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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lord Nicholas de Soules & Annora de Normanville

 9981212. Lord Nicholas de Soules & 9981213. Annora de Normanville

~1215, Nicholas de Soulis born in Scotland, s/o 19962424. Fulco de Sulis & 19962425. Ermangard Durward.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

~1220, Annora born in Scotland, d/o 19962426. John de Normanville.

Aft. 1222, Nicholas’ father died.

5/1228-41, Nicholas de Soules, butler of the king of Scotland, has given, granted, and by this his present charter established, to Newbattle Abbey in free, pure and perpetual alms, his saltpan in the Carse of Callander (STL), which Walter son of Alan (II), steward of the lord king of Scotland, gave him, with all lands, cultivated or uncultivated, pastures and other easements pertaining to that saltpan according to the recognition made by John, sheriff of Stirling, by precept of the lord king, assigned ‘_in proprios usos_’, for a pittance every year on the day of anniversary of the death of his father Fulk, that is, the morrow of the day of Blessed Thomas.

5/1228-41, W[alter] son of Alan (II) the steward, justiciar of Scotia, has granted and by this his present charter established to Newbattle Abbey the donation which Nicholas de Soules made to them of a certain saltpan in the Carse of Callander.

1237, Nicholas appointed as sheriff of Roxburgh.

1237, Nicholas de Sulling with King Alexander II of Scotland at York where he witnessed a treaty with King Henry II.

1237-49, Gift of toft and croft of William of Mowhope and other land in Mow (ROX). Witness with seal: Nicholas de Sules.

1240-2, Nicholas started the construction of Hermitage Castle on the then border with England.

12/1244, Concession and promise to keep the peace sent by Alexander II to King Henry III by the prior of Tynemouth. Witnesses: … Alan Durward, … Patrick, earl of Dunbar, … Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan, … Roger de Mowbray, … “our sworn man” Nicholas Soulis, lord of Liddesdale, …

12/8/1245, Statement concerning oaths taken by Patrick, earl of Dunbar and Walter Comyn concerning an attack in Ireland against king of England's land. Wintesses: Patrick, earl of Dunbar, … Jurors: … Roger de Mowbray … Robert de Mowbray … Nicholas Soulis, lord of Liddesdale, … John Comyn, lord of Badenoch, … Richard de Munfichet …

12/1/1246, Nicholas de Soulis, lord of Liddesdale, sheriff of Roxburgh; recognition of perambulation between kingdoms of England and Scotland.

8/2/1247, Nicholas de Soulis, lord of Liddesdale, sheriff of Roxburgh, witness to a charter of Adam fitz Roger in the king’s court at Roxburgh.

4/21/1248, Nicholas de Soulis, sheriff of Roxburgh, witnessed a Brieve charter from King Alexander II to the prior and monks of Coldingham.

9/10/1248, King Henry III reported that he had heard from the king of Scotland’s envoys, that the laws and customs of the marches were now less well observed than they had been in the time of his predecessors, and as Nicholas de Soules had suffered due to this, the king commanded the sheriff to give redress to Nicholas if found due.

11/20/1248, Nicholao de Sules, lord of Liddesdale, and sheriff of Roxburgh, accused by King Henry III of England and King Alexander II of Scotland of particular injury against the March laws and customs. He was found not guilty by a jury of 12 knights, 6 each from Scotland and England.

12/4/1248, Nicholas de Soulis witnessed a charter of King Alexander II at Edinburgh.

7/13/1249, Alexander III succeeded Alexander II as King of of Scotland.

1251-55, Nicholas de Soulis witnessed a charter of Alexander, steward of Scotland, to Melrose Abbey.

12/17/1253, Nicholas de Soulis witnessed a statement of recognition that Smeaton (MLO) belonged to Dunfermline Abbey, in the presence of King Alexander III.

9/20/1255, Announcement of change in Scottish council by King Alexander III to King Henry III; … Witnessed: … [4 bishops, 4 abbots] … [8 earls] … Alan Durward … Roger de Mowbray … John de Vaux … Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan, … Robert of Roos, … Nicholas Soulis, … Margaret, daughter of Henry III, queen of Scots.

6/13/1263, Nicholas Soulis witnessed a charter: Scolastica, daughter of the late Merleswain of Ardross, ratifies that grant which she and her husband Richard made to Inchcolm Abbey of the right of patronage of the church of ‘Fithkil’.

1264, Nicholaio de Sullis, knight, hereditary butler of Scotland and lord of Liddesdale, described in a Scottish chronicle as “the wisest and most eloquent man in the whole kingdom”, died at Rouen, Normandy.

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Children of Nicholas and Annora:

i. William de Soules, born ? in England.

William married Ermangard, d/o 9994754. Sir Alan Durward & 9994755. Margery of Scotland.

William, hereditary butler of Scotland and lord of Liddesdale.

William imprisoned for his participation in a plot against Robert Brus I.

1281, Sir William de Soules, lord of Liddesdale and Butler of Scotland, declared the issue of his son Alexander and his wife Margaret of Flanders to be heirs to the throne of Scotland. [His grandson, Sir Nicholas de Soules, appended his seal to the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320.]

1292-3, William died.

[There are legends of William participating in the Black Arts and sacrificing children in his castle.]

ii. John de Soules (4990606), born ~1250 in England.

iii. Thomas de Soules, born ? in England.

By 1304, Thomas died.