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Monday, July 4, 2011

G24: 9994932

9994932. Roger la Zouche & 9994933. Margaret Biset

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~1185, Roger born in England, younger s/o 19989864. Alan la Zoche & 19989865. Alice de Belmeis.

~1195, Margaret  born in England, d/o 39979036. Henry Biset & 39979037. Aubrey Fitz Eustace.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

6/1199, Roger heir to his brother William de Belmeys, paying 100£ for his lands.

9/1201, Roger made the final installment payment on the lands of his brother William.

10/1203, Roger la Zuche, lord of Tong, essoigned his Salop assize because he said he had gone beyound seas before the general summons.

8/15/1204, The King’s Bailiff in Sussex had orders to give to William Brriwere all Roger La Zouche’s lands in the Honour of Petworth.

1204, For a fine of 100£, Roger was returned his lands. Roger had pledges for the fine.

4/25/1205, Roger’s debt to the king excused when he committed to serve the king in Poitou for a year with another knight.

5/1/1205, The King lent Roger la Zouche 50 marks, payable by William fitz Warin.

1205, John le Strange invaded the lands of Roger la Zouche.

1210, Roger accompanied King John on his Irish expedition.

6/28/1210 at Dublin, Ireland, Roger lent 40s by the king’s treasurer.

Bef. 4/4/1211, Margaret’s father, Henry of Kidderminster, Worcestershire and Rockbourne, Hampshire died.

1211, Roger la Tusche holds Tong in capite of the king and is bound to the service of finding 2 men for service in Wales.

1212, Roger held the manor of Thonk by service of half a fee of William de Braose.

2/1214, Roger accompanied the king to Poitou.

5/26/1214, Roger had letters of scutage with respect to his personal service.

10/14/1215, Roger granted the manors of Peterfield and Mapledurham, Hants, forfeited by Geoffrey de Mandeville.

4/25/1216, Roger given the manor of Fairford of the honour of Gloucester.

6/11/1216, Roger in the retinue of King John at Corf.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England on the death of King John.

3/15/1217, Roger, retaining Mapledurham and Peterfield, ordered to give dower to Milisent, widow of the earl of Everux, then wife of William de Cantilupe the younger.

5/1217, Roger awarded additional lands of the king’s enemies.

7/22/1218, Roger given lands in Costesey [Norfolk or Suffolk], which had belonged to the Vicomte of Roain [likely a relative.]

5/1/1219, Roger granted a market and fair at Black Torrington, Devon.

8/22/1219, Roger granted a market and fair at Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire.

8/6/1220, The king reserved to Margaret both her maritagium and dower, as Roger was going on a pilgrimage to Santiago, Spain.

11/1221, Roger was involved in a long suit over presentation at Tong; previously held by his brother William. Roger claimed to be heir of his uncle as successor of his son was Philip was Ranulph, then to Alice, Ranulph’s sister because Ranulph died without issue, then to Alice’s son William, his brother, then to him the litigant.

1224, Roger gave land in Ludwark to the Priory of Maiden Bradley; a favorite of Margaret’s father.

5/15/1227, Grant to St. Mary and the leprous women of Bradele … of Margaret Biset, all th service and rent … land in Wicheford, … of Roger la Suche, a half-virgrate in Tudeuurth … (S) CChRs.

1/4/1228, Roger’s grant of Black Torrington made a hereditary grant.

1228-31, Roger, Sheriff of Devonshire.

11/1229, Margery Bagot sued  Roger la Zouche under writ of novel disseizin for her tenement of Blymhill. [Formerly of Ranulph de Belmeis.]

4/20/1230 at Portsmouth, Roger given letters of protection for as long as he served the king in foreign parts.

4/26/1230, Roger la Suche was pardoned the 5m. which he owed for having a market at his manor of Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire.

1236, Roger’s honor of Tange constituted a knight’s fee, rated at 2 marks, assessed for aid in the marriage of the king’s sister.

Bef. 5/14/1238, Roger of Black Torrington and King’s Nympton died.

1242, Margaret died: Obiit autem eodem anno in partibus illis Margareta Biset, … (S) Matthaei Parisiensis, Wendover, 1877, P200.

(S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, V2, Eyton, 1855.

Children of Roger and Margaret:

i. Alan la Zouche (243376344), born ~1217 in England.

ii. William la Zouche (4997466), born ~1220 in England.

iii. Eudo la Zuche, born ? in England.
12/25/1262, Where as the whole march of Wales is disturbed … the king is sending Alan la Zuche, justice of the forest on this side of Trent, to the said march for the preservation of peace and the defense of those parts, he commands [Thomas de Orreby] to deliver the castles of Edward, the king’s son … to Eudo la Zuche, brother of the said Alan … (S) CPRs.

iv. Lorettala Zuche (47279567), born ~1225 in England.