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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

G24: 15210590

15210590. Prince Lionel of Antwerp & 15210591. Elizabeth de Burgh

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7/6/1332, Elizabeth born at Carrickfergus castle, Ireland, heir & d/o 30421182. Earl William de Burgh & 30421183. Maud of Lancaster.

6/6/1333, Elizabeth’s father died.

12/1/1333, Admission of John Gernoun as guardian of Elizabeth daughter of William de Burgo, late earl of Ulster, a minor dwelling in England, to sue and defend all pleas for or against her in Ireland, for one year. (S) CPRs.

11/29/1338, Lionel born in Abbey of St. Michael, Antwerp, Belgium, 3rd s/o 1477424. King Edward III & 1477425. Philippa of Hainault. (S) CPRs, 8/10/1339.

5/4/1341, Grant that Elizabeth daughter and heir of William de Burgo, earl of Ulster, shall marry the king’s son Lionel when he is old enough. (S) CPRs.

8/15/1342 at the Tower in London, Lionel married to Elizabeth.

7/1/1345, Appointment of the king’s son, Lionel, as Keeper of the realm and the king’s lieutenant there, while the king is without the realm. Commission to J. archbishop of Canterbury, … Henry, earl of Lancastre, John de Warenna, earl of Surry, … to assist the said Lionel with counsel and aid. (S) CPRs.

5/10/1346, Grant to queen Philippa of the custody of all lands in Ireland late of William, earl of Ulster, … reason of the nonage of Elizabeth, daughter and heir, … Lionel, still of tender age, … (S) CPRs.

1347, Lionel, 4th Earl of Ulster.

10/16/1347, Maud de Lancaster became an Augustinian canoness at Campsey, Suffolk where by grant of the king she founded a chantry for the souls of William de Burgo, formerly earl of Ulster, and Ralph de Ufford, and for Elizabeth de Burgo and Matilda de Ufford, daughters of the countess, … (S) Notes & Queries, V11, 1885, P330.

5/18/1354, Grant of a market and fair at Brimpsfield, Gloucestershire, to Lionel, the king’s son. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

7/1355, Lionel knighted with 26 others, including John of Gaunt, by the king and the Duke of Lancaster.

11/1355, Lionel with the King on an invasion of France. Landing in Calais the previous month, the army proceeded to raid Pas de Calais, Artois, and Picardy. King Edward returned the army to England by the 15th of November.

8/1356, Elizabeth visited her grandmother Elizabeth de Burgh in London. (S) Medieval London Widows, Barron, 1994, P42.

4/4/1357, Countess Elizabeth purchased shoes, black and red breeches, and a jacket for “Galfridas Chaucer” [Geoffrey Chaucer – the poet] in London. [The earliest known document in which Chaucer is named.]

12/1357, during the Christmas gathering at Hatfield, Countess Elizabeth gave Geoffrey Chaucer £52 for “necessities”. John of Gaunt also attended the festivities.

1358, Elizabeth took her daughter Philippe to visit her mother [Matilda of Lancaser] at Campessee. (S) Notes & Queries, V32, P249.

7/1358, Lionel visited his wife’s grandmother Elizabeth de Burgh in London. (S) Medieval London Widows, Barron, 1994, P42.

8/1359–4/1360, Lionel, earl of Ulster, the king’s son, in the great invasion of France; with 1 banneret, 6 knights, paid 2s a day, 32 esquires, paid 1 s a day, and 40 mounted archers, paid 6d a day. (S) History of the Family of Wrottesley, V1, 1903, P130.

10/1359, King Edward, sailing from Sandwich to Calais with 1,100 ships, again invaded France, eventually taking Saint-Florentin and Tonnerre. Edward reached Paris, setting the suburbs on fire, before turning back to Brittany [Edward decided a siege of Paris was not feasible.]

4/1360, Lionel invested as a Knight of the Garter.

Aft. 5/1360, Lionel took the first “gun”, a small cannon, to Ireland. (S) The English Historical Review, V26, P674.

10/1360, Lionel, in Calais, France, sent a letter to England in the care of Geoffrey Chaucer. [Chaucer had been captured during the siege of Rheims, but was ransomed.]

11/4/1360, Elizabeth’s paternal grandmother died.

2/5/1361, Notification … that the king surrendered to his son Lionel and Elizabeth wife of the latter, daughter and heir of William de Burgo, late earl of Ulster, and kinswoman and heir of Elizabeth de Burgo [Elizabeth’s paternal grandmother] … all lands which the said Elizabeth held of the inheritance of Elizabeth wife of Lionel, … to be delivered to them. (S) CPRs.

7/16/1361, Grant to the king’s son Lionel, earl of Ulster, of the keeping of the houses of Algate, London, late of Roger de Mortuo Mari, late earl of March, … during the nonage of the heir [his future son-in-law.] (S) CPRs.

11/13/1362, Lionel created Duke of Clarence on his father’s 50th birthday.

12/10/1363, Elizabeth died at Dublin, Ireland. [Her inheritance passed to Lionel, including the market at Buntingford; but which was later shown to be transferred to the “lords and tenants” of Buntingford prior to her death.]

1367, Lionel held an Irish parliament at Kilkenny.

7/6/1367, Lionel granted a market and fair at Standon, Hertsfordshire. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

6/1368 in Miland, Italy, Lionel married 2nd Violante Visconte, d/o Galeazzo Visconti. [No children.]

10/7/1368, Lionel died at Alba in Piedmont, Italy, under mysterious circumstances; his body moved to England and buried at the convent of Austin Friars at Clare, Suffolk, beside Elizabeth.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P154.

Child of Lionel and Elizabeth:

i. Philippe of Clarence (7605295), born 8/16/1355 in England. [Heir]