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G24: 9994772

9994772. Robert de Valoines & 9994773. Roese le Blund

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~1200, Robert born in England, s/o 19989544. John de Valoines & 19989545. Isabel de Creake.

2/8/1225, Robert de Valognes had his service with the king in his army of Montgomery by his order. Order to cause him to have peace from the scutage that he exacts from him for one knight’s fee that he holds of the king of the honour of Wallingford. (S) FRsHIII.

9/27/1229, Honour of Wallingford. Robert de Valognes, who made fine by 10 m. for the same, and for having his scutage from two knights’ fees that he holds of the same honour. (S) FrsHIII.

1231, … John de Valoynes and Robert de Valoynes called to warrant in Litlington. (S) Pedes Finium; Relating to the County of Cambridge.

1232, … in 'suthdune' between the land of John de Valoynes and the land of Hamo, … in 'northdune' between the land of John de Valoynes and the land of Nicholas, … Witnesses: John de Valoynes; Robert de Valoynes; … (S) UKNA.

3/25/1233, Grant of Bartholomew Piple of Godmersham to the prior and convent of Catherbury cathedral … witnesses: … John de Valoynes; Robert de Valoynes … (S) UKNA.

Robert married Roese.

1252-8, Grant by John le Moyne, son of Luke le Moyne, of Hertfrodingebery, … Witnesses:- Simon Tailepaste, Robert de Valoines, … (S) UKNA.

5/6/1253, Exemption for life of Robert de Valeynes from being put on assizes, juries or recognitions. (S) CPRs.

1258, Margery de Creke, being then a widow, and resident at her manor-houseof Flixton, transferred her interests here into the hands of a community of religiousfemales, who appear by her charter to have been already inmates of her mansion. Witnesses … Sir Robert de Valoines … (S) History and Antiquities of the County of Suffolk, V1, 1846.

8/4/1258, Mandate … in pursuance of an ordinance lately made at Oxford, … four knights of each county … Robert de Valoynes } Sufffolk. (S) CPRs.

Robert died, holding the manor of Parham of John de Vaux of the honor of Richmond.

1264, Roese the sister and coheir of her brother William le Blund of Ixworth, Suffolk, her son Robert age 17.

(S) The Peerage of Ireland, Lodge, 1789, P367. 

Family notes:
·         4/7/1242, Protection … on the king’s service beyond seas … William le Blund. (S) CPRs.
·         11/30/1253, Protection … going with the king to Gascony … William le Blund. (S) CPRs.
·         2/4/1261, Pardon … to William le Blund of Northperton, for the death of John le Blund of Northperton, … he killed him by misadventure. (S) CPRs.
·         7/4/1264, Grant to Alice la Blunde of the wardship of the lands falling by hereditary right to Robert de Valeines [age 17], nephew and one of the heirs of William le Blund, tenant in chief ; saving the marriage of the said Robert. (S) Calendar of IsPM. (S) CPRs.
·         11/28/1265, Grant … all the lands late of William le Blund the king’s enemy, … by reason of his forteiture. (S) CPRs.
·         8/6/1282, IPM: Alice, late the wife of William le Blund, sometime killed in the time of the disturbance of the realm. (S) CIsPM.

Child of Robert and Roese:

i. Robert de Valoines (4997386), born 1247 in England.