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Friday, June 24, 2011

Earl Alan Durward & Margery of Scotland

9994754. Earl Alan Durward & 9994755. Margery of Scotland

~1210, Alan born in Lundie, Scotland, s/o 19989508. Thomas Durward.

~1220, Margery born in Scotland, illegitimate d/o 19989510. King Alexander II of Scotland.

Aft. 12/1230, Alan created lord of Urquhart [on the shores of Lochness] by King Alexander, his father-in-law. [Alan started Urquhart castle.]

By 1333, Alan’s father died.

10/12/1233, King Alexander II, for Arbroath Abbey; at petition of Alan Durward, has granted wood of Trustach, which Alan's father, Thomas Durward, had granted to monks, in free forest. No one may fell timber or hunt there without their licence, on pain of king's full forfeiture of £10.

1233-35, Alan, self-styled as earl of Atholl, claimed the earldom of Mar. [Likely a claim based on Alan as grandson of Mael Coluim, earl of Atholl, on the death of Thomas of Galloway, earl of Atholl in 1232.]

3/3/1234, Alan Durward has given, granted and by this present charter established, to the Hospital of the Blessed Mary which his father built next to the bridge over the Dee (at Kincardine O’Neil, ABD). (S) POMS.

3/11/1234, Bishop Andrew of Moray announces that his intervention has settled a dispute between the chapter and Nobleman Sir Alan Durward over half a davoch of land said by the chapter to belong to the church of Urquhart …

7/23/1236, King Alexander II for Richard of Moray; has handed over at feu-ferme Meikle Kincorth … Witnesses … Alan Durward.

[––Alan & Margery––]

~1238, Alan married Margery.

1243-1251, Alan a Justiciar of Scotland.

6/7/1244, The King’s garden : a pipe of water. A grant … from the reservoir of the King’s well of Perth … Witnesses : William, earl of Mar; Alan (Durward) Hostiarus, Justicary of Scotland; John de Vaux, … (S) Ancient Capital of Scotland, V2, Cowan, 1904, P387.

12/1244, Concession and promise to keep the peace sent by Alexander II to King Henry III by the prior of Tynemouth. Witnesses: … Alan Durward, … Patrick, earl of Dunbar, … Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan, … Roger de Mowbray, … “our sworn man” Nicholas Soulis, lord of Liddesdale, …

7/13/1249, Alexander III succeeded Alexander II as King of of Scotland.

5/4/1250, Alan Durward, justiciar of Scotia, has given, granted, and by this his charter established, to the hospital he founded at Kincardine O’ Neil, two davochs of land, one called Sluie and the other called Kincardine O’Neil, with 2 lands within the davoch of Kincardine O’Neil, namely ‘Pathkellok’ and Carlogie.

1251, Alan attempted to persuade Pope Innocent IV to legitimise his and Margery’s daughters so that, should the young Alexander III die, Alan’s children would succeed to the kingdom.

7/4/1251, Alan Durward, justiciar of Scotia, for the soul of his lord Alexander, late illustrious king of Scotland, and for the welfare of himself, his wife Margerie, and others, …, has given, granted, and by the present writing established, to the chapel of Blessed Mary sited in the parish of Logie Durno …

9/20/1252 at Roxburgh castle, King Henry dissolved the regents governing Scotland and named himself  “principal counselor to the King of Scotland” [for the years until Alexander was of age.] Many Scots refused to sign the ordinance, but it was signed by Alexander.

1253, Alan Durward, justiciar of Scotia, has quitclaimed to Arbroath Abbey in perpetuity all right and claim that he had in the lands of those monks in Kingoldrum, by the stated bounds.

1255, Alan appointed a guardian of King Alexander III of Scotland, a minor. [Alan’s nephew.] Patrick, earl of March, Malise, earl of Strathern, Nigel, earl of Carrick, Robert de Brus, Alexander the steward, and Alan Durward surprised Edinburgh castle, seizing the young royal couple, before the powerful Comyn family.

8/10/1255, Power to admit to the king’s protection Patrick, earl of Dunbar, Malise, earl of Stratherne, Nigel, earl of Karrick, Robert de Brus, Alexander, steward of Scotland, Alan Durward (Hostarium), … and all others who adhere to the king, in opposition to those of Scotland who are against Alexander, king of Scotland, and Margaret, queen of Scotland. (S) CPRs.

