar of Patent Rolls there were also younger sons named Nicholas and Alan.
·         Ralph had a sister named Alice: 6/29/1321, Sir William Calthorp, son of Sir Walter, remitted to the abbot and convent of Crowland … manor … of Gedney … with Isabella his lady, daughter of John Lord Lovell of Tichmarsh, entailed on Walter, their son and heir, the lordship of Calthorp, … who married Alice, daughter of Sir Ralph de Crophull, and niece to John Hotham, bishop of Ely. (S) Topographical History of Norfolk, V3, 1769.

Children of Ralph and Maud:

i. John de Crophull (2955188), born ~1320 in England.

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