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G23: 7604320

7604320. Thomas de Carew

~1292, Thomas born in England, s/o 60844544. Sir Nicholas de Carew & 15208641. Avice Martin.

Thomas 1st married Maude Pauncefot. [2 sons]

Thomas married 2nd d/o Malemaynes.

5/20/1318, Thomas de Carreu and John de Carreu had letters of protection for two years going to Ireland. (S) CPRs.

1318, Thomas de Carreu, querent ; and Richard de Heythorne, deforciant, … in Heythorne. … of Thomas as by his gift. … (S) Feet of Fines, Somerset, 1898, P71.

1324, Thomas de Carru (Carrew). … Carru shows that he was seised of the castle and manor of Carew after the death of his cousin Nicholas whose heir he is. He also holds the manor of Moulsford from the king in chief of the same inheritance. He now finds that John de Carew [his nephew] has allowed the lands to be taken into the king's hand by his minority. He states that he was found by inquisition to be the next heir and entered the manor of Moulsford. … Pembrokeshire, [Wales]; Moulsford, Berkshire. … John [de Carru (Carrew)], son of John de Carrew and half brother of Nicholas de Carrew. (S) UKNA.

7/2/1326, Thomas de Carru, staying in England, has letters nominating … in Ireland … (S) CPRs.

2/28/1327, Thomas de Carru, staying in England, has letters nominating … in Ireland … (S) CPRs.

8/22/1329, Thomas de Carreu, cousin and heir of Robert fitz Stephen, sold the lordships of the manors of Inchecoyng and Le Yoghel. (S) The Ancestor, V5, 1903, P41.

1330-1, “Thomas de Carew, keeper of Pembrokeshire.” (S) UKNA.

8/31/1331, Thomas’ claim to the estates of Robert fitz Stephens was rejected.

9/4/1331, Thomas de Carru to grant two-thirds of two-thirds of the manor of Moulsford, with the reversions of one-third now held in dower by Joan late the wife of John de Carru, and of one-third of two-thirds now held in dower by Eleanor late the wife of Nicholas de Carru, to William de Carru, retaining a messuage and land in South Denchworth. Berks. (S) UKNA.

12/8/1331, Commission to … certain person have carried away from the castle of Manerbire, Penaly and Carru the goods of Richard Barri, Thomas de Carry and William de Carru … (S) CPRs.

1334, Thomas died.
Children of Thomas and [2nd wife]: [2 sons]

i. Nicholas Carew (3802160), born ~1325 in England.

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