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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sir Eudes La Zouche & Milicent de Cantelowe

2500242. Sir Eudes La Zouche & 2500243. Milicent de Cantelowe

~1245, Eudo la Zuche born in England, s/o 243376344. Alan la Zouche & 243376345. Ellen de Quincy.

~1249, Milicent born in England, d/o 5000486. William de Cantelowe & 5000487. Eve de Braose.

12/25/1262, Whereas the whole march of Wales is disturbed by L. son of Griffin and his accomplices …  the king is sending Alan la Zuche, justice of the forest on this side Trent, to the said march for the preservation of the peace and the defence of those parts, he commands the justice to deliver the castles of Edward, the king's son, to wit, Chester, Beston and Shotwik to Eudo la Zuche, brother of the said Alan, without delay to keep in the name of the said Alan until his arrival. (S) CPRs.

10/17/1263, Eudo la Suche [one of many] to come to the king at Wyndesor with the horses and arms … (S) CPRs.

[––Millicent & John––]

Milicent 1st married Sir John de Montalt. (S) Hist. of Hertford, V3, 1912, Hinxworth.

8/4/1265, Lord Edward (I) defeated Montfort’s army at the battle of Evesham, ending the Baron’s Revolt. [Eudes likely fought as a royalist in these battles.]

1265-66, Eudes acquired Barnard’s manor after forfeit of Robert de Champayne during the Baron’s war. [Eudes sold the manor back to Robert after his pardon.]

6/28/1267, Pardon to Eudo la Zuche for all trespasses committed by him at the time of the disturbance had in the realm [in the counties of Leicester, Lincoln, Sussex, and Essex.] (S) CPRs.

3/11/1269, Eudo la Zuch’ an executor of the will of Henry de Hastings. (S) CCRs.

5/1270, “Willelmus la Zuch et Eudo la Zuch recognoverunt se debere Johanni de Warrenn' comiti Surr' …” (S) CCRs.

11/27/1270, “Eudo la Zuch' habet quietanciam de communi summonicione in comitatu Leyc'.” (S) CCRs, HIII, V14, 1938. [Quittance of the common summons of the eyre of Leciester.]

[––Eudo & Milicent––]

By 1272, Eudo married Milicent.

11/4/1272, Milisanda co-heir of to her brother George de Cantelowe. (S) CIsPM, V2. [Milisanda the wife of Eudo la Zuche, of full age, and John, son of Henry and Joan de Hastinges (Millicent’s sister), who is under age and in the king's wardship, are his next heirs.]

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England. [While on crusade.]

3/1/1274, Bergeveny with the castle, honour and other appurtenances, Kilgaran with the castle and other appurtenances, a third part of the land of St. Clear, Aston, co. Warwick, Berewik, Little Merston and Stotford, co. Somerset [and] Bademondefeud, co. Suffolk, remain in the king's hand by reason of John de Hastinges, son and heir of Joan de Hastingis (11820101), eldest sister of George de Cantilupo (d.1272), until the full age of the heir of Joan. … the pourparty of John de Hastinges, are assigned to Eudo la Zuch and Millicent (2500243) his wife, the other heir of the said George. (S) CFRs.

3/1/1274, Order to deliver to Eudo la Zusche, who has taken to wife Millicent, sister and one of the heirs of George de Cantilupo, deceased, tenant in chief, and to Millicent, the pourparty of the inheritance … to wit, the manors of Eyton and Hoghton, co. Bedford, Haringworth, Bereweby and Bulewyk, co. Northampton, Brugewater, Heygrave and Edenewrth, co. Somerset, Calston, Brihtmerston, Rode and Calne, co. Wilts, Cornewrthy, Dertemue and Totteneys, co. Devon, Moles Bracy, co. Salop, Stokes St. Edwald, co. Dorset, … (S) CFRs.

3/3/1274, … to cause Eudo la Zuche and Millicent his wife to have full seisin of fees assigned by the king as the pourparty of Millicent out of the knights’ fee late of the said George … (S) CPRs.] (S) UKNA.

1274, The lords of Houghton were particularly incensed at the prior's claiming royal rights in Houghton, and Eudo la Zouche pulled down the prior's gallows at 'Eddesuthe' and broke open his gaol at Caldecote. (S) Hist. of Bedford, V3, 1912, Houghton Regis. [The main the judgements of the courts were in the prior's favour.]

11/12/1275, Order to the sheriff of Buckingliam … the manor of Crendon … of William le Marescal, earl of Pembroke, … has fallen to the pourparty of the heirs of Eva de Browse (47279587), sister and one of the heirs of Walter le Marescal, brother and heir of the said William … deliver the same to Roger de Mortuo Mari and Maud (4997433) his wife, Eudo la Zuche and Millicent (2500243) his wife, John de Hasting (5910050) and Humphrey de Boun (11819896), heirs of the said Eva, … (S) CFRs. [Of properties held by Eleanor, countess of Leicester, late the wife of William Marescal, earl of Pembroke, at her death.]

11/16/1275, Granto to Eudo la Zuche and Millicent [his wife], that they shall have the [forteitures] in their ports so long as the king and his heirs receive the custom granted to him … on wolls, wool-fells and hides exported from England, Ireland, and Wales. (S) CPRs.

