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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lord Benedict Gernet

11817154. Lord Benedict Gernet

~1225, Benedict Garnet born in England, s/o 23634308. Roger Gernet & 23634309. Margaret ?.

1246-49, …  Matthew de Redeman, sheriff of Lancastre, Roger de Lancastre, Richard de Preston, Benedict Gernet, … (S) UKNA, Lancashire Records.

Bef. 11/2/1251, Benedict’s father died.

1251, Benedict Gernet owes 1 mark for having a writ. (S) Lancashire Assize Rolls, P2, 1905, P285.

4/11/1252, IPM of Roger Gernet: Benedict Gernet is his heir, of full age. [Lancaster] Halton … Leck … Burg’ town … Fiswyke town … Laylondeschyre … Wytstan … Speke town … (S) CIsPM.

6/20/1252, Benedict gave 40 marks for relief and livery of his father’s lands.

1253, Benedict reinstated to the hereditary office of Royal Forester.

1253, Indenture of agreement between the abbott and convent of Furness, and Benedict Gernet, son and heir of Roger Gernet, of Halton, …, touching the yearly payment of a rent of 26s for 18 acres of land and pasture for 500 sheep in the territory of Halton. (S) Ann. Rpt. Dep. Keeper of the Public Records.

12/21/1256, Roger, son of Vivian of Heysham, … witnesses - William of Furness, Robert of Lathom, Roger of Heaton, Robert of Conyers, Benedict Gernet, and others. [Roger was Benedict’s cousin.]

1256-7, Benedict Gernet owes 20s. for leave to concord. (S) Lancashire Assize Rolls, P2, 1905, P292.

1/1/1261-2, Benedict Gernet was assigned as a Justice of the court.

1261-64. A grant by Thomas of Capernwray … witnesses … Sir Adam de Montalt, Sheriff of Lancaster, Sir William de Furness, Sir Benedict Gernet, knights, …

1264-5, Benedict and adherent of Simon de Monfort against King Henry III.

8/4/1265, Simon de Montfort killed at the battle of Evesham.

9/20/1265, Commitment during pleasure, to Roger de lancastre of the bailiwick of the king’s forest of Lancaster, which Benedict Gernet, the king’s enemy, lately held. (S) CPRs.

10/13/1265 in London at parliament, King Henry had all of his opposing barons disinherited.

1265-75, Grant by William de Styrkeland … Witnesses: Robert de Ormyshevid, Thomas de Derley, … Benedict Gernet; …

10/31/1266, The Dictum de Kenilworth allowed those who had opposed the King their lives for a loss of liberties of 3 to 5 years.

1268, The Assize … to the church of Eccleston, … and the advowson of which the Prior of Lancaster asserts to belong to him, and of which advowson Benedict Gernet [Benedictus Gernet] and Edelina Duce [Edelina duce] deforced him . . . and Benedict and Edelina did not come, …. Therefore, the assize is taken against them by default.

7/23/1269, Novel disseisin. Justice: Walter de Helyun. Robert Banastre v. Benedict Gernet.

11/5/1269, Novel disseisin. Justice: Robert Fulton. Benedict Gernet v. Robert Banastre and others.

1272, Adjudication, by Ranulf de Dacre, sheriff of Lancaster, Richard le Butler, Adam of Houghton, Benedict Gerneth, …, knights, …, appointed by Stephen, Prior, and the monks of Lytham and dom William son of Aimery le Butler, to clarify the ancient bounds between the several and demesne lands and pastures.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

1277, Assise of mort dancestor arraigned by Thomas son of Hugh de Dalton against Benedict Gernet, touching land in [Dalton]. (S) Ann. Rpt. Dep. Keeper of the Public Records.

1278, Lancaster; commission of gaol delivery for, to Benedict Gernet, Ranulph de Sutton, Adam de Hoton, and Adam de Bery.

10/19/1279, Pardon to Henry Banstre, a prisoner in Lyverpol gaol, of his outlawry as it appears by inquisition made by Richard le Botiller, Adam de Houghton, Benedict Gernet, and John de Kirkeby.

1280, Benedict Gernet to Edmund, Earl of Lancaster: Quitclaim, indented, of the keepership of the earl’s forests and of Burton Wood: Lanc. (S) UKNA.

1280, … Witn. Henry, lord of Lee, then, sheriff of Lancaster, the lord Richard the Butyler, the lord Benedict Gernet, … (S) UKNA.

9/10/1280, Benedict Gernet to Edmund, Earl of Lancaster: Quitclaim … Seal of Benedice Garnet. Design: horn having the mouthpiece to left, hanging by a cord, with an arrow pointing up above and a crossbow pointing right below. Legend: *S'BENEDICTI·GERVET. (S) UKNA.

10/6/1284, Benedict Gernet, surety for Adam le Sarmonner, 1 mark. (S) Lancashire Assize Rolls, P2, 1905, P189.

1285, Novel disseisin – Simon de Fissewyk v. Benedict Gernet and others re a tenement in Fissewyk. (S) Lancashire Assize Rolls, P2, 1905, P203.

1286, Benedict, Lord of Halton, the Royal forester, of Halton, Fishwick, and Eccleton, Lanc. Died.

(S) Lancashire Inquests, Extents, and Feudal Aids, Farrer, 1903, P188. (S) The Chartulary of Cokersand Abbey, V1, Pt2, Farrer, 1898, P168.

Child of Benedict and ?:

i. Joan Gernet (5908577), born ~1265 in England.  [Heir]

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