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Monday, December 12, 2011

Lord John de Popham & Joan la Zouche

30420512. Lord John de Popham  & 30420513. Joan la Zouche

~1260, John born in Hampshire, England, s/o 60841024. Robert de Popham, Esq.

~1270, Joan born in England, d/o 60841026. Oliver la Zouch & 60841027. Joan ?.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

Aft. 1277, John’s father died.

7/18/1284, IPM of William de Brayboef, … Popham. ½ fee held by John de Popham, rendering 20s scutage, and a similar suit in court. (S) CIsPM.

5/28/1288, John son of Robert de Popham … he never was keeper of the laund of Langeleye, … and never committed any trespass therein, … (S) CCRs.

~1288, John married Joan.

1290, John de Popham sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. (S) Cox’s Hampshire, 1738.

2/24/1292, Deliver to John de Popham the lands late of Roger de Caleston, deceased, in Caleston and Caraerford, which the king has committed to him until it be decided whether the keeping thereof pertain to the king. (S) CFRs.

1294, John de Popham held the manor of Popham, co. Hampshire.

10/1/1294, Inspeximus … Isabella , late the wife of Warin de Bassingburn, granted in fee simple to to John de Berewyk, … her manor of Berthom, co. Southampton, … Witnesses: … knights, John de Popham, … (S) CPRs.

1295, Certificate to the king by Richard Symm … Odiham castle (Hampshire) … on the oaths of … John de Popham, … jurors … (S) UKNA.

1296, John and Joan did fealty for lands inherited by Joan. (S) Wiltshire Arch. And Nat. Hist. Soc., V1, 1968, P41.

By 1298, John knighted.

5/18/1298, … Grant From: Mary de la Pole, widow To: Richard atte Oke; Alice, daughter of Mary de la Pole, widow All the lands and tenements … Witnesses: 'Dominus' Henry Huse, knight; 'Dominus' John de Popham, knight; 'Dominus' John Randolf', knight; (S) UKNA.

1300, Grant by Robert de la Sale, of West Acle, to Sir John Randolf, knight, and Lady Joan his wife, … Witnesses: … Sirs Thomas de Warblynton, John de Popham, … knights, … (S) A Desc. Catalogue of Ancient Deeds, 1894, P496.

5/20/1300, … Those assembled chose the following jurors: John de Basynges, John de Popham, … (S) The Cartularies of Southwick Priory, 1989, P190.

12/30/1304, Grant to John de Popham … free warren in all their demesne lands in Popham, co. Hants. (S) CChRs.

1305, John received a grant of free warren in the manor of Popham.

1306, John de Grimstede, … Witn. Dom. Henry Tyeis, …, John de Popham, … (S) UKNA.

2/25/1308, Edward II crowned king of England.

~1308, Grant by Matilda, late the wife of William Pryor, of Overton, widow, to Sir John Randolf, knight, and Joan his wife, of all lands and tenements in the borough of Overton … Witnesses:—Sirs John de Popham, John de Basynges, … (S) Ancient Deeds, V3, 1900 [Hamps.]

1309, Jury arbitration of suit over estates of John Walraund, … decision of 6 Hampshire knights and 6 Gloucester men. … the lands to Alan Plukenet (gs/o 60841034) … The Hampshire knights were John de Basinges, John de Popham, Richard de Stratton, … (S) General History of Hampshire, Woodward, 1861, P19.

1309,  John brought a suit against Hugh le Frankelyn for usurping common pasture in Popham.

5/16/1310 at Halkangre. Comfirmation and recital by Thomas Paynel of a charter … Witn. to the original grant : Sir Rob. de Popham, knt, … Witn. to the confirmation : Sir Adam Gordon, knt., Sir John de Popham, knt., … (S) Cal. of Charters and Doc’s Relating to Selborne, V1, V4, 1891, P79.

10/3/1310, Enrolment of release fro Edmund de Wyntreshull to Walter de Wyntreshuyll, … Estlye, co. Southampton … Witnesses … Sir John de Popham, Sir James de Northone, Sir John de Basinges, …, knights … [Mansbridge Hundred, Eastley, Hampshire.] (S) County Records of the Surnames of Francus, …, 1896.

1315, John assessed as holding 4 hides of land.

1316, John living.

By 1317, John of Popham, Hampshire, died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P672. (S) A Hist. of the Co. of Hampshire, V3, 1908, Popham.

Child of John and Joan:

i. Robert Popham (15210256), born ~1290 in England.