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Monday, August 1, 2011

G24: 11820438 Sutton-Somery

11820438. Lord John de Sutton & 11820439. Margaret de Somery

~1285, John born in England, s/o 23640876. Richard de Sutton & 23640877. Isabella Patrick.

1288, Margaret born in England, d/o 2498730. Baron Roger de Somery & 2498731. Agnes ?.

John married Margaret, heiress of Dudley.

1307, Richard Sutton settled the manor and advowson of Worksop, held in capite of the king, on his son John and his wife Margaret.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

3/16/1308, Richard de Sutton, knight, releases to the dean and chapter of Lincoln … out of regard to Oliver (Sutton) late Bishop of Lincoln … of whose consanguinity he is, and to Oliver de Sutton, uncle of the said Richard, and Mr John de Sutton, brother of the said Richard, both cannons of Lincoln. Withess: John de Sutton, the donor’s son and heir. (S) The Register, or Rolls, of Walter Gray, Lord Archbishop of York, 1872, P96.

5/4/1308, Licence, upon fine, for Richard de Sutton to grant, in fee, to his son John de Sutton and Margaret his wife, the manor of Theydon, co. Essex, with the advowson … and the manor of Warsop, co. Nottingham, with the advowson, … (S) CPRs.

John’s father died.

9/19/1310, Sir John de Sutton, knight, proffers the service of half a knight’s fee for all his lands in Nottinghamshire and Essex, to be performed by Roger de Sewell with one Barded horse.

1317-20, John engaged in the Scottish wars.

1318, John was in the retinue of his brother-in-law John de Somery; called against the Scots who had invaded Yorkshire.

6/12/1318, Inspeximus … grant by Gilbert Aton, knight, … witnesses, John de Moubray, Henry le Scrope and John de Sutton, knights, … (S) CPRs.

1319, “John son and heir of Richard de Sutton” enfeoffed for life John de Somery “Seigneur de Duddleleigh” with all his lands in Cheshire.

2/4/1320, Grant by John de Sutton lord of Malo passu and Schoklage to Richard de Rudle and Margaret his wife … Witnesses: David de Eggerton … (S) Cholmondeley Records.

11/22/1321, Margaret, age 32, coheir with her sister Joan of her brother John, inheriting half of the barony of Dudley, consisting of the castle of Weoley in Northfield, Worcestershire and the manors of Newport Paynell, Buckinghamshire. (S) History of Dudley Castle, Twamley, 1867, P11. [John’s wife Lucy held some property in dower.]

1322, John became baron of Dudley on the death of Margaret’s brother John de Somery.

1322, John ordered arrested as an adherent of Thomas of Lancaster.

5/1/1323, Grant by John de Sutton to Richard called Pecok de Malo passu and Matilda his wife, … Witnesses: David de Eggerton … (S) Cholmondeley Records.

1324, John de Sutton, Lord of Malpas and Shocklach, granted lands to David de Egerton. (S) The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester, 1819, P335.

10/12/1325, John gave up his rights to the town and castle of Dudley to Hugh le Despenser, the younger.

1326-7, John acknowledged a debt to John de Charlton, Lord of Powys, of £3,000.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

1327, John de Sutton; Margaret de Sutton, wife of John de Sutton. Request for assistance in the recovery of estates unjustly taken from the petitioners by Hugh Despenser the younger on pretence that John Sutton had been an adherent of Thomas of Lancaster. (S) UKNA.

5/10/1328, Licence for John son of Richard de Sutton to enfeoff … of the castle of Malpas … which Robert de Sutton holds for life of the inheritance of the said John son of Richard : … John son of Richard and Margaret his wife … remainder to John son of John son of Richard de Sutton and Isabella, his wife, daughter of John de Cherleton, … (S) CPRs. [One of three similar grants on this date.]

1329, John exchanged lands with John de Charlton.

Bef. 6/1337, Margaret died.

(S) The History of Ufton Court, Sharp, 1892, 1888, P22. (S) Memoris Illustrative of the History and Antiquities, Vs1-2, 1847, P163.

Family notes:
·         6/1337, Indenture … between the abbot and convent of Heleswoeyn, … and Joan Botetourt, lady of Weleye, … shall celebrate daily masses … Joan, in life, … souls … of Thomas Botetourt, sometime her husband, and Margaret, her sister, and for the soul of John, son of the said Margaret, after his death.
·         1306, A “John son of Richard de Sutton” was killed by Adam de Clatercote in co. Warwick in self defense. (S) CPRs, 6/28/1307.

Children of John and Margaret:

i. John de Sutton, born ~1304 in England.
John married Isabella, d/o John de Cherleton & Hawise Gardarn.
1327, John regained the title of baron of Dudley.
1360, John died, Isabella surviving.

ii. Katherine de Sutton (5910219), born ~1310 in England.