Tuesday, November 1, 2011

G25: 23634120

23634120. Richard Comyn

~1190, Richard born in Scotland, s/o 47281480. Earl William Comyn & 47268241. Matilda Urquhart.

1212-33, Sir William Comyn, kt., earl of Buchan, witnessed  a charter of his son Richard Comyn concerning Carraw, Northumberland. (S) The Anglo-Norman Era in Scottish History, Barrow, 1980, P121.

Bef. 1226, Richard witnessed multiple charters of William de Bosco, chancellor of Scotand.

1233, Richard’s father died.

1237, Richard Cumin one of the signers of the Treaty of York. (S) POMS. [As was his “earl” brothers.]

1240, Richard witnessed a charter of Alexander III.

By 1243, Richard’s mother died; Richard’s half-brother Alexander succeeding as earl of Buchan.

12/1244, Richard was one of the guarantees of the treaty with England along with his brother Walter, earl of Mentieth, and his half-brother Alexander, earl of Buchan.

7/1249, Richard, of Badenoch, died.

(S) Scotland’s Historic Heraldry, McAndrew, 2006. (S) Chaloner’s Treatise of the Isle of Man, App. D. (S) The History of the Province of Moray, Shaw, 1827, P118.

Children of Richard and ?:

i. John Comyn (11817060), born ~1235 in Scotland.

ii. Sir Robert Comyn, born ? in England.

1306, Sir Robert killed with his nephew John “Red Comyn” at Dumfries.