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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sir John de Berners & Elizabeth de Harwedon

7605736. Sir John de Berners & 7605737. Elizabeth de Harwedon

~1310, John Berners born in England, s/o 15211472. Ralph de Berners.

~1315, Elizabeth born in England, d/o §§William de Harwedon. (S) See 11/4/1331.

1325, John holding West Horsley.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

Bef. 3/5/1313, John’s grandfather, Edmund de Berners, died.

By 1331, John’s father died.

[––John & Elizabeth––]

11/4/1331, John de Berners, knight, acknowledges that he owes to William de Harwedon, citizen of London, £200; to be levied etc. in Surrey. (S) CCRs. [William owed John £200.]

1332, John Berners settled the manor of West Horsley, Surrey on himself and his wife Elizabeth.

10/16/1334, John licenced to have a chapel in his manor of West Horsley. (S) Hist. & Antiq’s of the Co. of Surrey, 1974, P38.

3/22/1336, Berwick Berners was conveyed by John son of Edmund de Berners [John’s uncle] to John son of Ralph de Berners. (S) A Hist. of the Co. of Essex, V4, 1956. (S) CCRs.

3/12/1337, Thomas Priour, William Gernoun, John, son of Ralph de Berners, … acknowledge that they owe to Milo de Mounteney, £500 … co. Essex. (S) CCRs.

6/1349, The Plague reached Dorset, and had spread across England by the end of 1349. [Usually 2-3 wills were executed in the town of Colchester, Essex, each year. In the 2 years 1349-50, 111 wills were executed.].

1/27/1353, IPM of John, earl of Kent. Suffolk: … Ikelyngeham. A knight’s fee held by John de Berners. … (S) CIsPM.

8/1/1359, John Berners, knight, acknowledges that he owes to John de Bukyngham, archdeacon of Northampton, 200 marks; to be levied etc. in Essex. (S) CCRs.

11/15/1360, IPM of John de Veer, Earl of Oxford. Essex: … Beawmound. 2 parts of two knights’ fees held by John de Berneres; … (S) CIsPM.

8/25/1361, John died.

[––Post Mortem––]

9/1/1375, IPM of John Berners, knight. Surrey: Westhorslee. The manor, with the advowson of the church, … He died on 25 August, 35 Edward III. James Berners, his son, aged 14 years and more, is his heir. Middlesex: Iseldon. The manor of Berners … Essex: Berneston. The manor, with the advowson of the church … Berneresrothyng. The manor, … Beaumond. The manor … Heir as above, aged 17 years at Easter last. … Suffolk: Hikelyngham. A manor called ‘Berners Halle, … Heir as above, now aged 16 years and more … (S) CIsPM.

(S) Icklingham Papers, Prigg, 1901, P121. (S) History of Surrey, V3, 1911, West Horsley.

Family notes:

·         12/1/1391, To the escheator in Middlesex. Order to give Robert bishop of London livery of the ward of the manor of Iseldoun, and of the body of Richard (1901434) son and heir of James Berners (3802868), … it was found by inquisition, … that Edmund de Berners (30422944) held the said manor by knight service of the bishopric of London, …, that in the octaves of Trinity 31 Edward I (1/1303) at York a fine levied between the said Edmund and Amice his wife plaintiffs, and Roger de Berners and John de Neville deforciants, concerning the same, …, deforciants rendered the manor to the plaintiffs, and to the heirs of Edmund's body, with remainder to Richard de Berners and to his heirs, …, the said Edmund was seised in fee tail, the said Amice as of freehold, that Amice died, that from Edmund the manor descended to Ralph (15211472) his son and heir, from him to John (7605736) his son and heir, and from him to James (3802868) his son and heir, who was thereof seised in fee tail by form of the said fine at the time of a judgment against him rendered in the parliament holden at Westminster on the morrow of the Purification 11 Richard II (1/1388), and died so seised, … the right descended to the said Richard (1901434) as son and heir of James, who was within age, namely 10 years and upwards, … (S) CCRs.

Child of John and Elizabeth:

i. James Berners (3802868), born 3/8/1358 in England.

IPM of Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford and Essex. Surrey: … Horslegh. 1 knight’s fee in the manor, held by the heir [James] of John Berners. … Middlsex: … Yseldon. 1 knight’s fee in the manor, held by the heirs of John de Berners. … Essex: … Berewyk, High Estre, Newton in Dunmowe and Stratehale. 4 knights’ fees, lately held by John de Berners. … (S) CIsPM.