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G25: 23638814

23638814. King Stephen V of Hungary & 23638815. Elizabeth the Cuman

1238, A “monstrous and inhuman race of men” [Tartars], with a leader called Khan, began to overun far eastern Europe. Kuman chief Koten fled with 40,000 to Hungary.

1239, Koten, chief of the Kuman, baptized.

10/18/1239, Stephen born in Buda, Hungary, s/o 47277628. King Bela IV of Hungary & 47277629. Maria Laskarina.

Elizabeth born in Hungary, d/o §Koten, Chieftan of the Cuman tribe.

1241, Koten, chief of the Kuman, assassinated. [Many of the Kuman moved to Bulgaria.]

4/11/1241, Stephen and his family fled to Trau, Dalmatia, after his father’s troops were defeated by the Mongols at the battle of Mohi.

Summer/1242, The Tatars withdrew from Hungary on news of the death of their Great Khan Ogotaj.

1245, Stephen crowned as a Junior King, given Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia.

1257, Stephen’s father ceded him the government of Transylvania when Stephen threatened war.

1258, Stephen appointed Duke of Styria.

1259, Stephen attacked Carinthia.

7/12/1260, Stephen defeated at the battle of Kroissenbrunn. The Duchy of Styria was ceded to the King of Bohemia at the Peace of Pressurg [Vienna].

1261, Stephen joined with his father in attacking Bulgaria.

1262 in Pozsony, By agreement with his father, Stephen took control of the kingdom east of the Danube.

1264, Stephen at war with his father seized his mother’s and sister’s estates. Stephen’s father captured Stephen’s wife and son. Stephen retreated to the castle of Faketehalom.

3/1265, Stephen defeated his father’s army at the battle of Isaszeg.

3/23/1266, Stephen and his father comfirmed the 1262 peace agreement in the convent of the Blessed Virgin on Marguerite Island.

1267, Stephen and his father held a assembly of nobles and prelates of the Kingdom of Hungary at Esztergom.

1268, Stephen successfully attacked Bulgaria, becoming King of Bulgaria. (S) Encyclopedia Britannica.

1269, Stephen made an alliance with Charles I of Anjou [Future king of Sicily.]

5/3/1270, on his father’s death, Stephen became King of Hungary.

5/17/1270, Stephen crowned king.

8/1270, King Stephen allied with Prince Boleslaw V of Poland against the king of Bohemia.[Stephen was in Cracow at the invitation of his sister Anne to join an allicance against Ottokar.]

9/1270, While visiting Miholjance, Stephen was gifted with the “Holy War Sword of the Scythians.”

10/16/1270, Stephen concluded a peace agreement with Ottokar II of Bohemia.

1/1271, Stephen and his court witnessed a miracle attributed to his deceased sister Margaret, a Dominican nun of Rabbit Island. Stephen sent an envoy to Pope Gregory seeking sainthood for Margaret. (S) Holy Rulers and Blessed Princesses, Klaniczay, 2002, P224.

7/2/1271, Stephen had to relinquish claims to Styria, Carintha, Carniola and the Windish March.

8/25/1271, Stephen granted privileges on the Spis Saxons, exempting them from the jurisdiction of Spis county.

8/6/1272, Stephen died on Csepel Island while raising an army to rescue his kidnapped son Ladislaus; buried next to his sister in the Dominican convent on Marguerite Island.

Elizabeth became regent while her son was a minor.

1273-74, A nobles' revolt occurred against Queen Elizabeth Cuman; capturing and imprisoning Elizabeth.

9/1274, Supporters freed Queen Elizabeth from prison.

5/1277, Elizabeth's son declared of age to take over the rule of the kingdom.

(S) Slovak History, Bartl, 2002. (S) The Realm of St. Stephen, Engel, 2005.

Children of Stephen and Elizabeth:

i. Elisabeth of Hungary, born 1255 in Hungary.

Elisabeth married King Stefan Uros II Milutin of Serbia.

ii. Catherine of Hungary, born ~1257 in Hungary.

Catherine married King Stefan Dragutin of Serbia.

iii. Maria of Hungary (11819407), born 1258 in Hungary.

iv. Anna of Hungary, born ~1257 in Hungary.

Anna married Emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos.