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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Seigneur Amaury I de Craon & Jeanne de Roches

19989758. Seigneur Amaury I de Craon & 19989759. Jeanne de Roches

~1175, Aimery born in Maine, France, s/o 39979516. Seigneur Maurice II de Craon & 39979517. Isabel de Beaumont.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

7/12/1196, Amury succeeded his father.

1196, G. count of Vendome, Aimery de Craon, Guillaume des Roches, seneschal of Anjou, … witnessed a grant of protection for the abbey of Perseigne. (S) The Itinerary of King Richard I, Landon, 1935, P126.

1201, As part of an agreement with King John of England, Juhel de Mayenne used his brother Amaury de Craon, William des Roches, and multiple counts and vicounts as sureties for his castles. (S) King John: New Intrepretations, Church, 2003, P128.

1202, Jeanne born in France, d/o 39979486. Guillaume des Roches & 39979487. Marguerite de Sable.

1208, Pope Innocent III called for a Crusade—this time, against a country of fellow Christians, led by Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse, prince of all the territories in southern France where the langue d’oc was spoken. [The Cathars’ intepretation of the bible was different from the Pope’s.]

1209, Amaury de Craon, Guillaume des Roches and Andrew de Vitre, all close kinsmen of Juhel de Mayenne by blood or marriage, witnessed his renunciation at Savigny before its abbot and monks.

7/22/1209, Amaury de Craon and Michel de Harnes commanded Flemish troops at the massacre at Montsegur during the Albigensian crusade. (S) Massacre at Montsegue, Oldenbourg, 1961, P197. [Another massacre occurred in 1244, ending the cursade. Guarantors pledged a total of 4100 Livres.]

2/1212, Raoul de Beaumont se rendait caution avec Robert, comte d’Alencon, …. pour Amaury de Craon, qui promet de tenir a la disposition de Philippe sa forteresse de Chantoce. (S) Historie de La Fleche, Montzey, 1877, P174. [Pledges to King Philip of money should Amauri de Craon not put his castle of Chautoce, Maine-et-Loire, at the king’s service when needed: Robert, count of Alencon, 1000 livres; Juhel de Mayenne, 1000; William des Roches, 1000; …; Ralph, viscount of Beaumont, 500; … (S) On the Increase of Royal Power, Wilker, 1888, P116.]

[––Amaury & Jeanne––]

1212, Amaury married to Jeanne.

7/2/1214, Aimery de Craon, marshal Henri Clement, and Guillaume des Roches, and 800 knights, with Prince Louis of France victorious at the battle of La Roche-aux-Moines against the forces of King John of England. They pursued King John’s forces as far as Thouars, and then turned back to Anjou.

9/1214 at Chinon, Aimery de Craon and Juhel de Mayenne [Aimery’s half brother] were the 2 ranking barons to sign King Philip’s 5-year truce with the Poitevin barons. The English-supporting barons signing included Hugh de Lusignan and the count of Eu.

1217, Constancia soror domini Amaurici de Credone" donated property to Roë, with the consent of “... Isabel matris meæ et Juhel de Meduana et Amauricii de Credone fratrum meorum. (S) FMG. [Constance, sister/o Amaury.]

1218, Amaury fought at Toulouse in the Cathar wars.

1219, Guillaume des Roches, about to depart on the Albigensian crusade, and having no male heir, conferred most of the lands of Sable on Aimery de Craon, husband of his eldest daughter. [This would have to have been approved by King Philip.]

1220, On the death of his half-brother Juhel de Mayenne, Amaury de Craon and Theobald de Blazon sent by King Philip to Guarplic in preparation of a possible invasion of Brittany.

1221, Aimery invited to England as a candidate for the seneschalship of Poitou. (S) Peter des Roches, Vincent, 2002, P204.

11/10/1221, Amauri de Craon granted possession of Eastbourn, England. (S) Sussex Archaelolgical Collections, V55, 1912, P309.

1222, Amaury succeeded his father-in-law as husband of the eldest daughter. The town of Ploermel was ceded to Amury as senechal d’Anjou by King Philip, with land of Andre de Vitre worth £200 yearly. This was in direct conflict of claims by Pierre de Dreux (19989754), county of Brittany. (S) Feudalism and Liberty, Painter, 1961, P123.

1222-26, Amaury, Lord of Craon and Seneschal of Anjou.

3/3/1223 at Touffeau near Nantes, Aimery de Craon, at the head of a large force in Brittany, was captured by Pierre de Dreux, count of Brittany. (S) The Life and Times of Margaret of Anjou, V1, Hookham, 1872, P29.

1223, Amaury had to renounce his title to Ploermel to gain his freedom. (S) Provinces, Pays, and Siegneuries of France, Abbott, 1981, P271.

7/14/1223, Louis VIII succeeded as king of France.

5/12/1226, Amaury died; his son Maurice his heir.


11/8/1226, Louis IX succeeded as king of France.

1227, Marguerite de Sable (39979487) donnait quelques vignes aux Religieuses de Bonlieu pour le repos des ames de ses pere et mere, de sa soeur, de son mari et don son gendre Amaury de Craon. (S) Histoire de La Fleche, Montzey, P163. [Gave some ‘vines’ for the rest of the souls of her father, mother, sister, husband and son-in-law Amaury de Craon.]

Bef. 1239, Jeanne died: Ralph de Fougeres grants revenues at Fougeres for the soul of the late Joanna de Craon.

(S) The Norman Frontier in the Twelfth and Early Thirteenth Centuries, Power, 2004. (S) The Government of Philip Augustus, Baldwin, 1991.

Children of Amaury and Jeanne:

i. Isabella de Craon (9994879), born ~1218 in France.

ii. Maurice de Craon, born ? in France.