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Friday, June 17, 2011

Lord Richard de Lyons & Emma ?

8443432. Lord Richard de Lyons & 8443433. Emma ?

1246, Richard de Lyuns born in England, s/o 16886864. Sir Roger de Lyuns & 16886865. Joanna de Napton.

1260, Agreement between Walter Pompes, etc., on the one part, and William Purkell on the other. Witnesses Richard de Lyuns, son of Lord Roger Lyuns, Gerard de Lyuns, Richard de Lyuns. Nicholas de Lyuns et al. (S) Lyons Memorial, V3.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

Richard’s father died.

1276, Richard’s mother Joan died, Richard, age 30, her heir to the estates given by her father.

1277, Richard de Leonibus, Kt., lord of Warkworth, Northamptonshire.

1282, Richard de Leonibus, Kt., lord of Warkworth.

9/20/1287, Robert Spret … sought to replevy to Richard de Lyuns and Emma, his wife, … land … taken into the king’s hands … (S) CCRs. [Same date: similar record of Ralph de Estrop, who was named in first record with Richard and Emma.]

1288, Richard de Leonibus, Kt., lord of Warkworth.

1295, William de Noers and Milo Hastings, Robert Romeney, John de la Lou of Ashton, Richard de Lyons, and Simon de Thorp were returned to hold a fee in Harpole of the King as tenants-in-chief.

4/17/1300, Letters for Ralph Pippard, … nominating … Ralph son of Richard de Lyuns his attorneys … in Ireland … (S) CPRs.

By 1301, Sir Richard, knt. of Warkworth, died. (S) Son John assessed for taxes on Wareworth.


1311, Lady Emma, a widow, died. [Her son John gave his son John her dower lands in Swerva parva.]

(S) Lyon Memorial, Lyons, 1905, P435.

Family notes:

·         1330, Dispensation from the prior and brothers of St. Augustine of Northampton to John (2110858) and wife Alice for the souls of ancestors: John (4221716) and wife Margerie, Richard (8443432) and wife Emma, Roger de Lions (16886864).

·         Bef. 1272, a “Richard de Lyuns’ died leaving a wife Emma and daughter Emma. 11/9/1290 a writ of IPM was issued for another ‘Richard de Lyuns”. 1 of these likely the extra Richard de Lyuns named in 1260.

Child of Richard and Emma:

i. John Lyons (4221716), born ~1270 in Northampton, England.