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Monday, October 31, 2011

Lord William Malet & Sarah De Sully

20319232. Lord William Malet & 20319233. Sarah De Sully

~1200, William born in Enmore, Somerset, England, s/o 40638464. William Malet & 40638465. Maria ?.

~1200, Sarah De Sully born in Llanmaes, Glamorgan, Wales, d/o §Raymund De Sully. (S) Deed of Henry Lord de Modyford conveying the farm of Hethcumbe to his wife Sara, in 1252.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

William married Sarah. “Henricus Dnus. de Moydford concedit Will'o. Malet Dno. de Enemere duas ferlingas terrae in villa de Modyford in liberum maritagium cum Sara filia Dni Raymundi de Sully. Tests, Joho. de Erlya.” Sealed by a rose symbol. (S) Sir A.M.'s MSS., Vol I, Sup. II, P4.

Aft. 1252 William succeeded his father as Lord of Enmore.

1252, William gave his wife Sarah the Farm of Hetcumbe. (S) Somerset Parishes, Humphreys, 1905, P364.

1253, William sat as one of the arbitrators in a dispute between the Prior of Bruton and William de la Cumba concerning a right of way. (S) Sir A.M.'s MSS., Vol. I, P7.

1264, William makes over to the Abbot of Glastonbury certain lands.

(S) Notices of an English Branch of the Malet Family, Arthur Malet, 1885, P29-30, App’s F1–3.

Children of William and Sarah:

[Deeds indicate this William predeceased his father.]

ii. Baldwin Malet (10159616), born ~1226 in Enmore, Somerset, England.