9/20/1255, Announcement of change in Scottish council by King Alexander III to King Henry III; … Witnessed: … [4 bishops, 4 abbots] … [8 earls] … Alan Durward … Roger de Mowbray … John de Vaux … Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan, … Robert of Roos, … Nicholas Soulis, … Margaret, daughter of Henry III, queen of Scots.

12/13/1255, Pope Alexander IV writes to the bishop of Brechin and the dean of Dunkeld, ordering them to examine the statement made by Alan Durward, who asserts that William of Mar detains the earldom of Mar, which belongs to Alan, in as much as Morgan and Donnchad, whom William succeeded, were illegitimate. Letters said to have been procured by Alan Durward, of the diocese of Aberdeen, declared forgeries.

9/19/1256, Abbot Walter and convent of Arbroath for Sir Alan Durward, then justiciar; have given land of Banchory Devenick (KCD) with all its just pertinents, just as they hold land from king at feuferme.

3/28/1257, Pope Alexander IV commands the abbot of Jedburgh and to the archdeacon of Teviotdale, and Dunblane, to cause to be exhibited to them certain letters, and to compel those who detain them to produce them; punishing the forger of the same. The letters are dated 13 December, in the first year, and are said to have been procured by Alan Durward, of the diocese of Aberdeen …

11/6/1258, Whereas … John de Acre, Mary the queen, spouse of the said John, Walter Comyn, earl of Meneth, Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan, William, earl of Mar, Alexander, steward of Scotland, Alan Durward (Hostarius), … have assumed the rule of the realm of Scotland, … the king’s son, the king of Scotland, and the king’s daughter, the queen of Scotland, … (S) CPRs. [Alexander and Margaret, d/o King Henry, both under age.]

11/13/1260, Grant, at the instance of Alan Durward (Hostarium), to Luke de Gisorciis, … (S) CPRs.

1263, Alan fought against the Norwegian invasion of King Haakon.

1/2/1264, … suggested to the pope that, although, on the marriage of John and Isabella in Scotland, with the consent of the king, the earls of Mar, Buchan and Strathearn, Alan Durward, and other vassals, took an oath of fealty to them, the said earls and Alan, and …, with certain accomplices of that realm, John Comyn and his accomplices maliciously and falsely charging the said John Russell and Isabella, his wife, who had joined the crusade with having poisoned Walter Comyn, Isabella’s former husband, …

5/28/1264, Alan Durward granted to Coupar Angus Abbey 4 marks annually from his _villa_ of Reedie (ANG), to make a pittance to the convent during the grantor’s lifetime on St Andrews Day, and after his death on the day of his anniversary.

1264, King Alexander dispatched a force under Alan Durward to subdue The Isles and the Kingdom of Man. Alan succeeded and occupied Dun Abhartaidh.

6/13/1266, Alan Durward has given, granted and by this his present charter established, to Lindores Abbey, in free, pure and perpetual alms, all that toft that was the late Adam the clerk’s in Inverbervie.

1272, Alan Durward witnessed a charter of Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan.

1275, Sir Alan, Usher of the King of the Scots, died; buried at the monastery of Coupar Angus, and “his lands were divided amongst his 3 daughters”.

(S) Paradox of Medieval Scotland.

Family notes:

·         Colban, earl of Fife, and his wife Anna, Alan Durward's daughter, granted the land of Glensalauch in the Mearns, which they held of Alan Durward and Alan held of the king, to Magister William Wishart,… The charter was witnessed by the king and by Alan Durward.

·         Alan Durward had a number of grandsons, among them Nicholas de Soules, son of his daughter Ermengarde, Earl Duncan III of Fife, son of his daughter Anna and Colban earl of Fife, and his probable illegitimate grandson, Alan Durward III, who died in 1314.

Children of Alan and Margery:

i. Anne Durward (4997377), born ~1240 in Scotland.

ii. Thomas Durward, born ? in Scotland.

Thomas died before 1251.

iii. Ermangard Durward, born ? in Scotland.

Ermangard married William de Soules, s/o 9981212. Lord Nicholas de Soules & 9981213. Annora de Normanville.