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G25: 23634444 Glanville

23634444. Baron Bartholomew de Glanville & 23634445. Isabella de Berking

~1133, Bartholomew born in England, s/o 47268888. William de Glanville & 47268889. Beatrix de Sackville.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1155, Confirmation of a gift to Longueville priory a gift by Jordan de Saukevilla witnessed by Bartholomew de Glanville.

1165, Wimar the chaplain associated with Bartholomew de Glanville and rovert de Valeinis in the initial construction of the castle of Orford. (S) The Antiquaries Journal, V14, 1934, P170.

1167, Bartholomew residing in a castle at Orford near Ipswich which he built. (S) Allen Brown’s English Castles, 2004, P110.

1169, Bartholomew, baron of Bromholm, the benefactor of Bromholm priory.

1169, Bartholomew, High Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk.

1171, when King Henry II went over to Ireland, Bartholomew de Glanville, Wimar the chaplain, and William Bardul render their account for 320 hogs sent to the army in Ireland £26 16s. 5d., 15 days’ pay to 36 masters and 468 equippers £33 13s. 0d., making bridges, hurdles, and other ship’s apparel £6 5s. 5d., 6 handmills and their appendages 14s. 4d. This account was paid to them by the King’s Writ. (S) Ireland and the Anglo-Norman Church, Stokes, 1889, P127.

1174, Bartholomew de Glanville gave account of the lands given in Caistre to Hugh de Gournay junior.

1175, Bartholomew, High Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk.

1187, Fishermen of the sea took in their nets a fish having the shape of a man, which fish was kept by Bartholomew de Glanville, custos of the castle, for six months or more [supposedly a merman]. (S) The Cradle of the Twin Giants, Christmas, 1849, P210.

1206, Bartholomew de Glanville granted to Sir Robert de Creke and Agnes his wife, who was daughter of William de Glanville, two carucates of land in Combes, Suffolk, and to her heirs.

(S) Records of the Anglo-Norman House of Glanville, Richards, 1882.

Family notes:

·         Bartholomew confirmed his father William’s gifts at Bactun to Bromholme priory. Jordan de Sackville the first witness. (S) The Archaeological Journal, V64, 1907, P220.

·         A fine was levied between Bartholomew and his wife Isabella and Richard de Berking, tenant of 80 acres of land in the Manor of Emneth, as the dowry of Isabella which she had received from her former husband. He also witnessed his relative Stephen de Sackville's grant to the Priory of Mendham, which had been founded by William de Huntingfield.

·         1209, Countess Gundreda de Glanville sued Robert de Creke for a reasonable dower which had belonged to her late husband, Roger de Glanville. [Roger de Glanville, baron of the Exchequer, Viscount of Northumberland, witnessed a charter of Bartholomew de Glanville to Bromholm.]

Children of Bartholomew and Isabella:

i. William de Glanville, born ? in England.

1234, William died.

ii. Geoffrey de Glanville (11817222), born ~1180 in England. [2nd son]