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Monday, August 22, 2011

G24: 15211084 Astley-Wolvey

15211084. Giles de Astley & 15211085. Alice de Wolvey

Aft. 1288, Giles born in Astley, Warwick, England, s/o 30422168. Andrew de Asteley & 30422169. Sybil ?
~1290, Alice born in England, d/o 30422170. Sir Thomas de Wolvey & 30422171. Alice de Clynton, d/o 15212296. Thomas de Clinton & 15212297. Mazera de Bisege.
1301, Giles’ father Andrew, of Asteleye and Benetleye, co. Warwick, died. Giles’ older brother Nicholas, age 24, succeeded.
1305, Alice’s father died. (S) Effegy, Church of St. John the Baptist, Holar, 1670.
2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.
2/3/1314, Grant by Henry de Erdington to Katherin, his daughter, … Witnesses ­– Sir Thomas de Clynton knight, Sir Giles de Asteleye knight, … (S) Report of the Manuscripts of the Late Reginald Rawdon, 1928, P75.
6/24/1314, Nicolas de Astley and his younger brother Giles at the battle of Bannockburn, Scotland, against Robert Brus. Nicholas was taken prisoner, Giles was killed in the battle. (S) St. John Baptist Church, Wolvey.
1315-16, Warwick. Henry de Erdynton and Joan his wife, and John de Cave and Matilda his wife, sued Alice, formerly wife of Giles de Asteleye and Thomas her son for 5 messauges … in Wythbrok, as the right of the said Joan, Matilda, and of one Alice daughter of Thomas de Wolfneye, and Thomas son of the said Alice. Alice formerly wife of Giles appeared by attorney, and also the said Thomas by the said Henry, his custos, … unless the said Alice, the coparcener of the said Joan and Matilda, was included in the plea. She is therefore summoned. (S) Collections for a History of Staffordshire, V9, 1888, P52.
1326, Nicholas, older brother of Giles died, leaving Giles’ son Thomas as heir.
2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.
5/24/1340, Licence for the alienation in mortmain by Thomas de Asteleye, knight, … souls of him, Elizabeth his wife, Alice his mother, … (S) CPRs.
12/23/1341, Licence fo the alienation in mortmain by Thomas de Asteleye, knight, … for the good estate of the said Thomas, Elizabeth his wife, Alice de Wolveye and Andrew de Asteleye, for their souls when they are dead, … (S) CPRs.
5/6/1343, Licence for the alienation in mortmain by Alice late the wife of Giles de Asteleye … to celebrate devine service daily in the chapel of St. Mary in the parish of Wolvey for her good estate, for her soul when she is dead … (S) CPRs.
1/18/1345 at Wolveye, co. Warwick, Grant by Alice, late the wife of Giles de Asteleye, for the health of herself, Sir Thomas de Asteleye, her son, the lady Elizabeth, his wife, and William, their son, and of her children Sir William de Asteleye, Sibilla Basset, Alice de Herthulle, Joan de Langeton, Alice de Burneby and Margery de Asteleye, and for the souls of Sir Thomas de Wolveye, her father, dame Alice, late his wife, Sir Giles de Astleye and Sir Thomas de Clynton, [and] of Nicholas de Asteleye and Alice de Asteleye, her children, to Robert atte Wode, chaplain, and his successors, celebrating daily in the chapel of St. Mary, in the parish church of Wolveye, …. Witnesses:—Sir William de Clyntone, earl of Huntyngdon, Sir Thomas de Asteleye, Sir John Ryvel, …, Sir Ralph Basset of Sapcote, …, knights, … . (S) Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds, V5, 1906.
Family notes:
·         Henry de Erdington [married to Joan de Wolvey], s/o Henry, s/o Giles, s/o 486765702. Thomas de Erdington & 486765703. Roese de Cockfield.
·     Wolvey is a neighbouring village in Warwickshire, close to the old Asley fief of Copston.

Child of Giles and Alice:
i. Thomas de Astley (7605542), born ~1305 in England. 

ii. Sibyl de Astley, born ? in England.

iii. Alice de Asteley, born by 1314 in England.