1276, Eudes la Zouche [1 of many] listed as not showing up on the first day of the London eyre. (S) London Eyre of 1276, 1976, 340.

5/1/1277, Protection with clause volumus, until 1 August, for Eudo la Zuche, going to Wales on the king’s service. (S) CPRs.

6/1277, King Edward was in Chester where he cleared a road through a dense forest, and started construction on the castles of Flint and Rhuddlan. King Edward made forays into the Welsh lands of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, prince of Wales, capturing Snowdonia and the isle of Anglesey.

6/15/1278, … whom Eudo la Zuche and Millicent his wife have nominated in court as their attorneys in Ireland for 1 year … (S) CPRs.

1278-9, John Engain vs. Eudo la Zuche and Milesenta his wife of the advowson of Wykhambrok church. (S) Feet of Fines, Suffolk.

6/1279, Eudes of Harringworth, Northamptionshire died.

6/25/1279, Order to Richard de Holebrok, the king's steward, to take into the king's hand the lands late of Eudo la Zusche, deceased, tenant in chief. (S) CFRs.


1280, Milicent, widow of Eudes la Zouche, claimed dower of part of the manor of Syston, Leicesterhsire held by Ralph de Neville and Euphemia de Clavering (60845649). [Euphemia d/o 121691298. Robert Fitz Roger & 121691299. Margery la Zouche. Syston was a part of the inheritance of Margery’s mother Ellen de Quincy.]

1280, Roger de Mortuomari and Milisent, who was the wife of Eudo de la Zuche, were summoned to show by what warrant they claimed a market in Milverton, Somerset. (S) Gaz. of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516.

5/25/1280, Letters [for attorneys] for Millicent de Monte Alto, for 2 years in Ireland. (S) CPRs.

5/11/1281, Ralph Springehoes acknowledges that he owes to Milicent de Monte Alto 60s. (S) CCRs.

4/14/1282, Simple protection for 2 years for Millicent de Monte Alto in Ireland [Millicent staying in England]. (S) CPRs.

1282, Milisent the widow of Eudo la Zuche sued John de Gatacre, …, and others, for the service owing to her for the knights' fees they held of George de Cantilupe her brother, whose heir she is. (S) Plea Rolls for Staffordshire, 1885.

2/3/1283, Order to the sheriff of Lincoln to deliver to Milesent de Monte Alto, one of the heirs of Thomas de Cantilupo, sometime bishop of Hereford, tenant in chief, who was seised of a messuage in Lincoln … saving to the king the keeping of the pourparty falling to John de Hastinges (5910050, s/o her sister), the other heir. (S) CFRs.

1285, Milicent de Monte Alto settled the united manor of Milston and Brigmerston on her daughter Eve. (S) Hist. of Wiltshire, V15, 1995, Milston.

11/24/1288, The under-written have quittance of the common summons [of the eyre] for common pleas in co. Wilts.: … Milicent de Monte Alto. (S) CCRs.

7/13/1290, Protection with clause volumus for 3 years for Millicent de Monte Alto staying in England. (S) CPRs.

2/27/1293, Milicente de Monte Alto granted a market and fair at Bulwick, Northamptonshire. (S) Gaz. of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516.


2/15/1296, Licence … to enfeoff Millicent de Monte Alto, tenant in chief … then to William la Zusche and Matilda his wife, … (S) CPRs.

5/11/1296, Protection with clause volumus in Ireland for 3 years for Millicent de Monte Alto staying in England. (S) CPRs.

10/28/1298, Protection with clause volumus in Ireland for 3 years for Millicent de Monte Alto staying in England. (S) CPRs.

1298, Milicent de Monte Alto names William la Soche, her son, aged 21 on 18 Dec, her next heir.

By 1298, Milisent de Montealto, in her widowhood, enfeoffing Richard la Zouche, son of Sir William la Zouche in her manor of Lubesthorp, rendering therefore to her and her heirs, on June 29 annually, a chaplet of roses to be placed on the head of the image of St. Peter in the church of Lubesthorp in her name. Witnesses : Roger la Zouche, Alan la Zouche, Robert …, knights, … (S) Manuscripts of His Grace the Duke of Rutland, V4. 1905.

12/1298, Milicent died.

1/7/1299, IPM of Milicent de Monte Alto. Bedford:  Eyton. The manor … Buckingham: Feldhamme and Wodehamme. The manor … Wilts: Calstone. The manor … Calne. The hundred … William la Soche, her son, aged 21 on 18 Dec. in the year abovesaid, is her next heir. Warwick: Weston. The manor … Folkeshull. The hamlet … Somerset: … Devon: … Totnes. The borough … Cornworthy. The manor … Northampton: Haryngworth. The manor … Leicester: Thorp Everard. The manor, with the hamlet of Brentby … (S) CIsPM.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P635.

Children of Eudes and Milicent:

i. Elizabeth la Zouche (1250121), born ~1276 in England.

ii. William la Zouche (30421150), born 12/18/1277 in England.

iii. Eve la Zouche (1249355), born ~1278 in England.

iv. Lucy de la Zouche (4221721), born by 1280 in Harringworth, Northamptonshire, England.

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