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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sir Henry Fitz Henry & Joan de Fourneux

15211424. Sir Henry Fitz Henry & 15211425. Joan de Fourneux

~1305, Henry fitzHenry born in England, s/o 30422848. Sir Henry Fitz Hugh.

~1315, Joan born in England, d/o 30422850. Sir Richard de Fourneux & 30422851. Sibylla ?.

1320, Joan’s father died.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

~1333, Henry married Joan.

10/22/1334, Henry fitz Henry received letters of protection, going with his father. (S) Cal. of Doc’s Relating to Scotland.

11/25/1334, King Edward, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, again invaded Scotland, advancing as far as Roxburgh, where he repaired the castle for his use.

6/10/1335, Henry fitz Henry received letters of protection. (S) Cal. of Doc’s Relating to Scotland.

1335, King Edward going into Scotland in support of Edward Balliol. The Scots refused to meet the large force in open battle. King Edward instead ravaged towns throughout Scotland.

1339, Henry FitzHenry. Request for satisfaction on a petition previously submitted for the cancellation of a writ of error issued in favour of Clifford; the petitioner has been summoned to the defence of the northern march. … Henry FitzHugh, father of the petitioner; … (S) UKNA.

8/1349, Joan heir to her brother William: William Furneaux held when he died … Thomas le Latymer then aged 26 years, son of Sibyll le Latymer, one of the sisters, was one heirs of the said William; and Joane his other sister then living, whom Henry, son of Henryde Ravenswath, had to wife, was his other heir. (S) Thoroton’s History of Nottinghamshire, V3, Republished by John Throsby, 1796.

1348, The Black Death entered the west countryside of England [likely entering through Bristol].

9/1349, Joan died. [Her sister would died without children and all her family properties would go to her hiers.]


9/23/1350, Henry le Scrop, knight, acknowledges that he owes to Henry son of Hugh de Raveneswath and to Henry son of Henry de Raveneswath 400 marks; to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in the county of York. (S) CCRs.

4/3/1352, Commission of oyer and terminer to Henry le Fitz Henry, … co. York … (S) CPRs.

9/24/1352, Henry of Ravensworth, Yorkshire died, [a year before his father]; buried Jervaux Abbey.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P339. (S) A Hist. of the Co. of York North Riding, V1, 1914. (S) IPM of Henry fitz Hugh (3802856), 1/13/1425.

Children of Henry and Joan:

i. Hugh Fitz Hugh, born ? in England.

Hugh married Isabel, d/o Ralph, lord Nevill. [No children.]

ii. Henry Fitz Hugh (7605712), born 1338 in England.