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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lord John de Grey & Emma de Glanville

23640192. Lord John de Grey & 23640193. Emma de Glanville

~1210, John born in England, 2nd s/o 47280384. Henry de Grey & 47280385. Isolda Bardolf. 

~1215, Emma born in England, d/o 11817222. Sir Geoffrey de Glanville & 11817223. Margaret de la Haye.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1219, John’s father died, his brother Richard the heir.

9/2/1234, Prohibition … tournament at Northamption … to go to … or any other … W. Longespe. … Ralph de Touny. Philip Basset. … Hugh Wake. John de Grey. Richard de Grey. (S) CPRs.

1239, John, Sheriff of Bucks and Bedford.

4/7/1242, Protection for the following so long as they are on the king’s service beyond seas … John de Grey … (S) CPRs.

5/20/1242, King Henry III arrived at Royen, France with a small contingent; but with 30 tons of gold. They were soon joined by French nobles against the forces of the Count of Poitou and King Louis IX.

7/22/1242 at Saintes, the 2 armies met with the superior sized French force winning.

9/27/1242, King Henry returned to England, leaving a retinue under several earls.

12/12/1242 at Bordeaux, France, Charter, granting to William de Insula, … Witnesses:- William Longespee, Jon son of Geoffrey, Hugh de Vivona, John de Grey, Robert Tresgoz, John de Plesseto, Paulinus Peyvre, … (S) CPRs.

1246, John constable of Gannock castle, Bedford.

1246, John’s mother died.

4/6/1251, John granted a market and fair at Shirland, Derbyshire. (S) Gaz. of Markets and Fairs.

By 1251, Emma died.


1251, John had to pay a fine of 500 marks for marrying 2nd Johanna [Bidun], widow of Pauline Peyvre without license.

1252, Richard de Grey and his brother John pledged themselves as crusaders for the King.

1253, John, Chief Justice of Chester and Governor of Northampton castle.

1253, John pardoned of £300 of his fine of 1251.

8/6/1253, King Henry left for Gascony from Portsmouth with 300 ships. [Various camps, returning 1/1255.]

10/23/1253 in camp at Benauge, France, Charter … Witnesses:- … R. earl of Norfolk and marshal of England, … John de Grey, … Hamo de Crevequer, … (S) CPRs.

1254, John, Steward of Gascoigne.

12/10/1254, at Paris, France, Charter … Witnesses : Richard de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford, John de Plessitis, earl of Warwick, … Richard, John and William de Grey, brothers, … (S) CPRs.

2/11/1255, John de Grey, Bertram de Cryoille, Henry de Mara, Philip de Vallibus, … attested to royal chaters at court at Westminster. (S) Publications of the Selden Society, V8, 1894, P236. [Same persons also at court on 4/28/1255.]

1256, A mesne lordship belonging to Reginald de Grey settled on John de Grey, a knight's fee in Armston inherited from his mother, Emma. (S) Hist. of Northampton, V3, 1930, Polebrook.

1257, Governor of Shrewsbury castle.

1258, John constable of Dover castle.

10/28/1259, Of those who are crossing with the king to France and have protection … John de Grey … (S) CPRs. [French King Louis and Queen Margaret hosted a family Christmas gathering in Paris that included King Henry III and Queen Eleanor. Margaret and Eleanor were sisters.]

1260, John a justice itinerant in Somerset, Dorset, and Devon.

4/1263, John de Grey, 25m. for Easter term of his annual fee of 50m. (S) CLRs VI, 2344.

4/12/1263, Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester, began a rebellion of young barons.

7/16/1263, John fled London during the riots of the rebel barons.

1263, John Sheriff of Herefordshire and Governor of Hereford Castle.

8/4/1265, John, supporting King Henry III in the Baron’s war, at the Battle of Evesham. [John’s brother Richard, a rebel baron, was captured at Kenilworth before the battle.]

8/4/1265, Lord Edward (I) defeated Montfort’s army at the battle of Evesham, Worcester, ending the Baron’s Revolt and freeing his father, who was wounded. Montfort and 2 of his sons were killed. [Queen Eleanor had sent archers from her mother’s county of Ponthieu in France.]

1265, John Sheriff of Derby and Nottingham.

1266, John of Eaton, near Fenny Stratfford, Buckinghamshire, Chief of the King’s Council, died.

(S) The Judges of England, Foss, 1848, P356. (S) Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville, Richards, 1882, P13.

Children of John and Emma:

i. Nichola de Grey, born ? in England.

Nichola married Robert de Tateshale.

ii. Reginald de Grey (11820096), born ~1235 in England.

iii. Emma de Grey (47280149), born ~1240 in England.