Saturday, September 17, 2011

G25: 16886784

16886784. Baron Walter de Wahull & 16886785. Hawise de Vivonne

1227, Walter born in England, s/o 33773568. Saher de Wahull & 33773569. Alice ?.

~1230, Hawise born in England, d/o 33773570. Hugh de Vivonne & 33773571. Mabel Malet.

7/2/1250, Walter, age 23, successor to his father as baron, held 30 knights’ fees;  and paid the ordinary £100 relief of a baron.

10/30/1251, Ratification of a covenant and grant by Walter de Wahull to Peter Chacepork of his land Brokeberge, with the dower of his mother there … grant by the said W. and Helewise his wife … (S) CPRs.

5/1255, Hugh Chaceporc, brother of Peter, with the consent of Walter de Wahull, son and heir of Saher, surrendered land in sold by his father Saher in Ravenestone to Peter to the king in memory of Peter.

1256, The king, for the affection he bore to Hugh de Vivonia, granted to Walter de Wahull, who had married Hugh’s daughter, that he might pay only 10£ a year of the debts of Saher de Wahull his father, and his own debts.

1/12/1257, Walter on a pilgrimage at Santiago de Campostela, Castile. (S) CPRs.

8/1/1260, Walter summoned by special writ [one of the privileges attached to the rank of majores barones in the Great Charter of 1215] to attend King Henry III at Shrewsbury with horses and arms prepared for service against Llewellyn ap Griffith in Wales.

10/18/1261, Walter summoned by special writ to attend the king in London touching the state of the crown. (S) The Law Journal, V25, 1890, P425.

1261-62, Walter de Wahull had to oppose a claim for his tenement in Odell by Walter de Wahull, s/o Simon, s/o Michael, who was the 2nd of three brothers: Simon, Michael, and Walter. Walter replied that the correct order was Simon, Walter, Michael – which was found to be correct by a jury. Alice, widow of Saher de Wahull was joined in the defense.

1262, Walter de Wahull holding 1.5 knight’s fee of Richard de Clare, earl of Gloucester, in Nettlestead in Hylth and Oembury, Kent. (S) CIsPM.

5/25/1263, Walter summoned by special writ for military purposes. [Never executed.]

7/20/1263, Walter summoned to the King at London, where the king was under siege in his castle of Windsor. [Walter was actually support the rebel revolt.]

9/25/1265, Simple protection, until Easter, for the following … Walter de Wahull. (S) CPRs.

5/9/1266, Walter pardoned [for opposing Henry III in support of Simon de Montfort], who upon doing his homage and giving security to pay £100 for his relief, had the honor of Wahull, and the other lands of his inheritance. (S) CPRs.

1269, Walter and Helewise his wife made an agreement with Stephen de Langeford concerning a messuage in Langford.

Bef. 7/15/1269, Walter died.

1269, The manors of Great and Little Wahull were assigned to Helewise for dower.

7/23/1269, Grant to Helewise, late the wife of Walter de Wahull who held in chief, who has lately made oath in the king’s presence not to marry without his licence, that she may marry whomsoever she will of the king’s allegiance. (S) CPRs.

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Child of Walter and Hawise:

i. John de Wahull (8443392), born 1248 in England.