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Thursday, August 4, 2011

G24: 11820748

11820748. Sir Walter de Strickland & 11820749. Matilda ?

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~1265, Walter born in England, heir & s/o 23641496. William de Strikeland & 23641497. Elizabeth d’Eyncourt.

1272-76, Walter’s mother, heiress of Sizergh, died.

10/1290, Walter brought suit against persons that had entered his land of Natelond [of his mother’s inheritance.]

1292, Walter’s older brother William died leaving Walter as heir.

1292, William de Strikeland, knight, granted his son Walter de Strikland lands that had been his mother’s.

1292, Sir William de Strickland made settlements of the d’Eyncourt lands on Walter de Strickland.

9/24/1292, Walter de Strickland, by a grant, settled land in Natland on his sister Joan and her husband.

1294, Walter impleaded Nicholas de Crakehall to render account of when he was Walter’s bailiff at Natland, co. Westmorland. (S) Debanco Roll, No. 103.

1295, Walter married Eleanor Goldington, d/o William de Goldington & Christian de Hastings [d/o Sir Thomas de Hastings of Crosby Ravensworth, co. Westmorland].

1298, Walter divorced Eleanor based on prohibited degree. [This makes it probable that son Thomas is not of this marriage.]

Walter married 2nd Matilda ?.

1301, Inquiry into whether Walter son of William de Stirklaund, … unjustly disseised Eleanor, daughter of William de Goldington, of her free tenement in Natelond and Stanton … The jurors say that there was talk of a marriage to take place between the said Walter and the said Eleanor, … that William de Stirklaund should enfeoff them … marriage was duly solemnized, whereupon William de Stirklaund enfeoffed them … seised … during … two and a half years, until the said Walter withdrew himself from the society of the said Eleanor, and brought plea into an  Ecclesiastical Court for a divorce between them on the grounds of consanguinity. The divorce was granted [1298]. Therefore, the said Eleanor hs no right in the aforesaid lands. (S) Assize Roll, Westmorland, No. 989.

1304, William and his son Walter made an agreement over waste in the lands that Walter had inherited from his mother: Haversham, Barton and Hakethorp. William released all of his right in Barton to Walter.

Aft. 5/1/1305, Walter’s father died.

5/22/1306, Walter knighted with the Prince of Wales.

1307, The king granted his truly and well-beloved Walter a charter of free warren in all his lands in Westmoreland, for his good service in Scotland.

1307, Walter and his ex-father-in-law, Sir William de Goldington, were knights of the shire for Westmorland.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

1311, Release to Sir Walter de Stirkland, Knight, from Adam Warde of Kendal.

1312, Walter a member of parliament for Westmorland.

4/1312, John son of Roger de Lancaster vs. Walter de Stirkeland: Walter claimed common pasture in Barton by right of Gervase d’Eyncourt seised in the time of King Henry III, to son and heir Ralph, to son and heir Ralph, to son and heir Gervase – no heirs, to Richard brother of Gervase – no heir, to Elizabeth, sister and heir of Richard, to William her son and heir – no heir, to his brother Walter, the present claimant. (S) De Banco Roll, Westmorland, No. 192.

7/1313, Walter elected a member of parliament for Westmorland, but did not attend.

1318, Walter pardoned in his participation of rebellion with Thomas , earl of Lancaster.

2/10/1322, Walter succeeded Sir Hugh de Lowther, the younger, as sheriff of Westmorland. [Not given to a “Clifford” because of the attainder of Roger de Clifford, half-brother of son Thomas’ wife.]

3/1322, Walter’s brother John fought at the battle of Boroughbridge with Roger de Clifford.

5/1322 & 11/1322, Walter a member of parliament for Westmorland.

10/31/1322, Walter given custody of Appleby castle. (S) Calendar of Fine Rolls.

12/30/1322, Walter, charged as an adherent of the earl of Lancaster, turned over Appleby castle to Sir Anthony de Lucy. (S) Calendar of Fine Rolls. [He was apparently not involved in the latest insurrection.]

1323, Walter a commissioner of array for Westmorland and Cumberland.

2/5/1324, Walter empowered to receive into the king’s peace followers of Andrew de Harcla, earl of Carlisle.

1332, Walter had licence to enclose his demesne lands at Sizergh forever and to make a park there.

1333, Indenture between William de Theng, knight, and Walter de Strikland, knight … Brigsteer … waste and rights to cut down timber …

1334, Sir Walter Strikland grants to his son John all his lands of Whinfell.

1336, Walter licence to enclose his wood and demesne lands at Siresergh to make a park.

1345, Walter de Stirkeland (Strickland), knight … Stirkeland requests a writ to the justices assigned to take the assizes in Westmorland that they proceed in the assize of novel disseisin concerning his right to take estovers in the woods of Strickland Ketel and Helsington against Tweng, Ros and Coucy, notwithstanding that a third part of the wood is in the king's hand by the death of Coucy. (S) UKNA.

(S) The History and Antiquities of the Counties of Westmorland, V1, 1777, P90.

Child of Walter and Matilda:

i. Thomas de Strickland (5910374), born aft. 1298 in England. [Heir]

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