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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sir Simon de Joinville & Beatrix of Burgundy

9994872. Sir Simon de Joinville & 9994873. Beatrix of Burgundy

~1183, Simon born in France, s/o 19989744. Geoffroi de Joinville.

1191, Geofroi V … donated property to the abbey of Boulancourt with the consent of his mother Helvide de Dampierre and his brothers Guillaume archdeacon of Chalons, Robert and Simon.

~1197, Beatrix born in France, d/o 19989746. Etienne III Comte d'Auxonne & 19989747. Beatrix de Chalon.

6/1204, Simon created deeds and alms to celebrate his birthday. [Likely his age of maturity.]

1206, Simon, seneschal of Champagne, confirmed his father’s donations to the monastery at Mathons.

1208, Simon founded the town of Mathons.

Beatrice 1st married to Aimon de Faucigny.

[––Simon & Ermengarde––]

Bef. 1209, Simon married 1st Ermengarde de Montclair. [1 son – died young, 2 daughters.]

1209-10, Simon on the Albigenes crusade.

1216, Erard de Brienne captured the castle of Joinville from Simon.

6/7/1218, Simon pledged to help Thibaut IV Comte de Champagne and his mother Countess Blanche against Erard de Brienne, in return for recognition of his hereditary right to the Seneschal de Champagne.

4/1219, Simon was on crusade at the siege of Dalmietta.

9/1220, Simon had returned to France.

1221, Simon arbitrated a dispute between Countess Blanche of Champagne and Count Hughes de Rethel.

~1221, Ermengarde died.

1222, Simon founded the town of Burey-la-Cote.

[––Simon & Beatrix––]

Bef. 1224, Simon married 2nd Beatrix, divorced wife of Aimon de Faucigny.

7/28/1226, Simons hereditary right the the title Seneschal of Champagne recognized.

4/7/1227, “Simon de Joinville, comme mari de Béatrix, fille d'Etienne comte d'Auxonne et de Béatrix comtesse de Chalon” swore homage to the duke of Burgundy for the château de Marnay.

1229, During a period of hostilities, Simon allied with the Lorraine and the Champagne, against Bar and Boulogne.

1230, Simon de Joinville, hereditary Seneschal of Champagne, defended Troyes against the enemies of Count Thibaut IV.

3/1233, Count Thibaut IV renewed the hereditary title of Seneschal of Champagne to Simon and his heirs.

5/1233, Simon died.


2/1235, Beatrix, “Senescalissa Campania”, donated property to the abbey of Boulancourt.

7/1241, son Gefforey and “Beatrix, sa mere” [his mother] confirmed donations by his father Simon.

4/11/1260, Beatrix died.

Children of Simon and Beatrix:

i. Geoffrey de Geneville (4997436), born 1226 in Vaucouleurs, Champagne, France.

ii. John de Geneville, born ? in Vaucouleurs, France.

1241, Jean de Joinville appeared for the first time at the French Court. (S) New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia.

1248, Jean took the cross of a crusader in the army of King Louis IX.

1250, In Egypt, King Louis captured, he needed ransom money. Louis appealed to the Knights Templar, who refused. John threatened to “open their coffers with an axe”.

John believed to be the chronicler of Edward I’s 1270 crusade.

Jean’s chief work: "Le livre des saintes paroles et des bonnes actions de St Louis," composed at the request of Jeanne of Navarre, wife of Philip the Fair.