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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vicomte Louis de Brienne & Lady Agnes de Beaumont

11820368. Vicomte Louis de Brienne & 11820369. Lady Agnes de Beaumont

By 1230, Agnes born in France, d/o 23640738. Ralph VI de Beaumont, Vicomte of Beaumont & 23640739. Agnes ?.

~1231, Louis d’Acre born in Constantinople, s/o 23640736. Emperor Jean de Brienne & 23640737. Berengere of Castile-Leon.

3/27/1237, Louis’ father died.

1242, Agnes heiress to her brother Richard, vicomte Beaumont.

1244, Berengere sent her 3 sons, Alphonse, Jean and Louis to the court of King Louis IX of France. [They were in the guardianship of Baldwin II of Courtenay, Latin Emperor of Constantinople, who was seeking funding from the rulers in Europe.]

8/25/1248, Louis and his brothers accompanied King Louis IX on crusade, departing from Aigues-Mortes in a fleet of 38 ships.

5/13/1249, They left Cyprus, heading for Damietta, Egypt. [Storms delayed the journey.]

6/4/1249, They reached Damietta, where they encountered little Saracen resistance. The town was essentially deserted.

2/5/1250, They crossed the Nile and attacked El Mansura, where King Louis was captured.

5/13/1250, King Louis, released on paying a ransom, started the journey home.

2/12/1253, Louis married Agnes.

1253, Louis and Agnes allowed the nuns of Vivoin the expand their monastery.

1254, Louis granted a charter bearing his seal.

1255, Louis at the court of Alfonso X, king of Castile.

1270, Louis’ brother Alfonso, Great Chamberlain of France, died on crusade. [As did King Louis IX.]

8/25/1270, Philip III succeeded as king of France.

10/5/1285, Philip IV succeeded as king of France.

Aft. 9/1/1297, Louis, knt. and Vicompte of Beaumont in Maine, France, signeur of Beaumont-le-Vicompte [aka Beaumont-sur-Sarthe] … died, buried at Etival. [About 20 mi. north of Geneva.]


1297, Agnes conveyed the barony of Crain in Fifeshire in Scotland to her daughter Isabel.

Aft. 11/28/1304, Agnes died; buried at Etival with Louis.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P61. (S) FMG, The First English Duchess, 2004.

Family notes:

·         Ralph [Raoul] de Beaumont, s/o Richard de Beaumont, s/o Roscelin de Beaumont & Constance, illegitimate d/o King Henry I.

Children of Louis and Agnes:

i. Isabel de Beaumont, born ? in France.

Isabel married John de Vescy, s/o William de Vescy & Agnes de Ferrers.

1289, John died.

[Isabella appears in many records with her brother Henry.]

10/26/1309, Licence for Henry de Bello Monte to grant in fee his manors of Flokyngham, Edenham, … co. Lincoln, held in chief, to this sister Isabella, late the wife of John de Vescy, and for her to re-grant the same to him … (S) CPRs.

3/16/1330, Isabella, Lady Vescy, named in the confession of Edmund, Earl of Kent, as a conspirator of the attempt to free [deceased] Edward II.

Bef. 11/1/1334, Isabel de Bello Monte, Lady Vescy, Lady of York, died; buried at Scarborough.

ii. Louis de Beaumont, born ? in France.

8/27/1281, Ludovicus filius vicecomitis Bellimontis, of the bishopric of Mans.

12/27/1293, Master Lewis de Bello Monte, treasurer of St. Mary’s, Salisbury. (S) CPRs.

5/11/1296, Master Lewis de Bello Monte, treasurer of Salisbury. (S) CPRs.

2/9/1317, Louis nominated as bishop of Durham.

3/26/1318, Louis consecrated as bishop.

9/24/1333, Louis died; buried in Durham cathedral.

iii. Charles de Beaumont, born ? in France.

10/18/1294, Master Charles de Bello Monte, canon of the churches of St. Peter, York, St. Andrew, Wells, and St. John, Beverley. (S) CPRs.

5/11/1296, Protection for Master Charles de Bello Monte, canon of Beverley, staying beyond seas. (S) CPRs.

2/1/1298, Charles of Beaumont. Occ.as can., papal mand. for installation by proxy. Son of Louis, vicomte of Beaumont-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe, France), and brother of M. Louis of Beaumont, treas. of Salisbury. (S) Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300, V3, Lincoln, 1977.

iv. Henry de Beaumont (5910184), born ~1270 in France.