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G25: 19989908 FitzHerbert

19989908. Herbert Fitz Herbert & 19989909. Lucy Fitz Walter

~1140, Herbert born in Blaen Llyfni, Wales, s/o 39979816. Herbert Fitz Herbert.

1140, Herbert’s grandfather of the same name died. [Chamberlain and Treasurer to King Henry I.]

~1143, Lucy born in England, 3rd d/o 39979818. Earl Milo Fitz Walter & 39979819. Sybill de Newmarch.

1144, Lucy’s father died.

6/8/1154, Herbert’s uncle, William fitz Herbert, archbishop of York, died.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1161-62, “Herbertus filius Herberti i m” in Wiltshire.

1158-1165, The last of Lucy’s 4 brothers died leaving the sisters as heirs.

1165, Lucy’s last surviving brother, Mahel, died in an accident.

Herbert, heir, succeeded his father in the office of Chamberlain of the King.

1165, Herbert held lands of his father including in Gloucester, held of William, Earl of Gloucester; and in Berkshire and Yorkshire.

1166, Herbert held 1 knight’s fee in Wilts and 3 in Berks, by inheritance. “Herbertus filius Herberti camerarii senioris” held two knights’ fees in Hampshire now held by “Herbertus filius eius”.

Hebert married Lucy, acquiring the castle of St. Michael which became their home [and eventually the forest of Dene].

12/1175, Herbert’s kinsman Reginald, earl of Cornwall died.

5/1177, King Henry granted the kingdom of Limerick, Ireland, to Herbert fitz Herbert,

1175-95, Willelmus filius Hugonis de Bridssale donated property “de feudo Herberti filii Herberti” to Watton convent.

1176-77, Herbertus filius Herberti in Hampshire.

5/1177 at a council at Oxford, , King Henry II offered Limeric, Ireland to Herbert and his brother William. “Hereberti filio Hereberti, et Willelmo fratri comitis Reginaldi, et Joellano de la Pumerai nepoti eorum.”

6/3/1177 at Marlborough, Herbert and William, “Herbertus et Willelmus, fratres Reginaldi comitis CornubiƦ, et Joellanus de Pumeria nepos eorum”, declined the offer of Limerick.

Bef. 9/1184, Herbert forfeited his lands; Geoffrey fitz Piers having custody of his manors.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

Herbert recovered some of wife’s lands.

1190-91, Scutage payments of 33£ 3s 10d by “Herbertus filius Herbertus” in Berkshire and Wiltshire [of a fine of 100 marks.]

1194-95, Scutage payments of “Herbertus filius Herberti” in Hampshire.

1195, Herbert, Sheriff of Gloucestershire.

1197, Herbert, Sheriff of Shropshire.

7/30/1199, Lucy in a charter with Margaret de Bohun of Lanthony abbey: “duas partes de Onedesleye … Margar de Bohun, … inter ipsam et Luciam sororem suam.”

Aft. 1199, It is agreed between Herbert son of Herbert and Peter his son as to the marriage of Alice daughter of Robert son of roger, whom Peter has taken to wife, that Herbert has given and granted to Peter to endow the said Alice all his tnenment of Yorkshire, … (S) Introduction to the Curia Regis Rolls, Quartich, 1944, P254.

~1200, A charter of Herbert son of Herbert of Chalmers, conveying land at Donipace to the church of St. Mary of Cambuskenneth in Clackmannanshire [near Stirling.] (S) Notes on the Surnames of Francus, … in Scotland, French, 1893, P27.

1203, Herbert assessed a Shropshire scutage; 1 mark for ½ a knight’s fee.

Bef. 7/18/1204, Hebert died. (S) FMG.

1208-13, “Henricus de Boun comes Herefordie et domina Lucia que fuit uxor Herberti filii Herberti” held “manerio in Suham et Brokhamt ii milites … in comitatu Glouc.”

1219-20, “Dame Lucia, widow of Herbert fitz Herbert” held shares in 2 Gloucestershire manors.

Lucy buried at Lanthony priory in the chapter house with her father, 3 of her brothers, and her 2 sisters.

(S) Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1858, V4, P24. (S) A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain, Burke, 1835, P728. (S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, V7,  Eyton, 1858.

Family notes:

·         The Historia fundationis cum fundatoris genealogia of the priory of Abergavenny: “Margaretam, Bertam et Luciam” as the three daughters of “Milonem” & his wife, … Lucy married “Herberto filio Hereberti” and inherited “foresta de Dene et aliis terries in Anglia.”

Child of Herbert and Lucy:
i. Peter Fitz Herbert (9994954), born ~1175 in Blaen Llyfni, Wales.