Tuesday, December 13, 2011

G25: 30420518 L'Ortie-Lovel

30420518. Sir John de L’Ortie & 30420519. Maud de Lovel

~1270, John de Urtiaco born in England, s/o §Henry de Lorty.

(S) Wadham College, Oxford, Jackson, 1893. (S) Proceedings, Somerset, V42, P50 & 51.

Family notes:

·         There appear to be two John de Lorty’s contemporary, one of Wilts and one of Somerset. The many records seem to indicate that this John was of Wilts; the John of Somerset dying in 1340 not related.

·         5/1311, John de Lorty, with the consent of his wife Sibyl, licenced to grant, following their deaths, the manor and advowson of Curry Rivel to Montacute. (S) 14th Century England, V1, Saul, 2000, P39.

·         10/20/1340, Exemplification … of an assize of mort d’ancestor, taken at Somerton … to recognise whether John de Lortye, father of Siby wife of John son of Ralph de Middleneye was seised at his death of the manors of Coklungton, … which John de Molyns now holds. … Therefore judgment is given [for John de Molyns.] (S) CPRs. [This John had an only daughter Sibyl that was born 1316-18, which could not be this Sibyl.]

·         6/24/1341, Elizabeth Child, late the wife of John de Lorty, ‘chivaler’, appeared before William de Shareshull, justice of the Common Bench, … and acknowledged the manors of Coklyngton, … to be the right of John de Molyns, … (S) CPRs.

·         7/20/1346, … Richard de Lorty, brother of Sir John de Lorty, knight, … (S) CPRs.

Children of John and Maud:

i. Sibyl Lorty (15210259), born ~1295 in England.

ii. Margaret de L’Ortie (15210501), born ~1310 in England.