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Friday, July 29, 2011

Sir Richard of Cornwall & Joan fitz Alan

11820290. Sir Richard of Cornwall & 11820291. Joan fitz Alan

~1255, Richard de Cornubia born in England, illegitimate s/o 23640580. Richard of Cornwall & 23640581. Joan Valletort.

~1270, Joan born in Shropshire, England, d/o 23639776. Baron John Fitz Alan & 23639777. Isabel de Mortimer.

Richard made lord of Court in Brannel, co. Cornwall by his father.

4/2/1272, Richard’s father died.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

5/14/1277, Inspeximus … John de Sancto Johanne, knight granted … manor of Sottewelle, co. Berkshire … Witnesses :- Sir Edmund, earl of Cornwall, … Sir Richard de Cornubia, … (S) CPRs.

6/2/1280, Protection with clause volumus, until Michaelmas, for Richard de Cornubia, going beyond sea. (S) CPRs.

[––Richard & Joan––]

Bef. 1281, Richard married to Joan.

9/15/1284, Inspeximus and confirmation of a charter of Edmund, earl of Cornwall … witnesses … Richard de Cornubia … knights … (S) CPRs.

11/23/1286, Richard de Cornubia came into chancery and asserted that he had lost his seal through the cutting of his purse, and he wished that this should be made known to all. (S) CCRs.

12/16/1288, Inspection of a charter of Edmund, earl of Cornwall, to SS. Mary and Mellor Ambresbury … witnesses, Sir Richard de Cornubia, … (S) CChRs, 8/20/1343.

Bef. 1290, William, son of William Gayland of Asthalle grants to Sir Richard de Cornwall and Joan his wife his tenement in Asthall and Asthallinglye. (S) MS Queen’s College, Oxford, 4 E 22 No. 1781.

9/15/1284, Charter of Edmund, earl of Cornwall, … Witnesses :- Sirs … Richard de Cornubia, …, knights … (S) CPRs.

6/20/1286, Sir Richard de Cornubia a witness to a writing of Edmund, earl of Cornwall. (S) CCRs.

3/1296, Richard, knt. of Asthall, Osfordshire; Thonock, Lincolnshire; Cornwall, Buckinghamshire; slain at the siege of Berwick-upon-Tweed, Scotland. King Edward eventually captured Berwick-upon-Tweed, an important Scottish port of northeast England, sacked the town and massacred thousands of its inhabitants.


1300, Richard’s will proved at Lincoln [Register of Bishop Sutton, 1280-1300.]

5/26/1301, Edmund de Cornubia came before the king and sought to replevy his land in Asthalle, which was taken into the king's hands for his default before the justices of the Bench against Margaret, late the wife of Edmund, earl of Cornwall. Edmund also sought to replevy to Joan, late the wife of Richard de Cornubia, her land in Asthalle. (S) CCRs.

1302, IPM of Edmund, earl of Cornwall. Oxford: Esthalle. Margaret, late the wife of Edmund earl of Cornwall, seeks 1/3 of 1/3 of the manor and of the advowson of the church, as her dower, against Joan late the wife of Richard de Cornubia; who says that she holds the same in dower of the inheritance of Edmund son of the said Richard and calls him to warrant. (S) CIsPM.

3/8/1303, Sir Edmund de Cornwayle, Kt. brought a suit against Joan, widow of his father.

10/23/1303, Joan, wife of Richard de Cornubia, mentioned in a jury of the lands of Margaret, wife of Edmund, Earl of Cornwall. (S) CPRs.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

6/16/1316, Licence for Geoffrey de Cornubia and Margaret his wife to enfeoff Joan, late the wife of Richard de Cornubia, of their manors of .. (S) CPRs.

10/6/1316, Joan living.

1319, Joan, widow of Richard of Cornwaile, to give to the Prior and Hospital of Burford lands and rents in Asthall.

(S) Magna Britannia, V3, 1814, Cornwall, St Sampson - Stratton. (S) Wadham College, Oxford, Jackson, 1893. (S) Hist. of Cornwall, V2, Drew, 1824, P611. (S) Two Effigies in the Churches of Asthall, Price, Oxoniensia, 1938, PP103.

Family notes:                                                      

·         1278-95, Richard witnessed many undated charters of his brother, Edmund, Earl of Cornwall.

·         The shields of sons Edmund and Geoffrey are in widows above the tomb of Joan at Asthall.

Children of Richard and ?

i. Edmund of Cornwall, born ? in England. (S) See 1302.

8/2/1302, To the sheriff of Oxford. Order to respite until Michaelmas the demand made upon Edmund de Cornubia, son and heir of Richard de Cornubia, for 5s. for hidage. (S) CCRs.

Bef. 3/8/1303, Edmund married to Elizabeth, coheir & d/o Brian de Brompton. [Elizabeth still a minor.]

12/21/1309, Edmund held Kinlet Manor in right of his wife.

ii. Geoffrey of Cornwall, born ? in England.

Geoffrey married Margaret, coheir & d/o Hugh de Mortimer.

Geoffrey died.

4/2/1337, Writ of certiorari to the escheator, … on behalf of … Margaret that Geoffrey de Cornubia, deceased, sometime her husband, held jointly with her on the day he died, the manor of Amberden, co. Essex, and the manors of Boreford and Stepelton, co. Salop, by the grant of Joan, late the wife of Richard de Cornubia, by fine levied in the court of King Edward II. (S) CIsPM.

Child of Richard and Joan:

i. Joan of Cornwall (5910145), born ~1290 in England.

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