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G25: 30417794 Ledet-Lysle

30417794. Walter Ledet & 30417795. Ermentrude de Lysle

~1225, Walter born in England, s/o 60835588. Wischard Ledet & 60835589. Mary ?.

1234, Walter’s paternal grandfather died.

1241, Walter’s father died on crusade; Walter his heir. Walter’s mother Mary paid 10£ for possession of Corby during the minority of her son.

1249, Norht’. Simon de Maydewell’ ponit … versus Walterum Ledet … Maria uxor ejusdem Simonis ponit … (S) Curia Regis Rolls, Crook, 2002, P127.

Walter married Ermentrude. (S) Transactions of the Leicester Architectural …, V3, 1874, P94.

3/24/1252, Simon de Throp v. the priory concerning forty-four acres in Watford for which the Prior called Walter Leydet to give warranty. (S) Publications of the Northamptonshire Record Society, V35, 1988.

1254, Great Bowden manor held of Walter Ledet. (S) The Victoria History of the County of Leicester, V5, 1964.

Walter, of the barony of Warden, and of Corby, Northamptonshire, died.

11/4/1256, Grant to the queen of the wardship of the lands late of Walter Leydet, with the marriage of the heirs. (S) CPRs.

5/29/1258, Ratification, at the instance of S. de Monte Forti, earl of Leicester, for John de Haya to sell … to Ermentruda late the wife of Walter Leydet of the marriage of two daughters and heirs of the said Walter …  (S) CPRs.

Ermentrude married 2nd Robert Peche.

~1264, IPM: [Undated] The two daughters of Walter Ledet, aged 12 and 11, are his heirs. Northampton. Coreby manor held in fee and inheritiance … Robert Peche, who was in the Isle of Ely with the disinherited, and had the wardship of the manor through his wife, sometime the wife of Walter Ledet, by whom she had two daughters who are heirs of the said manor. (S) CIsPM.

11/8/1268, Commission … to extend the lands late of Walter Ledet, as William le Latimer the younger who married the eldest daughter and one of the heirs of the said Walter and Ermentrude late the wife of Walter, … the two parts the said Ermentrude holds by reason of the said wardship shall be extended in the county of Northampton, so that the portion pertaining to the eldest daughter by right of esnecy may be assigned to her. (S) CPRs.

(S) Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of London, 1867, P396.

Family notes:

·         10/15/1313, Order … the manor of Corby … that belonged to Wychard Ledet, … to deliver the manor to Mary, late the wife of the said Wychard, upon her finding security for 10£ for the relief of Walter his son and heir, because … taken into the king's hands on account of Wychard's death, … restored the custody of the manor to Ermeutrude, late the wife of the said Walter, then deceased, … to hold during the minority of Walter’s heir, … the queen of England to cause Ermentrude to have full seisin thereof; it being now shewn to the king by Alice, daughter and heiress of the said Walter, whom William le Latymer, lately deceased, married, that the treasurer and barons unduly charge her with 340£ 16s. 8d. of the arrears. (S) CCRs

Child of Walter and Ermentrude:

i. Alice Ledet (15208897), born ~1252 in England.

ii. Christiana Ledet, born ~1253 in England.

Christiana married Thomas Gres.

By 5/6/1262, Thomas died.

Christiana married 2nd John le Latymer, brother of Alice’s husband.

11/1274, Alice, wife of William de latymer, and Christiana, wife of John le Latymer, nearest heirs of Christiiana Leddete, and that therefore they ought to present to the church of Wardon. (S) Mamecestre, V1, 1861, P100.

1282, John died.

6/6/1285, Order to cause Christiana, late the wife of John le Latymer, the second heiress of Henry de Braybrok and Christiana Ledet, to have seisin of a moiety of the lands that her father and mother held at their death in chief of the late king, and of a moiety of all the lands that fall to her by her mother's death, as the king has taken her homage and assigned to her a moiety of the lands of her father and mother. It is provided that William le Latymer and Alice, his wife, the eldest heiress of the said Henry and Christiana Ledet, shall do homage to the king for the other moiety of the lands that Henry and Christiana held, and shall thereupon have seisin thereof and of a moiety of all the lands of Christiana Ledet that falls to Alice by right of inheritance : for which homage the escheator is ordered to destrain William and Alice by their lands. (S) CCRs.

1292, Christiana died.

Child: Thomas le Latymer.