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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sir Alan de Multon & Alice de Lucy

23641160. Sir Alan de Multon & 23641161. Alice de Lucy

~1195, Alan born in England, s/o 47282320. Thomas de Multon & 47282321. Sara de Fleet.

4/6/1199, John succeeded Richard I as King of England.

~1208, Alice born in England, d/o 47282322. Richard de Lucy & 47282323. Ada de Moreville.

1214, Thomas de Multon [Alan’s father] received the custody of the daughters of Richard de Lucy of Egremont, Amabel and Alice.

6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, King John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta.

11/30/1215, Alan and his father Thomas taken prisoner by the king at Rochester castle and placed in the custody of Peter de Mauley (486765080) at Corfe.

5/12/1216, Prince Louis [future VIII] of France, after a successful landing, crowned King of England in London. In June, Louis captured Winchester and controlled half of England.

10/19/1216, Henry III, age 9, succeeded John as King of England. Louis of France also claimed the throne.

9/12/1217, For 10,000 marks and land exchanges, Louis forfeited his claim to the English crown by the treaty at Kingston-on-Thames. A principal provision of the treaty was amnesty for English rebels.

6/16/1220, Yorkshire. Alexander of Moulton gives the king half a mark for having a writ to attaint, before the itinerant justices, the 12 jurors of an assize of novel disseisin against Alan of Moulton, concerning a tenement in Cowling. (S) FRsHIII.

9/1228, Amercements pertaining to the assizes in Lincolnshire, … From Alan of Moulton, 20s. (S) FRsHIII.

[––Alan & Alice––]

~1230, Alan married Alice.

1231, Fine to levy the apportionments of the estates of Richard de Lucy, Alan de Muleton and Alice his wife, and Lambert de Muleton and Amabil his wife, the moiety of the manor of Egremond, Aspatric, Caudebec, Braythwaite and Husacre. (S) Transactions of Cumberland and Westmorland, V7, 1907, P221.

By 1240, Alan’s father died.

1242, Ranulph de Benekill vs. Alan de Muleton and Alice his wife, land between certain bounds. (S) Transactions of Cumberland and Westmorland, V7, 1907, P222.

1242, Alan de Multon paid scutage to not serve abroad. (S) The Pipe Rolls of Cumberland, P99.

1246, Witnesses: Alan of Multon … (S) UKNA.

1249, William de Fortibus, earl of Albemarle vs. Alan de Muleton and Alice his wife … Alan and Alice were causing waste, sale, and damage … (S) Transactions of Cumberland and Westmorland, V7, 1907, P224.

1256, Alan de Muleton and Alice his wife vs. Thomas de Lacrat, rights in his wood at Bastqnswayt. (S) Transactions of Cumberland and Westmorland, V7, 1907, P225. [2 other similar suits in 1256.]

1256, Alan died.


1260, Wythop was granted to John De Lucy [her son], subinfeudated from the manor of Derwentfells by Alice de Lucy.

By 1272, Alice de Lucy granted her son John de Lucy the manor of Wythop, half the manor of Whinfield, an 8th part of Broughton, rent in Aspatria, and land in Caldbeck, with remainder to herself and her heirs. (S) See son John, 6/10/1307.

1275, John de Eston v. Alicia de Lucy and her nephew Thomas de Multon of Egremont. (S) Transactions of Cumberland and Westmorland, V29, 1929.

1288, Alice died, her son Thomas her heir.

(S) A Companion Key to the History of England, 1832, P598.

Children of Alan and Alice:

i. Thomas de Multon de Lucy, born ~1230 in England.

1256, Sir Thomas de Lucy succeeded his father.

1256, Thomas son of Alan de Muleton vs. William de Melton and Matilda his wife, land in Thaktweyt. (S) Transactions of Cumberland and Westmorland, V7, 1907, P225.

By 1281, Thomas married Isabel, d/o Sir Adam de Bolteby & Annora ?.

2/4/1281, Order to escheator beyond Trent, to deliver to Thomas do Lucy and Isabel his wife, daughter and one of the heirs of Adam de Boteby, tenant in chief, the manor of Langele whereof Adam enfeoffed them. (S) CFRs.

9/8/1282, Thomas Vapurnent came before the king and sought to replevy to Thomas de Lucy and Isabella, his wife, their land, which was taken into the king's hand for their default before the justices of the Bench against Annora, late the wife of Adam de Bolteby. (S) CCRs.

5/10/1286, Thomam de Lucy filium quondam Alani de Multon and St Bees settled their dispute over Lowswater. (S) FMG.

4/28/1288, Order to the same to deliver to Thomas de Lucy, son and heir of Alice de Lucy, tenant in chief, the lands late of his said mother, he having done fealty. (S) CFRs.

1288, Thomas summoned as 1st baron Lucy of Cockermouth.

5/4/1298, Confirmation of Sir Thomas de Ireby. … Witnesses: Sir Thomas de Lucy, Sir Thomas de Derwentwater, Sir John de Lucy, … (S) UKNA.

1300, The barony of Egremont was in moieties between Thomas de Multon and Thomas de Lucy, the latter having taken the name of Lucy from his maternal grandfather. They claimed to have assize of bread, &c. and the chattels of felons condemned and beheaded throughout the whole land of Copeland; a gallows at Egremont; a market at that town on Wednesday, and a fair for 2 days at Lady-day, which market and fair had been granted in 1266. (S) Magna Britannia, V4, Cumberland, 1816, Edenhall – Grinsdale.

4/9/1305, Writ for IPM of Thomas de Lucy. Northumberland: Langley. The manor, including a park with deer. … Fourstanes. The town containing 120a. arable, 4a. meadow, 12 bondages each containing 20a., 5 cottages each containing a toft and 4a. land, a brewery, and a coalmine worth 13s. 4d. yearly. Allerwasscheles. The hamlet … Wardoun. The hamlet … Thomas his son, aged 24 at the feast of the Ascension next, is his next heir.

Son: Thomas de Lucy (d.1308), his brother Anthony his heir.

(S) Hist. and Antiq’s of the Counties of Westmorland … V2, Nicholson, 1777, P74.

ii. John de Lucy (11820580), born ~1232 in England.

1260, Wythop was granted to John de Lucy, subinfeudated from the manor of Derwentfells by Alice de Lucy.

John died.

Son: John de Lucy (5910290), born ~1255 in England. [This John could be a younger s/o Thomas. Either way the ancestry is the same.]

iii. Margaret de Multon, born ? in England.

Margaret married Thomas de Stanley.

1279-1305, Petitioners: Thomas de Staneley (Stanley); Margaret de Staneley (Stanley), wife of Thomas de Stanley, and brother of Thomas de Lucy. The Staneleys request remedy as the escheator has seized the manor of Thackthwaite because he considered that Alice de Lucy had alienated the manor without the king's assent. Dundragh had given 2 parts of the manor to Thomas de Lucy, his heirs and assigns during Alice's life, and they are held from Alice in chief, and Thomas de Lucy was seised of the same. He then gave the 2 parts to Margaret [Staneley] his sister and to the heirs of her body. Afterwards the Croftons granted and quitclaimed the third part of the manor to Margaret. (S) UKNA.