Saturday, September 24, 2011

G25: 19962424

19962424. Fulco de Sulis & 19962425. Ermangard Durward

Ermangard [likely] d/o 19989508. Thomas Hostiarius [and sister to Alan Durward.]

1207, Fulco succeeded Ranulph, [his father or possibly his uncle]; who was assassinated in Hermitage castle by his own domestics. (S) Caledonia, V2, Chalmers, 1810, P116.

11/25/1214, Fulk witnessed a grant of Meikleour and Lethendy by King William to Gilbert, earl of Strathearn. (S) POMS.

By 11/5/1215, Fulk de Soules has granted and by this his present charter established to Newbattle Abbey one ploughgate of land and five acres in the villa of Gilmerton, which Ranulf de Soules son of William de Soules gave in exchange for that ploughgate which Ranulf de Soules his uncle, butler of the king of Scots, had given, in perpetual alms. (S) POMS.

By 9/29/1216, Fulco de Soules, butler of the king, witnessed a gift of land in Leith of Thomas of Restalrig, sheriff of Edinburgh, to Newbatte abbey. (S) POMS.

1222, Cumberland. Fulco de Sules is charged 100 marks and 4 palfreys for the estate of Ranulph de Sules.

12/22/1222-41, Fulk died. [From son’s records.]

Family notes:

·         The first Ranulph de Sidis granted a carucate of land, in Gilmerston, to the monks of Newbotle. The second Ranulph confirmed the grant of his uncle. Fulco de Sulis confirmed this charter of the second Ranulph, after his decease.

Children of Fulco and Ermangard:

i. Nicholas de Soules (9981213), born ~1215 in Scotland.